Tarot "Moon": a combination with other cards, the value in a relationship

Major Arcana in Tarot cards is a set of universal archetypes represented in each of the cultures of the world. Each of the symbols in whose name the lasso is named causes a chain of certain associations, which is used by Tarot practitioners for both predictions and self-development. In this article we will consider the value of the lasso of the Tarot card “Moon” and its combination with other cards.

The value of the Arcana "Moon"

If you look at the eighteenth lasso from the standard Ryder-Waite deck, we will see the following picture. Before us is a scene taking place in the dead of night. Half the map is occupied by the moon in the sky, from which golden drops fall on the earth. The moon in this image is animated: a full month and a growing one are immediately inscribed in its face. Under the Moon in the foreground is the riverbank, on which a dog and a wolf sit, howling at the sun. Cancer creeps out of the water onto land - a zodiac sign that the moon protects. A road runs away, passing through a kind of gate. These are two pillars symbolizing the transition to another space - the World of Darkness, the kingdom of the unknown.

Classic Luna Arcana from Rider Waite Tarot

The Luna Arcana in Tarot is a combination of irrationality and hidden fears. This lasso symbolizes our unconscious and the doubts that reign in it. Sometimes we ourselves are not aware that we are afraid of something. The cancer crawling out of the water symbolizes that it lives somewhere in the depths of our subconscious, which is now the time to get to the surface. Arkan Tarot "Moon" in combination with other cards in the layout often says that at the given moment you are very vulnerable mentally, that you need to try to keep the clear light of your mind when it seems that there is only darkness around.

Howling to the moon, a wolf and a dog symbolize the wild forces that live within us. No matter how we have mastered our mind and logic, sometimes our pristine nature comes to the surface. And nothing is able to restrain her, like no one can restrain the howling of a dog into the night luminary. The image of the moon here is that incentive that makes us rebel against ourselves, contrary to all logic, to act as our desires dictate. The Tarot card “Moon” in combination with other cards (especially such as “Devil” or “Tower”) often indicates the emergence of these hidden forces to the surface, most often in a negative aspect.

The "gate" is a symbol of the transition to the dark dimension, the descent to the level of the unconscious. Our task is to make a kind of “fascinating excursion” into the abyss of the unknown, not to succumb to fears, get out of there stronger than before.

This card also has a bright side - the Luna Tarot in combination with other strong cards, which contain a huge positive potential (Mir, Hierophant), partly acquires the features of these lassos. In this case, the "Moon" will symbolize sweet dreams, fantasies and dreams. The world of the good "Moon" is filled with magic, creativity and eternal youth. In addition, do not forget that in the esoteric spheres the Moon is one of the classic symbols of the feminine, passive energy, which can inspire an active masculine principle with its mere existence.

Fortune telling card "Moon"

The simplest divination is to draw just one card from a well-shuffled deck. Most often, this method is used to get a clear answer to a specific question (such as one that requires an affirmative or negative answer). If the situation you want to guess is quite complicated, most likely you can’t get by with just one card. Therefore, Tarot cards are rarely interpreted in isolation from each other - most often in fortune-telling you need to decipher what the Tarot Arcana "Moon" means in combination with other cards. The simplest of these hands is to draw three cards from the deck. The first of them describes the situation itself, the second describes how to solve it, and the third describes how this situation will develop. It can be called past, present and future. The interpretation of the cards depends on your experience with this deck and may differ from the generally accepted one if your intuition tells you something else. The more often you work with the deck, the more you have your own interpretation options (a kind of mini-insight during fortune telling). Let's look at some interesting combinations in which the "Moon" card may fall.

If the "Moon" and "Moderation" fell out

The combination of the cards of the moon and moderation

The Moderation card is the fourteenth lasso, symbolizing the perfect balance between all natural forces. The key figure on this card in the classic Ryder-Waite Tarot deck is an angel pouring water from one goblet to another. This process is associated with a constant cycle of energy in nature. One of his legs is immersed in water, the other is standing on the ground. This detail symbolizes general equilibrium. When Moderation falls out, it means that the situation that they are hoping for tends to restore the balance of power.

The combination of the Tarot of the "Moon" and "Moderation" is rather auspicious. “Moon” speaks of the difficult state of mind in which you are now, and “Moderation” means that there will soon be a way out of it, balance will be restored. The return journey from darkness to light will be slow and gradual, but it will allow you to optimally recover. Naturally, it will not do without overcoming fears. In many nations, the moon in real life is associated with something otherworldly that needs to be feared. Plus, the Moderation card promises us support. We will not be completely alone with our unconscious. Help will come in the form of friendly or kindred support, or even in the form of a psychotherapy session.

The combination of the Tarot "Moon" and "Mage"

Arkan "Magician" is a card at number one in the deck. Most often, it depicts a person in the process of witchcraft. The key characteristics of the “Magician” are the ability to create new things, act purposefully and change reality so as to achieve the necessary results. This is a card of gamblers and adventurers - “Mage” comes into play with the whole world and with all reality.

