LCD "Heart of the capital": general information and reviews

Moscow is an unusually beautiful and very densely populated city. The number of its inhabitants is increasing due to natural growth, and due to visitors, a huge number of whom, having lived here for a while, also become Muscovites. And every person wants to have housing. The new residential complex “Heart of the Capital”, being built almost in the center of the city, will help to fulfill the dreams of several thousand Muscovites. This complex is designed so that its residents have everything at hand. We offer detailed information about how the construction of the residential complex is carried out, and about the features of buying real estate here.


Residential complex "Heart of the capital" began to be erected in the North-Western administrative district of the Russian capital. It will be an amazingly beautiful place a stone's throw from the banks of the Moscow River, however, in order for gardens to grow here, you need to reanimate the soil. The traffic intersection is now convenient for car enthusiasts, as the Yaroslavskoye Shosse passes near the ZhK, the TTK is just 1,600 meters, Kutuzovsky Prospekt is 4 km, Garden Ring is 8 km, and Moscow Ring Road is 13 km. For those who use public transport and, in particular, the subway, while the amenities are small. The “Heart of the Capital” residential complex, as planned by the designers, will grow relatively close to several metro stations, such as Mezhdunarodnaya, Vystavochnaya, Fili, Khoroshevo, but they need to be reached by bus. Walk to the nearest "International" at an average pace to go more than half an hour. But in the future, in the immediate vicinity of the residential complex, it is planned to open a new Shelepikha station, which can be reached on foot for a couple of minutes.

An undoubted plus is the fact that the Heart of Moscow complex is being built about 3 km from the Moscow City DC.

ZhK Heart of the capital

What's next to the LCD

Those who have already bought or are going to buy apartments in a new residential complex have many questions about the correct choice of location for the “Heart of the Capital” residential complex. Everyone knows that the industrial zone is located around it. And it scares people. Not far from the future handsome complex, there are silicate and cement plants, concrete goods plants, industrial warehouses. They promise to close them, demolish the buildings, and build urban infrastructure at that place, but no one has seen the demolition plan yet. People are also alarmed by a pre-trial detention center located in about one and a half km, which no one is planning to transfer. And finally, the third object, which haunts many, is a cargo station and a railway station. a branch that runs a few hundred meters from the “Heart of the Capital”. While it is considered reserve, therefore, the movement of trains on it is rare. But there are fears that they plan to make this branch a passenger one and run fast trains on it.

Information about the developer

Perhaps, it is already known to everyone that the residential complex “Heart of the Capital” has one of the most venerable developers in Moscow, the leader among the city’s real estate developers holding Don-Stroy. The company was founded in 1994 and at first was engaged in both residential and commercial real estate. In 2009, the restructuring was carried out, and now Don-Stroy Invest is engaged in housing, although the old Donstroy brand has been preserved. The new structure is owned by 5 legal shareholders who do not disclose their names. During the restructuring period, the company was shocked by economic turmoil, and the inability of Donstroy to pay off debts forced attempts to sell subsidiaries for pennies. But afterwards everything somehow settled down. Now Donstroy is among the ten largest construction companies in the capital and is engaged in the construction of a business-class residential complex.

LCD Heart of the capital deadline
In his piggy bank "Scarlet Sails", "Grand DeLux on Plyushchikha", "Triumph Palace" and many others. In 2013, Donstroy turned its eyes to the Shelepikhinskaya embankment, where in 2014 the construction of the new residential complex “Heart of the Capital” began. What are the advantages investors see in this company? First of all, these are indicators of their work, namely, already completed facilities. What worries people? Firstly, the deterioration in the quality of work, a striking indicator of what the falling elevators. The last incident occurred at the yet unsubmitted facility "Heart of the Capital", where 5 workers were killed immediately. There are complaints about the quality of internal work in apartments. Secondly, violation of contractual terms. The Novolipetsk MK even sued Donstroy over the deadline for putting the house in Mosfilmovskaya Street. Regarding the LCD “Heart of the Capital”, a deviation from the previously planned key collection dates is also planned. For example, ZhD5 according to official documents will not be delivered by March 31, 2020, but by October 31, 2020, that is, 7 months later. And the last thing that alarms people is the frequent litigation with Donstroi. They were about the house on Mosfilmovskaya Street, the Komsomolsky de Lux apart-hotel, with investigative authorities about financial violations and others.


