Easy water purification at home

Every year, the environmental situation in settlements is significantly deteriorating. Therefore, taking care of your health goes to one of the main places. You can take vitamins and go to the fitness club. But if at the same time you drink dirty water, then all efforts are futile. There are several ways to improve the quality of life and help restore your body. To do this, you need to know how to purify water at home.

Most methods have been used for several millennia. Throughout the history of the development of society, people have been busy providing their homes with clean drinking water. Let's look at a few available methods that can be used in any place convenient for you.

Water purification at home by the old-fashioned method

For several millennia, the special disinfecting properties of copper have been known. Passing water through such a water supply system, the inhabitants of ancient Egypt and Rome had a clean drink, in which there were no pathogenic bacteria. But this substance also has negative qualities. Its compounds are very toxic. Therefore, storing water in a copper vessel is life threatening. Just four hours is enough to disinfect her. After this time, clean water should be poured into another tank.

In Russia and India, water purification at home took place using silver plates or dishes. This method is still used by the Russian Orthodox Church to prepare holy water. A silver object dropped into a vessel will cleanse the liquid much faster and better than gaseous chlorine, carbolic acid and bleach. But the main plus is that the disinfecting effect of this liquid persists for several months.

Of great interest to scientists was the method of disinfection used by herbalists and ancient healers. Water was purified using willow bark, bird cherry leaves, juniper branches and mountain ash. In this way, it is possible to purify even marsh water, relieving it of unpleasant taste and smell. To do this, you need to dial it into any container and hold the rowan branches in the vessel for about 2-3 hours.

But the oldest way, which has been known since biblical times, involves the use of young dry white wine. Added to the water in 1/3 proportions, the drink cleans it no worse than a silver plate.

Purification of water at home using modern methods

One of the easiest ways to disinfect is to boil a liquid. But even such an easy procedure must be carried out correctly. To destroy 50% of the bacteria you will need to boil water for 5 to 10 minutes. If the process is completed within 30 minutes, 99% of pathogenic microorganisms will be destroyed. And only the anthrax virus will die after one hour of continuous boiling. Although this method is considered the most common, it also has a major drawback. Such a liquid contains a maximum concentration of heavy metals, salts and nitrates.

Purification of water at home by evaporation is widely known and is a method for producing distilled liquid. Although it has no bacteria at all, consuming it for a long time can lead to negative consequences. Distilled water has the ability to flush useful trace elements and salts from the human body.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to purify water can be considered freezing. This procedure is easy to carry out at home. And with a separate freezer, you can provide your family with clean water daily. It is enough to fill the jar with liquid. Then install it in the freezer. In the process of freezing, water molecules, turning into a crystal, displace all foreign impurities.

It is necessary to wait until 2/3 of the total volume of liquid turns into ice. We take out a can and pour water, and transfer a piece of ice to another container and defrost. In this way we get clean water without impurities.

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