Sample CV of a sales consultant: filling rules

Each person, having reached certain years, thinks how he will provide for himself. The choice of a profession largely depends on knowledge, skills, education and work experience. An important role is played by the psychological characteristic of a person.

Work as a sales assistant

If you decide to try to work as a sales consultant, then you should know what this profession is, what difficulties there are in it. You need to know other points: what should be the seller, what is his responsibility, how to communicate with customers and so on. To declare itself, it is worth considering samples of the resume of the seller-consultant for the preparation of the questionnaire for the employer.

Sample Resume Consultant Seller

At first glance, it might seem that this work is actually simple and does not require much effort. But in reality, being a sales consultant is not so simple. You need to be friendly, stress-resistant, sociable, to know everything about your product and even about competitors. It is necessary to be able to find an approach to each buyer, to “hook” him and at the same time not to scare away perseverance. It is worth remembering that clients are different, not only adequate visitors are met. Therefore, the ability to remain calm is extremely important. You will learn about all desirable qualities if you look through the sample resumes of a sales assistant. They indicate standard skills, characteristics necessary in this profession.

Job search as a sales assistant

If you decide to try yourself in this profession, weighing the pros and cons, then you need to think about one more thing. What exactly do you want or can sell? Groceries, clothes and shoes, stationery, toys, appliances, and maybe furniture? The choice is large and there is nothing to list.

Sample CV seller clothing consultant

If you have made a decision, you can start to look through advertisements in newspapers, on the Internet and send resumes of the seller-consultant to the competition for your favorite vacancies. You can find a sample fill at the end of this article. You can also print your resume and leave in various shopping centers, shops where you would like or could work.

Before declaring yourself to employers, learn about them as much as possible.

Resume writing for a sales assistant

If you want to please the employer to be hired, you need to be able to declare about yourself.

Resume Seller Consultant Sample Fill
A competent resume writing will help you with this. A sample (sales assistant) can be found at the end of this article.

In the resume, you must indicate all the positive qualities that a trader should have. This, for example, attentiveness, stress tolerance, sociability, the ability to find an approach to people. You can look through sample CVs of the seller-consultant, find in them a description of the qualities that are usually indicated, and add yourself suitable characteristics to increase the chances.

It is also desirable to indicate in the resume what skills and experience are available. For example, work with the programs "1C Trade" or "1C Enterprise", cash desk, computer and office programs. All this information is desirable.

Sample fill in the CV of the sales assistant

The employer, HR manager during the day considers a lot of questionnaires and applications from those wishing to take a vacant place.

Resume writing sample seller consultant
The only way to interest them, as a rule, is a competently written resume that contains information about the qualities, knowledge, skills and experience that are required from the employee. Therefore, before sending an application about yourself, check the spelling and punctuation. The information should be clear and presented in the correct form, without abbreviations. No need to take resume writing carelessly. Otherwise, you may get the impression of a frivolous attitude and bad manners.

So, let's look at an example of how the correct resume sample should look. The clothing sales assistant will in this case be a vacant position.

Sample CV of a sales consultant
Full nameFull name of a surname, name and patronymic

Date of Birth

Day, month, year of birth

Family status

Single or single, married or single, no children or if any, indicate number

Address of residence

The actual address

contact phone number

Write the number you always use and stay in touch

E-mail address

Check the spelling
Wishes for work

What position do you apply for, what work schedule is desired and what minimum wage do you agree to?


It is written in descending order: from the last to the first job, indicating dates, job title, duties and employer. You can also add what successes you have achieved and which skills you have acquired.

EducationHere you indicate what kind of education you have: higher, incomplete higher, secondary and so on. Start and end dates The full name of the institution. Specialty, qualification. If you have a red diploma, you can note this. It should also indicate what successes you have achieved in your studies. For example, took an active part in various events

If you have taken any courses, indicate this. For example, it would be nice to mention the passage of courses on training programs "1C Trade" and "1C Enterprise"

Special skills and knowledge

Here you can note the knowledge of foreign languages, the level of computer knowledge

Professional skillsFor example, experience in sales, the ability to choose clothes for customers by size and color compatibility
Personal qualitiesNon-conflict, learning, lack of bad habits

From the top right you can attach your business photo, where your face is clearly visible.

Similar resume samples of a sales consultant are easy to read, the employer quickly finds the necessary points that affect his decision. However, there is a category of people who believe that in order to be remembered, it is worth sending non-standard profiles. But such creative ideas are not suitable for all professions. Therefore, if you decide to work in trade, it is better to use as an example the traditional resume templates of a sales consultant.


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