The residential complex “Heart of the Capital” was designed by SPEECH, an architectural workshop well-known in the capital. It is led by Sergei Choban. Specialists thought up on 14 hectares reserved for the complex to create a whole small town. It is planned to build 11 buildings in total. Of these, 6 residential, 4 apart and 1 business center.

ZhK Heart of the capital builder

Around will be a park with playgrounds, recreational facilities with fountains and gazebos, equipped with playgrounds for sports, roller skating, dog walking. There will also be bicycle paths. On the territory of the complex, builders will erect kindergartens, schools, a sports complex with a pool and a fitness center, restaurants, shops, pharmacies, a pond, which turns into a skating rink in winter. There is information that the residential complex will be fenced, a “zone without cars” will be created inside, since it is planned to build an underground parking in 4 levels. It is planned to place video cameras there, as well as on the territory of the LCD, in order to enhance the safety of residents.

LCD design

As planned by the designers, it should become an adornment of the embankment and the entire district of the residential complex "Heart of the Capital". Moscow is a city in which there are many new buildings, which, when looked at, are breathtaking. The nearest is the chic DC “Moscow City”. Architects tried to make the new complex look no less grandiose. All residential buildings in it will be of different heights, from 19 to 37 floors. The apartments will have large panoramic windows, a stylish design, designers have not provided for balconies . The apartments are planned to be rented without finishing, and some without a factory inside the main communications, so that the tenants themselves decide where to install the bathtub or how many toilets to make in the apartment. Finishing work will not be done so that people can create a design in the apartments to their liking. The apartments in the complex will range from 34 squares to 138 squares, and the ceiling height - depending on the project - 3.2 and up to 5.6 meters. In this case, the living area of all premises will be 352,144 square meters. Taking into account the wishes of investors, a small part of the apartments "Donstroy" plans to hand over with all communications and decoration.

residential complex Heart of the capital


We offer a brief overview of the project to determine where the apartment of your choice will be located. LCD "Heart of the Capital" is planned to be constructed in this way: five buildings closer to the Moscow River, the rest closer to the existing Silikatny passage. Specifications:

No. 1 (1) - number of storeys 36, 186 apartments, their area is from 43 to 124 squares, located at a certain angle end to the embankment.

No. 2 (2) - number of storeys 19, apartments 254, their area from 50 to 140 squares. The hull has the appearance of an open trapezoid, the upper base of which is parallel to the embankment.

No. 3 (3) - number of storeys 19, apartments 305, area from 50 to 140 squares.

No. 4 (4) - number of storeys 19, apartments 78, area from 51 to 141 squares.

The buildings under numbers 1, 2 and 3 have the same shape and location relative to the waterfront. The windows of the apartments located here offer the best views of the river.

No. 5 (AP1) - number of storeys 37, apartments 122, their area from 31 to 89 squares. The body is turned end to the embankment.

No. 6 (5) - number of storeys 36, apartments 157, their area is from 42 to 103 squares. The building will be located closer to the Silikatny passage, deployed at an angle to the embankment.

No. 7 (AP3 and ZhD6) - number of storeys 24, the area of ​​apartments from 56 to 92 squares.

The design of the apartment buildings number 8 and 9, as well as the business center.

ZhK Heart of the capital that around

Apartment Design

The stylish LCD "Heart of the Capital" in Moscow from the builder will have apartments - one-room studios with an area of ​​up to 41 squares. More than half of them are designed with beveled walls, that is, irregularly shaped. A separate room in them singles out only a bathroom with an area of ​​4 squares.

