Drawings on coffee cannot but surprise!

A cup of coffee gives pleasant emotions and invigorates, so it is not for nothing that this world-famous coffee drink has so many fans. The harm and benefits of coffee have not been studied to our time, since everything will depend on the composition of coffee and the body of each individual. However, its benefits are obvious to people who suffer from lowering blood pressure.

Of course, some of you have already had the pleasure of watching coffee art in coffee houses with your own eyes. Agree that it is very nice to have a cup of aromatic coffee, which will be decorated with an intricate pattern! And undoubtedly, you have often wondered how to create such drawings on coffee, the photos of which simply amaze our imagination! Nowadays, there are many techniques by which the barista decorates the coffee surface.

Coffee Drawings

The history of coffee drawings

At one time, Capuchin monks (hence the name cappuccino) noticed that after the infusion of thick milk foam, after a while drawings on coffee began to appear. Since there were few pleasures in the ascetic life of the monks, a coffee drink with the addition of milk was for them, though not small, but still a joy.

Adding milk to the coffee drink formed a foam, which turned out to be very tasty. After this, the monks more than once tried to prepare a delicious milk foam on their own. Yes, they tried a lot of ways, as a result of which they achieved the desired result.

Many are fascinated by drawings on coffee. Cappuccino in this case is simply an excellent basis, since it is very easy to draw when preparing it. Of course, in this case, one can also recall latte, due to which not so long ago a new type of coffee art appeared - latte art. It is noteworthy that the main figures here are the heart, flower and apple, and all other figures are nothing more than the result of your imagination and skill.

Drawings on coffee photo

Latte Art Techniques

After some time, several areas of latte art formed, the main of which are:

1. Pitching. In this case, coffee drawings are made using a pitcher - a specialized vessel.

2. Etching - in this technique the barista uses various sharp objects (sticks, needles, toothpicks, etc.).

3. Mixed type - two techniques are used simultaneously.

Nice additions

In addition, there are some other techniques, as latte art is constantly developing. Also, to make wonderful drawings on coffee, barista can use hot chocolate, cinnamon, โ€œedibleโ€ paints and all kinds of syrups. But as it turned out, ordinary syrups are not quite suitable for this, so real masters add a small amount of starch to the syrup.

It is important to know that the โ€œlatte art printerโ€ was recently invented, with which you can make a variety of drawings on coffee or even depict a photograph. But of course, to get a clear picture you need a properly whipped foam from fresh milk and ideally, by all rules, an espresso. By the way, this is a great way to check the quality of a coffee drink.

Cappuccino Coffee Drawings

Latte Art Championships

Since 2004, coffee drawing championships (latte art) have been held in many countries , where professionals from all over the world come to show their skills. At the competition, participants are offered in 15 minutes to prepare 4 cups of cappuccino variety - mokkiato, 4 signature drinks and 4 espresso. And be sure to have a picture in each cup. The highest skill of the barista is the creation in one cup of a drawing of several figures at the same time.

If you want to surprise your guests with a beautiful and tasty drink, then you definitely need to learn how to independently make a simple, but very interesting drawing. Believe that drinking such coffee is a pleasure! And we wish you a riot of fantasy and manifestation of mastery!

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