Nail Design with Flowers

Flowers on the nails are incredibly beautiful and feminine. But not all girls know how to draw them. And not everyone wants to go to the salon. It makes no sense to spend money if you can independently learn to create beauty. Nail painting is a fascinating process, and if you approach it with all responsibility, the result of your creativity will be highly appreciated by friends and colleagues. Look for ideas and tips below.


flowers on the nails

Creating this airy flower on the nails will not be a problem even for a beginner. Every girl can draw a dandelion, and even on the first try. How to do this? Prepare the nail plate. It should be washed off with a buff, for better adhesion of the varnish to the nail, and then all fingers should be treated with a degreaser.

Now you can start manicure. Apply a transparent base to the nails, and then color in two layers. It is advisable to choose gentle tones so that the airy flower fits within the meaning. We paint nails with a pattern in white. Now you should take black polish and a thin brush. We begin to create. First, draw a whole dandelion. We put a point on the nail, somewhere closer to the cuticle, and from it in different directions we draw curved lines.

At the tips you need to draw a brush. When the inflorescence is ready, you should supplement the flower with a stick. Now you should draw two three fluffs that flew away from the flower. Continuing the design on the adjacent nail. Here, too, you should draw flying in one direction from the dandelion fluff. We cover the finished design with the finish, and glue decorative accessories on the nails without a pattern. It can be stars or rhinestones.

Simple flowers

flowers on the nails

This manicure is even easier to make than the previous one. There is no need to draw a large number of thin lines. The main highlight of manicure is nails of different colors. Delicate pastel shades are the trend of the season. They should match each other both in tone and in saturation.

We begin to do manicure by filing and degreasing nails. Now we paint them in the attractive colors. One of the nails should be made white. It is on it that we will apply the drawing. How to do it? We take a thin brush and those varnishes with which the nails were painted. We draw semicircles with a wavy edge from different sides of the nail.

The line can be either thick or thin. It should be done so that the semicircle rests on one side to the edge of the nail. Now we take black varnish and with it we draw thin veins in the middle of the flower. First, put a point, and then draw lines out of it. We cover the nails with the finish and dry the result.

Stylish manicure

flowers on the nails

Such nails of dark colors look both bold and cute at the same time. Here, a delicate pink shade with black color blends wonderfully. How to make such a manicure? It is necessary to pre-prepare the nails: file them and degrease. Now you should apply the base. If you have camouflage, then on nails that will be light, you can immediately apply it.

If there is no such base, then cover the nail plates with pink. We paint one or two nails with black varnish. The rest should be done with a jacket. It is most convenient to create using special adhesive strips. We draw black smiles and dry the design. Now you should depict a flower. With black varnish we draw a core, step back from it 2 mm and repeat this contour with white paint. Dry the flower.

With green lacquer, create half of the oval, and paint the second part with white. We place these geometric shapes on two sides of the flower. These will be future buds. Now you should draw the cuttings with black paint, and put dots in the center of the flower with white. The design is ready, cover it with a finish and dry it.


flowers on the nails

Flowers on the nails are able to bring liveliness and lightness to such a design. The usual jacket is not in fashion today; it is outdated. But in addition to delicate graphic colors, it looks modern. How to make a similar manicure?

Nail plates should be prepared. Saw them and degrease. Now apply the base and pink or beige varnish in two layers. Then you should draw smiles in white. We glue special sticker strips so that the free end of the nail peeks out from under them. We draw white smiles. Dry the nails and remove the stickers.

Now you can start drawing. We take a white varnish and on two opposite sides of the nail we depict the petals. There should be at least five. Now wipe the brush, dip it in black paint. We put a dot in the center of the flower, and then draw the leaves. We cover the design with the finish and dry the nails.

Stylized flowers

flowers on the nails

This design of nails looks very impressive both on a girl and an adult lady. What is its highlight? In a custom nail design solution. Flowers seem to look realistic, but if you look closely, their shape is quite abstract. How to repeat such a manicure? Prepare your nails for painting. To do this, saw them and degrease.

Now we apply beige or pink varnish on all nails. Dry this layer. On two nails of the middle and ring finger you need to make a gradient. To do this, apply white polish to the tip of the nail and with a wide flat brush we stretch a clear border into a smooth transition. It’s not necessary to be zealous in this lesson since there will be a drawing on top.

How to depict flowers on the nails? Brown or black varnish should draw two petals. They will look like wavy lines that are located one below the other. A small spiral should be in the center. Now bright pink paint should emphasize the petals. With green varnish we draw half the oval, and the second we make white. We outline the oval with a brown outline and give it the shape of a leaf. As a decor, you can draw a few more spirals and balls.

Turquoise manicure

flowers on the nails

Nails of two colors look good with this design. In order to repeat it, you should prepare your nails for work. Saw them and degrease. Apply a base and then color. We paint two nails in pink, the rest in turquoise. We pass to the drawing. On a pink nail we put a large turquoise dot. From it in different directions we draw thin green strips and crown them with leaves. White color depicts strips on a drop.

They should be arranged in shape, creating the effect of petals. With the help of white varnish, glare on the leaves should be made. Now add the black paint shadow. We divide the second pink nail into two parts diagonally. One of the parts is painted over with turquoise. In the corner of the nail, put a white dot and draw writhing strips from it. It should be something like a sun or a flower. On the remaining nails, white paint should depict intersecting strips. We cover everything with a finish and dry it.


flowers on the nails

This is an incredibly delicate nail design. Red flowers look very elegant. How to repeat such a design? Prepare the nail plate. Saw it, degrease and cover with a base. Now apply color. Today it is fashionable when the drawings are on different fingers on the right and left hand. Therefore, on one you can coat three nails with white varnish, and on the other two or one.

The rest should be painted red. Now move on to drawing. Black paint depicts thin strips. At the base of the inflorescence, we first put a black, and then a red or pink dot. Now we draw thin lines from the black dot, and from the red petals. It is not necessary to crown all lines with flowers. Some of them may take the form of unopened buds. When the design is ready, dry it and cover it with a finish.


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