Colored purple manicure - the squeak of the season

At all times, girls want to look stylish and fashionable. And manicure helps to achieve this. Especially correctly selected. Stylish purple manicure this season is in special demand. And to make it simple enough, if you correctly place the emphasis.

purple manicure

Color jacket

Perhaps this is the most common option. And the most demanded in the salons of those who for a long time can not make a choice. Color manicure-jacket is very simple. Therefore, at home it is easy to do it yourself. It will be required:

  • two nail polishes (for example, mint and purple);
  • base and fixing agent;
  • stencils for manicure.
    color manicure

The nails must be filed to the desired and convenient length, the free edge is given a beautiful and suitable shape. For example, oval or almond-shaped. After this, the nails must be covered with a base for manicure in order to protect the nail plate from delamination and harmful substances contained in the varnish. The layer should dry. A color manicure can consist of many colors, but in this case, the choice is limited to only two. And they are quite enough. Purple nail polish is applied to the fingers of one hand, and mint - the other. After complete drying, classic cliches for French are glued. The free edge is coated as follows: peppermint varnish on purple, violet on mint. When the jacket is completely dry, the stencils are removed, and the design is fixed with a top or transparent varnish. Particular attention should be paid to the ends of the free edge so that the varnish does not slip during the performance of household chores.

Stylish simple manicure.

Of course, it is not necessary to spend so much effort on creating a design. It is enough to make a classic nail polish. Colored nails in this case are pretty stylish. Selecting varnishes is better than not too bright shades. For example, coral and lilac. In addition to them, a base and top for manicure will be required. First you need to prepare the nails, sawing them and removing the cuticle. The base is applied to all fingers with a thin layer, like a film. A two-color simple design is performed according to the following scheme: on each hand two nails are highlighted in one color, three in the other, while the fingers alternate on the right and left hands. That is, the little finger and forefinger on the right hand, for example, are painted in purple, and on the left these same fingers - in coral. Such a gentle purple manicure gives the image softness and femininity. And with the right wardrobe and accessories, a completely harmonious duet is obtained.

manicure colored nails

Color spectrum

To purple manicure looked stylish and beautiful, you need to choose the right accompanying shades for it. For example, a bright and deep color goes well with gold and silver. Therefore, you can use foil for nail art along with purple varnish. In addition, the delicate lilac shade goes well not only with the coral color, but also with lemon, mint, blue, pink. With the right accents, a very harmonious and fashionable manicure is obtained. If the length of the nails allows, then you can supplement the design with paintings, stickers, strip tapes or rhinestones. Keep in mind that short and wide nails should not be too zealous with decorative elements, as they make the manicure heavier.

purple nail polish

Moon nail art

Purple manicure in this design looks very impressive and beautiful. Therefore, it is often chosen by the owners of long nails. On a short length, unfortunately, it does not look very appropriate, because it makes the nails visually even shorter. Naturally, a manicure begins with standard preparation. Only then the nails are covered with the color with which the lunula will be highlighted (the area near the cuticle). You can use foil for nail art. Then, after the base coat has completely dried, a round stencil for manicure is glued. The nail bed and the free edge are covered with purple varnish of a saturated shade. When it dries, the stencil is removed. It is noteworthy that you can swap colors: first purple (for lunula), then foil for nail art or another varnish. The finished design is covered with a fixative. The manicure is completely ready. If desired, it can be supplemented with rhinestones or painting.


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