Two-room apartments have an area of ​​up to 65 squares. The layout includes a spacious corridor (almost 13 squares), two bedrooms (15 and 18.6 squares each), a kitchen (11 squares), two bathrooms. The three-room apartments will also have a kitchen, a hall, two bathrooms, a living room and two bedrooms. The total area of ​​84-88 squares. In this apartment, the living room and kitchen are designed with beveled walls, and the living room also has two large panoramic windows. Balconies are not provided.

Price and payment

The cost of housing in the residential complex "Heart of the Capital" is high and, as stated on the official website, started from 8,122,592 Russian rubles for a one-room apartment on the second floor (ground floors are designed to accommodate offices there), an area of ​​32.8 square meters without decoration. At this facility, Donstroy works with the following banks: VTB-24, Otkritie, and Sberbank. Everyone can take a mortgage to purchase real estate in the "Heart of the Capital". The conditions for its receipt are different.

In “VTB-24” there are preferential programs for holders of salary cards of this bank. When receiving a loan for 30 years, the rate is 12.1% with an initial payment of 10%. For those who do not have such cards, the initial payment is 20%.

When lending for 20 years, the rate is 12.6%, and the minimum contribution for all is the same and equal to 25%. There is also a very interesting interest-free lending program.

Two other banks issue mortgages for up to 30 years. Sberbank has three programs:

- According to two documents. Here the rate is 11.25%, and the initial payment is 50%.

- To purchase housing. Rate 12%, down payment 20%

- Mortgage with state support. Here the lowest rate is 11.4%, the initial payment is 20%.

Otkritie Bank has its own lending programs.

the progress of construction of the railway 4 ZhK Heart of the capital

Innovative program from the developer

To increase sales growth and attract more buyers to the program, Donstroy proposed a very interesting and, one might say, innovative program for buying housing in the residential complex “Heart of the Capital”. According to company representatives, it is proposed to draw up a contract certified by legal structures, according to which Donstroy undertakes to buy out its real estate exactly 3 years later from the co-investor at the price that was at the time of sale. In this case, the company must additionally pay co-investor 4.5% per annum.

LCD "Heart of the capital": deadline

This question worries both those who have already bought their homes, and those who are just eyeing. Looking at the state of the facilities being built, we can confidently say that things are not standing still. According to the new plan, the delivery of the first stage with the issuance of keys is expected in the fourth quarter of 2017. It included buildings numbered 1,2 and 3. The first is a 37-storey building number 1, the keys to the apartments in which people should receive in the second quarter, that is, the first half of 2017. In the second turn, it is planned to put into operation buildings No. 4, 5, 6 and 7.

ZhK Heart of the capital Moscow
At the first stage, ZhD4 (the second quarter of 2018) should be commissioned, and at the second building 5.6 and 7 (the fourth quarter of 20218). The third stage includes 2 apart-buildings, a business center, a school and a kindergarten. Their delivery, possibly, will be carried out in 2020. The builders began the construction of the second stage, as evidenced by the progress of construction of the railway station 4. LCD “Heart of the capital” in 2015 opened the sale of apartments in it. Now they are selling housing in ZhD6. Today, the first building is almost finished, the construction of the second and third is nearing completion, and in the fourth all construction work is proceeding rapidly.


A lot of controversy is about the new LCD "Heart of the capital." Reviews about the developer and the project itself are different. Noted advantages:

- "Donstroy" has extensive experience, a lot of commissioned objects;

- The new complex is located close to the river and to transport highways;

- rich infrastructure;

- An innovative housing purchase system;

- A good object for investment.

Marked Cons:

- the quality of work falls at Donstroy;

- lagging behind the stated terms;

- location in the industrial zone;

- overpriced housing prices;

- poor layout of some apartments.


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