Do-it-yourself home for Barbie to the joy of her beloved daughter

What girl in childhood did not dream of a dollhouse? Many childhood passed in dreams, because not all parents could allocate a round sum from the family budget to buy such an expensive toy. But there were those who undertook to make the house for Barbie with their own hands.

So where do you start? What materials are better to make a house of, what design to choose and how to correctly distribute everything in a doll house? From the materials you can use everything that is available: it can be plywood, cardboard boxes and even polystyrene. And the most important thing is to involve the child in the process of designing, because who can better know what an ideal home for Barbie should look like. With your own hands you can do everything: walls, furniture, and textiles for doll houses. How exactly? Let's get it together.

DIY barbie house

Frame for home

An unnecessary rack or bookcase is perfect as a frame for the house. And how to build a house for Barbie, if there are none? In this case, the design can be made of thick cardboard or plywood. Here are some ways to build a wireframe:

  • Home for Barbie with do-it-yourself cardboard boxes. For a multi-level house, you need to pick up several boxes of the same size and, placing them one on the other, fix. The main thing is to choose the right size of the boxes so that the doll in the house fits in full height, and at least 10 centimeters of space remain above her head.
  • Adhering to the same sizes, you can build a house of plywood. To do this, you need slats: 4 pcs for each floor about 40 centimeters high, 4 pcs across the width of the house for the first floor, 2 pcs for the next floors. The frame is knocked out of the planks, and the bottom, side and rear walls and the top of the structure are sewn up with plywood, which is nailed with small carnations to the planks. Piers are made according to the same principle.
  • The simplest version of the doll house is the book-type partitions, they are made of cardboard and glued with wallpaper or lined with fabric. In fact, these are interconnected sheets of cardboard, which are placed on the floor, forming piers for the dollhouse. In childhood, my house for Barbie looked just like that. The advantage of such a house is that it is placed only for the duration of the game, and when folded it easily fits in a box with toys.
    my barbie house

Cosiness for dolls

When the frame is sorted out, you can go to the layout and finishing work. It is not necessary to cut through the windows and doors in the house, it will be enough to select the appropriate pictures and, after printing, stick them on the frame wall. By the way, this option will allow you to make a gorgeous view from the window. A wonderful addition will be the curtains from the remnants of fabric.

how to build a house for barbie

Walls and ceiling can be pasted over with the remains of wall-paper or painted with water paint, and floors can be covered with carpets from pieces of fur. The final stage is the arrangement of furniture, which can be bought or made with one's own hand, but this is a separate issue.

In fact, making a house for Barbie with your own hands is not so difficult, the main thing is to turn on your imagination and listen to a little adviser who will tell you exactly what and how it should look.


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