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The market for set-top boxes, or in other words receivers, of the DVB-T2 standard is rich in variety and is toughly divided between competing brands. In the budget sector, VVK, Oriel and other gadgets from China host, while the middle and premium class are held by the Europeans - World Vision, Opticum and others, differing from the first group in marketing moves and the quality of model execution.

Diversity is good, but for many consumers far from this topic, a similar situation makes one puzzle over the question: “Which DVB-T2 receiver is better to choose?”. Ratings and customer reviews in this case are the most faithful helpers.

So, we present to your attention the rating of the best DVB-T2 receivers, which includes the most popular models, distinguished by good performance and a lot of positive feedback from the owners. All the devices described below can be purchased both in specialized stores and ordered online.

Rating of receivers for digital television DVB-T2:

  1. Opticum 4K HD51.
  2. Galaxy Innovations Uni.
  3. World Vision Premium.
  4. D-Color DC1301HD.
  5. BBK SMP240HDT2.
  6. Oriel 202.
  7. Oriel 120.
  8. BBK SMP123HDT2.

Consider each model in more detail.

Opticum 4K HD51

A good half of thematic online magazines in their TOP 10 DVB-T2 receivers give this console the first place. The gadget fully justifies its high cost, and this is almost 15,000 rubles.

Opticum 4K HD51 receiver

The model took first place in our rating of DVB-T2 digital television receivers due to its versatility and versatility. If desired, this prefix can be easily turned into a media combine. Sophisticated design and an abundance of interfaces allow you to connect an impressive list of peripherals: independent tuners, hard drives, streaming equipment, etc.

Moreover, all this can be organized both through a twisted flexible pair, and using wireless Wi-Fi protocols. By the way, in the ratings of DVB-T2 receivers with a WiFi module, the model also confidently holds in first place.

The manufacturer positions the set-top box as a tool for receiving satellite TV signals. But the DVB-T2 module that comes with the kit also allows you to confidently work with the broadcast channels of digital TV. Moreover, the gadget fully supports broadcasting in UHD format.

Features of the console

The model is included in the rating of DVB-T2 DVB C receivers also because it is able to organize viewing of paid content without unnecessary hassle. The manufacturer has provided two options for such cases: a Cl + slot for conditional access and a card reader for direct access. As for other signals, the DVB-S / S2 / S2X selector, also included, provides high-quality reception.

Owners speak extremely warmly about the model and its capabilities, believing that it is not in vain that it takes first places in the ratings of DVB-T2 digital receivers. The prefix is ​​universal, multi-functional and has an attractive exterior, which does not harm the aesthetic tandem with a TV. The only thing some consumers sometimes complain about is the complexity of the setup. Yes, we have before us not a simple Oriel, but a real media combine. So with the instructions you have to sit for more than one hour, well, or invite a telemaster.

Advantages of the model:

  • convenient and practical modular design;
  • powerful set of chipsets;
  • support for all modern TV standards and formats;
  • excellent build quality;
  • attractive design;
  • Responsive online tech support.


  • some have serious initial setup issues;
  • high price for Russia due to export duties.

Galaxy Innovations Uni

The second place in our rating of digital receivers DVB-T2 is occupied by a gadget from a respected manufacturer in Europe that is quite popular among our compatriots. The model does not differ in a large number of reviews, but they are all written in a positive way. The cost of the console is fully consistent with its technical data - 3300 rubles.

Galaxy Innovations Uni receiver

The device copes with the processing of all modern standards, being a full-fledged digital broadcast receiver DVB-T2. The gadget is also included in the rating due to its high speed and advanced functionality.

Judging by the reviews, the owners were especially pleased with the player. It plays almost any video content. And if budget receivers can stumble even on popular formats like MKV, then this model has no such problems.

Features of the console

The presence of a Wi-Fi module and a network card allows you to watch streaming video from YouTube. Judging by the reviews, the videos in the quality of 720p go without any slowdowns and lags. Pleased with the owners and the abundance of interfaces that allow you to connect a pretty impressive list of peripherals.

The model from our top of DVB-T2 receivers runs on the Android platform version 4.x. A very good processor of the Amlogic S805 series at 1.5 GHz is responsible for data processing. The graphic part deals with the Mali-450MP video accelerator. One gigabyte of RAM is enough not only for the hassle-free operation of the interface, but also for launching simple gaming applications.

Advantages of the model:

  • stable reception of a signal according to the DVB-T2 standard;
  • output picture in 720p quality;
  • the player reads all popular formats;
  • the ability to watch videos from the Internet;
  • an abundance of interfaces for connecting peripherals;
  • high-quality and long HDMI cable included;
  • Android platform
  • universal, and at the same time nice appearance.


  • Not all preinstalled applications work as they should;
  • functional management only with the remote control (infrared port).

World vision premium

In third place in our ranking of DVB-T2 TV receivers is a relatively inexpensive and versatile gadget. The model can work with both digital and cable signals. Moreover, both options are implemented equally well.

World Vision Premium receiver

The owners, judging by the reviews, were especially pleased with the ease of setup. Usually, in universal devices, the interface is very confusing, but in this case everything is intuitive and you do not need to spend hours studying the manuals. Many were also pleased with the cost of the gadget - about 1,500 rubles.

The model is included in our rating of DVB-T2 receivers also because it perfectly catches a digital signal. The owners note that even with a simple antenna and a remote base, the output is a pretty decent picture. In addition, the device has a Wi-Fi module, significantly expanding the capabilities of the console.

