Psychological training for team building

The result of the enterprise depends on the productive work of employees. It is logical that only a cohesive working team amid fierce competition can succeed in business. Therefore, psychologists developed a training on team building (team building).

What is team building?

team building training program

This word came from two English: team - team and building - building. Team building is a professional association of all employees (especially conflicting among themselves) with the help of training to create the ideal team that can achieve many goals in business. Such events educate and develop people's abilities. They are carried out in a game form most often on general holidays or other corporate parties. It could be:

  • conflict analysis;
  • discussions;
  • role-playing game;
  • analysis of difficult questions.

An example of a finished program

Team building training is based on entertaining tasks. For example, “Submitting an Ad to a Newspaper”. Its essence lies in the fact that each participant creates a publication under the heading "I am looking for a friend." Written works are submitted to the presenter and are not signed. Then the players free up their seats, and the leader arranges the leaves on the table in a different order. Each participant should go around all the ads and put a plus sign on the one that he liked the most. At the end of the game, those works are analyzed in which more advantages were put.

team building training

“Rope course” is a sporting event where everyone must stand in a circle and grab the rope. In the center is a presenter who approaches the participants and hurts their hands. People in the circle must have time to remove them before touching. If someone could not do this, he becomes a leader.

In the team building training, the Bubble game can be included. All participants need to join hands in a circle. Then it needs to be expanded until someone releases his hands. The loser leaves the game.

The game "Turnip" is carried out as follows: all participants must stand behind each other, clasping hands standing in front of them around the belt. The one at the beginning of this chain holds onto the pole. The goal of the driver is to pull the last player, trying to disconnect him from the others.

team building training program

Psychological training on team building will be more fun with the Golden Gate game, where everyone should be divided into two teams. The first forms a circle and raises his hands up, simulating a gate. Players of the second group must hold each other's hands. Then they, like a snake, move quickly, trying to get around all the gates. The host gives a speech, after which the players of the first team give up (close the gate). Those in the middle of the circle get caught.

To organize an effective and memorable training for team building, individual specialists may be required: managers, presenters, screenwriters, photographers, and others. A quality event will not only bring pleasure, but will also be more useful. Today, there are many agencies offering these services. They usually have their own team building training program, but they can develop an individual scenario if necessary.


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