Charity Fund "Sun in the palms" in Novosibirsk: reviews

In Soviet times, any medical care was free. Today, the situation has changed radically. It is good if your child needs a consultation with a pediatrician or other specialized specialists, but the problem can be solved with the help of suitable drugs. And if you need a serious operation in a foreign clinic? Often in such cases, the parents themselves do not collect the right amount of money. Therefore, they turn to the authorities, organizations and ordinary people for help. So that in such a difficult period, parents would not have to walk and ask for help on their own, and the Sun in the Palms Charitable Foundation was created.

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Help children

This is the primary goal of the foundation. This can be addressed by every person whose family has been hit by trouble. Parents need to contact the foundation staff and provide documents on the prescribed treatment and the amount necessary for it. Now literally the whole world will be collecting money. Not only large companies that from time to time transfer large amounts of money to the fund's account, but everyone can help. Do not think that such a contribution will be insignificant. Charity fund “Sun in the palm of your hand” collects large sums of money precisely thanks to such contributions. Misfortune can affect everyone, so we will not be indifferent.

Activity transparency

Many people do not want to give their money away because they are not sure that they will do good deeds. The “Sun in the palm of your hand” charitable foundation maintains completely transparent reporting, so there is no reason to doubt the purpose of the collected funds. Directly on the site is laid out full information about the amounts received, about the funds issued for treatment, as well as about its results. Not everyone succeeds in saving, and if a child dies in the process of collecting money, this amount can be transferred to treat someone else.

In addition, audits are ongoing. Their results are also laid out on the website of the charity fund “Sun in the palm of your hand”. Therefore, there is no reason to think that the organization pursues selfish goals.

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Everyone can help.

No, not necessarily money. You can become a volunteer. This is a person who helps for free. He has his own work and family, but he spends part of his free time helping other people. They have different tasks. Create posts on social networks, disseminate information about children who need help. Someone distributes leaflets, others plan and carry out actions. This is a lot of work, for which people often leave grateful feedback. The Charitable Fund “The Sun in the Hands” has been operating not so long ago, but it has already accounted for more than a dozen saved lives.

Volunteers go to sick children in the hospital, buy gifts, arrange children's parties. It’s hard to even list how many good deeds they do. But many people need help, and there are always not enough volunteers. The fund spends money only to help children in need, so all the work falls not on the hired staff, but on the shoulders of the volunteers.

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Humanitarian aid

Charity Fund “The Sun in the Palms” always collects a variety of things. It can be toys and things. Very often, sick children experience an acute need for the most basic: hygiene products, warm clothes, shoes and books, sports equipment. If you have the opportunity to donate something, then here they will always be happy. But only new things are accepted, so if you want to buy something, then first check with the foundation staff about the current needs of children. If new things have remained unclaimed by your children, then you can just call the volunteers and they will be picked up. Some of the guys will definitely need them.

Transport support

This is always a very difficult question. Sometimes volunteers are contacted by residents of remote areas. They held a rally and collected things, they want to transfer them to the fund. But many volunteers do not have cars. Therefore, if you have the opportunity and desire to help with transportation, then contact. Such support is especially important during the organization of various events that take place regularly.

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Information support

If you do not have enough time or physical capabilities to directly participate in the life of the fund, then you can help disseminate information on the network. This is precisely what ensures the closure of fees. Where can I place the banner of the fund:

  • On your personal website. Its visitors are not obligated to anything, they can voluntarily transfer the available amount for the treatment of any child.
  • On the website of a company or institution.
  • In groups of social networks.
  • In the personal profile of the social network.
  • On any stand in crowded places.
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Set donation box

If you are the executives or employees of a large organization that has a high-traffic sales area, then you can help the fund increase treatment fees. To do this, you need to sign an installation agreement and transfer the second copy to the bank. It is installed on a commission basis, similarly opened. All collected money is transferred to the bank. This is a key point, since all cash flows must be confirmed by special acts and bank papers. It is this transparency that enables people to trust the “Sun in the palm of your hands” fund. Reviews say that people are actively helping kids find hope for recovery. For parents who are bedridden, such help is vital.


To date, funds are opening throughout Russia. This is emphasized by the fact that society accepts the idea of ​​charity well, and most people are willing to help. Every adult understands that he himself may be in a similar situation. To date, the Novosibirsk charity fund has opened. "The sun in the palms" opened at: st. Nemirovich – Danchenko, house 167, office 319.

The branch is located outside the location of the fund and performs all its functions. The branch is endowed with the property of the fund and carries out its activities on its behalf. As a result, activities are spreading throughout the country, as assistance is needed everywhere.


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