Tarot mage card

Depending on the context, the combination of the Luna and Mage Tarot cards can be either negative or positive. Often this union is seen as the illusory nature of a particular undertaking. The "Mage" longs to change reality, but his mind is clouded by the influence of the "Moon" - he does not see the full picture and all the details.

If both cards appear in their positive hypostasis, then the combination of the Tarot of the “Moon” with the “Magician” can mean fantasy and imagination in a positive context. Such a combination in the layout can mean a creative person, artist, person with a rich imagination and strong intuition. It affects the occult abilities and the world of the unknown, indicating a significant potential in this area.

Cards "Moon" and "Star"

The "Star" card is considered one of the most favorable in the deck. Her vocation is to remind us that true happiness and harmony can not be obtained through external “conquests”, but by finding them within oneself. In the Tarot deck, it is located under the seventeenth number, immediately after the "Tower" - the cards of destruction and transformation. Only after being tested and internally re-melted do we gain peace and understanding of ourselves.

Unusual Vision Tarot Star Card

The combination of the Tarot of the “Moon” and “Star” promises that even in the most complicated situation (the foggy world of the Moon) there is an opportunity to find the way, trusting in the power of providence (the light of a guiding star). If it seems to you that you have lost your goal and become mired in illusions, turn to your intuition and trust in higher powers. The answer will come soon.

"Moon" and "Peace" - a common meaning

"World" - a card that closes the Senior Arcana. Twenty-first in a set of Major Arcana, this card summarizes and collects in a single whole all the disparate processes that occur in your inner world as you move from the "Jester" (zero Arcana) to the final. In fortune-telling, it is customary to interpret it as global success and a favorable conclusion to all that has begun. This is a very significant symbol, combining all the previous values ​​of the cards, the final path, the stages of which are all the other arcana. In each of the life spheres, the outcome of the previous problem situation is outlined. Moreover, all spheres are in harmony with each other and do not conflict.

It is also noteworthy in this map that, having fallen in the layout, it seems to cross out the negative value of any of the neighboring arcana. So, the combination of the Tarot “Mir” and “Moon”, contrary to all the dark energy of the second card, speaks of global creative luck, a possible major journey, unreasonable luck and even the possibility of a big win.

"Moon" and "Empress"

Empress tarot card

The Empress card is the third lasso in the deck. She points to the feminine and all the qualities associated with it. This is the archetype of the Mother Goddess, a hypostasis of nature itself with its inexhaustible supply of strength. The key values ​​for this card are fertility, stable growth, conception and the birth of a new, creative and spiritual potential. In the Tarot card, the Empress card can also serve as a personification of a specific woman from your life, often influential and domineering. On the other hand, it can be a woman who played an important and favorable role in your life, your patroness.

The combination of the Tarot “Empress” and “Moon” is the potential of the feminine multiplied by itself. But most often this pair is interpreted negatively. The dark energy of the “Moon” overshadows the entire positive potential of the “Empress”. The combination of the Tarot of the “Moon” and “Empress” in the scenario is considered as a period of fears and alienation - from mild depression and self-absorption to obsessive fears, increased vulnerability and a tendency to tantrums. For women, this combination can also mean the fear of motherhood and childbirth. How to get out of this state is usually shown by the rest of the cards in the layout.

There is also a neutral interpretation of the meaning of the combination of the Tarot of the Moon and the Empress. Since both are responsible for increased intuition and magical abilities, this union can mean the increased importance of occult practices in your destiny.

Cards "Moon" and "Devil"

Fifteenth lasso “Devil” has fallen portends a very complex interpretation of the alignment. This card most often symbolizes the temptations that currently strive to lead you astray. What is characteristic, most often the situation is not regarded by a person as destructive and leading away from real goals. A person under the influence of the forces of the fifteenth lasso is prone to indulging in his weaknesses, a manic obsession with any idea. In the power of the "Devil" and the hidden instincts of man, giving access to a huge vitality. But it is also impossible to completely ignore your animal nature, just as it is impossible and completely guided by it.

Tarot card devil

Appearing in the "Devil" scenario reinforces the negative value of other cards. The combination of the Tarot “Moon” and “Devil” again indicates an immersion in illusion, while the second card speaks of direct deception. This combination also indicates the presence of a harmful addiction - it can be a matter of addiction to alcohol or drugs, as well as harmful emotional attachment. The "Devil" clearly indicates that the chosen path at the moment leads to self-destruction and does not bring any benefit, and the dark energy of the "Moon" makes it difficult to return to creative life. Most likely, you will need a guide that will be able to lead you from the waters of illusory land.

