Agency, studio or copywriting exchange?

Webmasters often have to place orders for writing articles. Services of this kind are provided by special exchanges. Each of them has its positive and negative sides. Let's consider them in more detail:

  • Advego is one of the most famous copywriting exchanges. It was created in 2008 and is aimed at those who are only trying their hand at writing articles. Unlike many other exchanges, the contractor can choose any free order. You won’t be able to make a lot of money on this site, but those who do the job well are put on the white list and can receive personalized invitations to write texts at completely different prices. The copywriting exchange free-of-charge distributes the Advego plagiarist program so that performers can check the material for uniqueness. There is a store of articles for sale. If purchased, a small percentage will be charged. For customers whose budgets are very small, this is an ideal place to receive content.
  • Textsale is the largest copywriting exchange. The number of registered artists is quite large. In addition, the project is characterized by a rapid turnover of articles. It is designed for experienced authors. Access to the order form, as well as advertising of your account, is carried out on a paid basis. Therefore, initially it is better to write texts and put them up for sale in the Textsale store, thus gradually earning a rating. The exchange guarantees the protection of articles by displaying only a few paragraphs of copy-protected text. After the purchase, the customer gets access to the full version.
  • The Free-lance copywriting exchange is distinguished by the fact that orders are placed on it not only for writing texts, but also for creating drawings, animations, programs, website promotion, and much more. Up to 3 free offers per day can be submitted in response to projects. And after purchasing a pro-account, their number becomes unlimited, and many other advantages appear. For an additional fee, customers can highlight their offers among others.
  • Copylancer copywriting exchange is one of the most sought after. Getting into the staff of authors is quite difficult. This is due to the closed system of registration of performers, which provides a better approach to writing texts. For performers, the prices for writing articles are quite high. However, it is difficult for novice authors. This is due to the existing rating and tendering system. Checking the uniqueness of the text here is carried out on a paid basis.
  • Etxt provides various ways to evaluate authors and customers. These are ratings, reviews, points for completed orders. There is its own free Etxt program - Anti-plagiarism for checking texts for uniqueness, as well as a store of finished articles. The communication system between the author and the customer is well established. The materials placed on sale are protected from copying.

Ordering articles on exchanges has certain disadvantages. Especially for those who want to fill their site with quality content that will generate revenue. Only professionals can encourage visitors to purchase a particular product.

In order for the article to be written taking into account all the requirements and on time, you can contact the copywriting agency. Usually people of various professions who possess knowledge in various spheres of public life are recruited to the state . Services, as a rule, are more expensive than on the exchange, but it pays off for the quality of the material provided. You can make an order for writing advertising articles , for example, on, and also place them on this Internet resource. A high site rating at times increases the chances of a quick text hit the top search engines for key queries.

Copywriting studio, in addition to writing articles, can offer services such as naming, speech-writing and slogans, as well as provide the organization with advertising products: brochures, booklets and catalogs.


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