Protocol of the parent meeting in the senior group: methodological developments, rules of conduct, requirements and results

The protocol of the parent meeting in the senior group covers the preparation of certain methods for the development of the child. To this end, the teacher invites parents and talks about the development trends of children. The teacher sets specific goals to strengthen the physical and mental health of each child.

Protocol completion rules

The protocol of the parent meeting in the senior group is filled out as follows: number, number of parents present, number of absent parents, number of invitees - manager, musician, nurse. A list of issues and topics for discussion is also indicated. The solution of tasks.

Early Years Meeting

parents listen to class teacher

The protocol of the parent meeting at the beginning of the year in the senior group includes the following list of issues:

- Acquaintance with the tasks set and specific goals for the current academic year.

- Familiarization with the schedule of the day. Conducting classes.

- Child development.

- Questioning parents about the child.

- Appointment of the parent committee.

The result of the meeting

younger group of kindergarten

- Take part in the development of children, prepare the child for school, provide assistance in consolidating the learning materials.

- Do not violate the schedule of the day at home and in preschool.

- Take care of the health of the child.

- Decision-making based on the results of voting on the approval of the parent committee.

Based on the results of the questionnaire , information about parents and child rearing is compared. The result is based on observations of the child and relations with parents. Identify the problems that parents face daily. Listen to parents' requests for children. To help, prompt parents in matters of raising a child.

Questioning questions

The minutes of the parent meeting in the senior group (September) include such questions when preparing the questionnaire for parents:

- Does the child have enough attention?

- Does the child go to circles and sections?

- Does the family have customs? If so, which ones?

- Is there a games room, desk?

- Do you read books to a child? When?

- What does the kid like to listen to?

- What kind of music does the child listen to?

- What does he do in his free time?

- Does the child help around the house? What exactly is he doing?

- Do conflicts arise when communicating with a child?

- Do you punish a child for pranks?

- Does he ask for help in certain situations?

- What would you like to ask the teacher?

- Making suggestions to improve performance.

Parent meeting minutes

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The finished protocol of the parent meeting in the senior group consists of questions and explanations by teachers of the nuances that relate to the topic "Adaptation of children in a preschool institution":

1. Adaptation of children in a preschool institution, a conversation and consultation is carried out by the educator. At the same time, congratulating everyone on the start of the school year, he begins the story of the difficulties that parents face. It also gives parents advice in order to prepare the child for adaptation, to support his good mood, so that he is not afraid to go to kindergarten.

Then this topic should be discussed with parents so that everyone can express their opinion when solving this topic. The next topic under discussion is "Features of a child of preschool age."

2. The teacher reads a report on the behavior of children at this age. And he gives out prepared material about what a child can and should know by this age. The teacher talks about methodological developments for the school year. Asks parents to participate in activities held at the preschool.

A reminder of the kindergarten mode: observing the schedule of the day, punctuality (without delay), making payment without delay, the need for additional, replaceable shoes and items of clothing. Warn the caregiver when the child is sick. Do not bring food to the preschool. A request has been made to select a parent committee. Appointment of the parent committee by voting method.

Senior Parent Meeting Protocol - Summary


The final stage of the meeting is the introduction by parents of proposals and questions of interest that were considered at this meeting:

  • To help the child achieve positive contact with carers, create the mood for the child to go to kindergarten, help to reach the usual regimen, and teach the child independence.
  • The topic under discussion is material on what an older group child should be able to do.
  • Collaboration of parents and carers, mutual assistance, participation.
  • Distribution of duties among members of the parent committee.
  • Do not violate the rules of the institution.

Protocol Topics

discussion of child behavior

The minutes of the parent meeting in the senior group include the following discussions:

  • The new school year is a new stage of development.
  • Development and upbringing of a senior group child. This item includes the following issues: development and education of children, psychological development of a child of six years.
  • The independence of the child at the stage of development and personality formation.
  • What do parents know about children?
  • Goals, tasks of educators for the new academic year.
  • The daily routine for children of the older group. Timetable of classes. Introducing parents to kindergarten workers working with children during the school year.
  • The development of speech of a child of six years. Help from parents and carers.
  • Communication of the child with other children in the group.
  • The development of fine motor skills, an additional visit to the circle.
  • Children's health. Physical education, strengthening the health of the child.
  • On the education of girls and boys of the senior group in kindergarten.
  • Cultural skills of the family.

Parent meeting at the end of the year

The minutes of the parental meeting in the senior group at the end of the year on the topic "Is the child ready for school" includes the following questions:

  1. Identify the reasons that affect children's learning.
  2. Discussion of the situation in preparation for school.
  3. Asked questions and answers.

In determining the reasons that affect the child’s learning, the teacher tells parents about how to help him prepare for school. Explains directions for the development of children. In this case, parents can ask questions and express their opinion, and the teacher summarizes. The consultation is conducted by a psychologist and answers the questions asked by parents. Carers remind parents of the end of the school year, the clothes of children in this period for walking, making payments.

What children have learned

teacher and child

A protocol is drawn up for the final parent meeting in the senior group, in which the teacher summarizes what the children learned during the school year. The meeting is held in a group. The teacher draws up an exhibition of children's creative works for the year, then, at the end of the meeting, gives away the work to parents as a keepsake. Tells parents about each child what they can do, what to look for, gives recommendations. Reports on open classes held, which were attended by elementary school teachers, while the children showed excellent knowledge and readiness for school. Tells about a new stage in the life of children - school. Conducts child safety briefings in the summer, presents a reminder to parents. At the meeting there is a medical professional who talks about the necessary nutrition for children during the growth of the body. The teacher gives thanks to the parents for participating in the life of the kindergarten group. Gives recommendations and sums up.


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