Union of the Moon and Death

The card with the frightening name "Death" actually portends not such a sad outcome, as one might suppose. The thirteenth lasso says that a certain stage of your life naturally came to an end, so it's time to let it go and not cling to the old. It can be an old relationship, a former way of life, a job that you have already outgrown. Is it hard and painful for you to give up the familiar? But this must be done in order to move on.

Tarot card death

A very interesting combination of the Tarot of the "Moon" and "Death". It says that in order to move on, you need to allow "Death" to take away everything that has become obsolete. You have to do considerable internal work on yourself, go through the depths of your subconscious, meet all secret fears and apprehensions. Sometimes such an internal transformation is more complicated than following any external changes. You must find the strength in yourself to resist the illusions in which you are mired, to allow Death to mow them to the ground. Most likely, this will be accompanied by causeless fears and nightmares, but you should safely look into their faces.

The combination of the Tarot "Moon" and "Lovers"

The Lovers card is the sixth lasso in the Tarot deck. It is fraught with not only the meaning that is characteristic of love, but also the hidden meaning. A hint of a romantic relationship - this is just the information that lies on the surface. At a deeper level, the Lovers card indicates the need to make a choice. She marks a fork in a possible course of events. Now you need to decide which of the roads to turn off.

Let's get back to the more obvious meaning of the Lovers card. This is a union and a merger of two forces, an opportunity to find a mate not only in the sphere of romantic relations, but the appearance of like-minded people in other areas of life. If the Luna card interferes with the matter, then it is worth considering whether you have excessive enthusiasm for your chosen one. In a state of falling in love, we always seem to have a veil in front of our eyes. We do not notice what we do not want, but selflessly idealize our subject of adoration. The combination of Tarot cards “Moon” and “Lovers” may indicate that the relationship is built on deception. This can be either a betrayal of a partner or a deception of oneself regarding the correct choice of one's couple. At the same time, in a positive context, the combination of these cards speaks of the artistic potential of the union. In addition, in the symbolism of both lassos the creative principle is clearly expressed.

The combination of "Moon" and "Sun"

After the Arcane "Mir", perhaps, the "Sun" is the second most important and powerful map among the major Arcana. Having fallen in the alignment, the "Sun" always portends unprecedented luck, the full flowering of forces and even a feeling of omnipotence. This card symbolizes active solar energy, the denial of any darkness. She has no place, because every corner of your life is actively illuminated by sunlight.

When the “Moon” also appears in the situation, the situation is somewhat aggravated. In the set of major arcana, the "Sun" immediately follows the "Moon", confirming that on your spiritual path you have already successfully freed yourself from all illusions and delusions. But the “Moon” in the scenario seems to take you one step back - are you so sure of everyone? Perhaps in something you have not yet surpassed yourself?

A positive interpretation of this combination is also possible. "Sun" symbolizes the light that breaks through the dark emanations of the lunar map. A source of light should be sought among the darkest corners of his soul. In practice, this means that you will suddenly be visited by inspiration, and creative impotence will end.

The combination of "Moon" and "Strength"

The Strength card is considered rather favorable. The qualities of power, courage, endurance, patience, and purposeful obstinacy are associated with it. The “Strength” card that appeared in the layout at the same time reports on the great potential of vital energy, but also on the test for which the force is designed to overcome. The feeling of this power within oneself usually does not come for no reason. He is always accompanied by a challenge, thanks to which there is a need to develop in himself those qualities that will help overcome the situation.

But if the “Moon” also falls out with the “Force”, the case takes a more dangerous turn. The second card can color the entire unlimited potential of the first in black and turn power from creative to destructive. This dark power is based on fears and can cause harm both to you personally and to others. If you try to hide your dark potential, it can also hurt, as you rebel against your nature. How exactly to transform your strength and at the same time overcome your fears will tell the neighboring cards in the layout. Fear is a huge resource. Being obsessed with its negative side, we usually lose sight of how much energy can be extracted from this irrational feeling.

There is also a positive interpretation of the combination of “Moon” and “Force”. In this case, the "Moon" indicates the source from where we get the resource of power. This is not the dark side of our personality and our hidden fears, but the world of fantasy and imagination. Thoughts about a cherished dream can refresh perceptions and open access to creative resources.

If the "Moon" and "Ace of Wands" have fallen

The Ace of Wands card belongs to the minor lasso. The suit of the wands corresponds to the element of fire, and the ace is the card with the highest concentration of fiery energy. Each of the four aces indicates a start, a starting point, a potential potential. The energy of the suit of the wands is active and even violent. It’s hard to tame it, how hard it is to tame the fire. Appearing in the scenario, she usually declares the huge potential of your undertaking and justifies your risk.

But if in the situation you got the combination of the Tarot “Moon” and “Ace of Wands”, all the positive potential of the second card may go to zero. In the situation situation, the “Ace of Wands” often strengthens the nearby major lasso, so his alliance with the “Moon” should be considered very carefully. Perhaps this map in this case does not predict a new beginning, but an even greater increase in sterile illusions.

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