How to forgive a husband’s betrayal? And should this be done at all?

Of course, a huge number of women are faced with a dilemma on how to forgive her husband’s infidelity, and whether it should be done in principle. It is sometimes very difficult to accept the fact that your own spouse, who is dearer and closer than you do, has a lover on the side. It becomes even more offensive when a woman realizes that the oath of fidelity that the husband uttered was broken by him.

How to forgive a husband’s betrayal

The origins of the problem

What to do in this situation? How to forgive a husband’s betrayal ? Perhaps the relationship has exhausted itself? Both affirmative and negative answers can be given to this question. It is necessary to determine the reason why the husband had a chill. It is possible that your actions or actions served as a fault.

Spouses begin to look at other women when their own wives fade away with their own wives, when sexual intimacy becomes just ordinary, without bringing those vivid sensations that were before.

Uncomfortable home environment can become the cause of male infidelity, when the wife is constantly dissatisfied with something, there is a mess in the rooms, and the children are constantly crying. It also happens that the spouse has a lover when the opposite picture is observed. For example, the house is in perfect cleanliness and order, while the wife does not let her husband relax in attempts to maintain it. In the end, he gets bored, and he goes to another woman.

Is it worth forgiving a husband’s betrayal

Some ladies may ask a completely natural question: "How to forgive a husband’s betrayal when he is an ordinary womanizer?" Well, the situation is not uncommon. There is nothing to be done: this is his nature of behavior, and to reckon with it or not is a matter of choice.

However, one of the main reasons why a man becomes unfaithful to his wife is the loss of spiritual contact between them. And in the new woman he immediately finds a friend, a lover and a pleasant interlocutor.

Possible options

Considering the question of how to forgive the husband’s betrayal, and whether it makes sense to do so, it must be noted that if the chosen one withholds from you the fact that he has a lover, then you are not indifferent to him. In this case, you can close your eyes to the fact that you have been cheated, because the husband nevertheless takes care not to cause you mental pain. If he has not completely lost interest in his own wife, then his feelings still warm in his soul, they just need to be warmed up.

The fact of treason can be forgiven if children grow up in the family. For full education, they need both parents.

If a man realizes the negative nature of his own actions and tries to make amends by all means, you need to give him another chance.

Radical measures

Is it worth forgiving a husband’s betrayal if they are systematic? Probably not. Most likely, he does not value your feelings, you ceased to exist for him as a woman. In this case, divorce is the only way out. Even if you try to correct the situation and return your husband to the family, know that there will be no previous feelings. That is why the question of whether it is necessary to forgive the betrayal of the husband in this case, we can confidently give a negative answer.

Is it necessary to forgive the betrayal of her husband

If you are cheated, then in no case do not lose self-esteem. There is no point in asking and humiliating. Also, do not take dirty linen out of the hut, trying to find out the opinion of friends or relatives.

The best way to solve the problem is to discuss it with your spouse at the negotiating table. Determine the motives of his actions, inform him of his own feelings, analyze the situation: perhaps you made a mistake somewhere. The situation should be discussed calmly, without screaming. Remember that you need to constantly warm up your own feelings: for example, to look well-groomed and beautiful, meet your missus from work with a smile and feed him a delicious dinner. Then you will live happily ever after with him!


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