Velvet nails - original and simple!

Lovers of original and custom manicure rejoice! Velvet nails, which are still popular today, became the novelty of nail art last year. Visually, they are difficult to distinguish from velvet, but in fact, flock is used to achieve this effect (it consists of small particles of acrylic, cotton, wool and other materials). Terry or velvet nails, the photos of which are presented below, impress with their ease of execution and tenderness.

velvet nails

DIY velvet

Salon masters use the flocider tool to create such a manicure - a portable device that creates an electric field, under the influence of which particles of material adhere tightly to the surface of the nails. Thanks to him, a manicure will retain its beauty and keep its shape for much longer. At home, creating such terry nails is also possible. True, they will not last as long as your salons. However, beauty is worth it. Necessary for this:

  • base varnish;
  • colorless varnish;
  • flock;
  • varnish of the same color as the flock;
  • wide brush.
    all for nails

Action algorithm

To create a manicure β€œvelvet nails” will take about 30 minutes. So what is the sequence of actions?

  1. Initially, the powder (flock) should be poured from the jar and make it completely homogeneous. To do this, knead all the lumps present in it.
  2. On cleaned and prepared for manicure nails, apply the base coat.
  3. Next, apply colored varnish in two layers and wait a few minutes until it dries slightly.
  4. We apply a layer of colorless varnish and proceed to applying the flock itself. There are two options for applying it: dip a finger in a jar of material or manually sprinkle it on a nail. It will be more convenient to do this gently with your finger with sweeping movements.
  5. Using a brush, press the flock layer as close as possible to the nail plate.
  6. Do the same with all the nails.
  7. We wait a few minutes until the layer dries.
  8. With a wide brush, gently brush away the rest of the flock from the surface of the fingers.
  9. After 30 minutes, the manicure will completely dry and the velvet nails will be ready.
    velvet nails pics

How long such a manicure lasts is difficult to say, many factors influence this. But its originality and non-standard will appeal to all lovers of innovation. Reviews about the "fur" manicure are completely different. For a short time of his existence, he managed to gain both supporters and ardent opponents. What are the pros and cons of this amazing manicure?


  • the possibility of applying at home;
  • ease of application;
  • original and unique look.


  • Impracticality. Any contact of your nails with water will shorten the life of the manicure. It is better to use velvet coating for special occasions.

Whether you like velvet nails or not, you can solve this only after you try. Unambiguously judge him by reviews of other people does not make sense. Velvet manicure will help you to show your individuality and add brightness to the image. By the way, it is not necessary to apply flock to all nails, you can select some and give them the effect of velvety. Everything for nails and their beauty!


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