The set of web tools, although limited, is still quite worthy: the YouTube service, RSS feeds, Web TV and weather forecasts. Judging by the reviews, most owners of YouTube access alone are enough. It is also possible to record video content on external drives - a USB flash drive or hard drive. In this case, the device is overloaded and slight slowdowns may begin.

Advantages of the model:

  • decent quality of digital signal reception;
  • a pair of full-fledged tuners of various formats;
  • output picture in 720p quality;
  • metal case and generally high-quality assembly;
  • stylish appearance;
  • more than adequate cost for such characteristics.

No flaws identified.

D-Color DC1301HD

In fourth place in our ranking of DVB-T2 receivers is a model from D-Color, a well-known company in Russia. The device is quite designed exclusively for viewing digital channels. But the low cost of the gadget - 1300 rubles - and does not imply universality.

receiver D-Color DC1301HD

Judging by the reviews of the owners, the console’s reception is confident and stable, and support for content as 720p is fully implemented, not scaling. The model is good for many, but some consumers often complain about the finicky remote control. It does not always work stably.

It is also possible to record streaming video, but the implementation was not the most successful. The output most often is content with jerks and slowdowns. But the device got into our rating of DVB-T2 receivers primarily due to high-quality signal reception, 720p resolution and excellent assembly.

Advantages of the model:

  • good and stable signal reception;
  • work with images in 720p quality;
  • the presence of digital radio;
  • intuitive interface with a large and bright display;
  • ease of setup;
  • the ability to switch channels and adjust the sound on the panel.


  • poor implementation of the USB recorder;
  • unstable operation of the control panel.


The fifth place in our rating of DVB-T2 receivers is occupied by the prefix extremely popular among compatriots from the well-known manufacturer of VVK. The model offers its owner a full-fledged picture in 720p resolution without any scaling, as well as the ability to play video content from an external medium in a 1080p scan.

BBK receiver SMP240HDT2

Judging by the reviews, the prefix pleased many users not only with its affordable cost (1200 rubles), but also with the presence of the AC3 codec. This means that the receiver is able to read most popular video formats and, unlike other budget models, there is no need to pre-transcode the file using third-party utilities.

The design of the console can be called at least pretty. There is also some kind of ergonomics: an understandable display with large numbers, buttons on the front panel for switching channels and a USB interface is also located in front, and not behind.

Judging by the reviews, the owners make no complaints about the quality of the reception. Some complain about the tiny and plus to everything finicky remote control, which requires a good aim. There are no complaints about the assembly and quality of materials. The case is steel and can withstand falls from a small height.

Advantages of the model:

  • good and stable signal reception;
  • work with images in 720p quality;
  • firmware with AC3 codec;
  • metal case;
  • USB interface and front panel channel change buttons.


  • finicky control panel;
  • easily soiled front panel.

Oriel 202

In our ranking of DVB-T2 receivers, the Oriel 202 Series is in sixth place. The model is simple, but at the same time inexpensive - about 1000 rubles. The manufacturer, although it claims to support 720p quality, is pure scaling.

receiver Oriel 202

Judging by the reviews of the owners, the device is usually bought at the cottage, or for a second small TV somewhere in the bedroom or in the kitchen. That is, the mediocre quality of the output image is leveled by a small screen diagonal.

The prefix confidently holds the signal and has adequately shown itself to be paired with small antennas. As such, no configuration is required here. The factory firmware has all the necessary presets, and in most cases it is enough to simply connect the device to the TV, and he will do the rest. Judging by the reviews, many buy this model for their grandfathers and grandmothers due to such simplicity.

The remote control works surprisingly well and, with enviable constancy, steadily switches channels in almost any position of the infrared port relative to the base. The player, alas, does not support the AC3 codec, so you have to pre-decode the content on the PC into the appropriate format.

The case of the console is quite strong, and the appearance of many seemed very attractive. Some owners complain that the prefix heats up during prolonged use, but this does not affect its work or the integrity of the structure.

Advantages of the model:

  • good reception even with a simple antenna;
  • intuitive controls without the need for fine tuning;
  • compact sizes;
  • nice appearance;
  • low cost.


  • no AC3 codec;
  • 720p scaling

Oriel 120

Another representative of the budget Oriel receivers of the 120 series. The model offers its owner stable signal reception even with the cheapest antenna, a metal case and a convenient menu that any newcomer will understand.

Oriel 120 receiver

Judging by the reviews of the owners, there is no need to dig into the interface and delve into the settings. It is enough to follow several steps specified in the instruction manual, and more you do not need to approach the receiver.

As in the previous case, scaling is implemented here, not 720p. So for TVs with a large diagonal, this option is not suitable. The prefix has found its application in cottages, in bedrooms, and in kitchens.

Judging by the reviews, the remote control is very responsive, and you do not have to find the optimal position for switching channels. The latter change rather slowly with a pause of a couple of seconds.

Like other budget models, it lacks support for the AC3 codec. Therefore, before viewing video content from an external medium, you will have to decode the files on a personal computer. But all the available disadvantages of the receiver are compensated by its low cost - about 900 rubles.

Advantages of the model:

  • reliable signal reception even with cheap antennas;
  • metal case;
  • intuitive setup;
  • all controls on the front panel;
  • attractive contrasting design (gray / black);
  • low cost.


  • explicit delay when switching channels;
  • no AC3 codec support;


In the last place of our rating is the most affordable prefix in terms of cost - about 800 rubles. Despite the low price, the quality and efficiency of the model is at a decent level. The receiver stably holds the signal, even if it is paired with a cheap antenna.

BBK receiver SMP123HDT2

Also, many users, judging by the reviews, liked the simple and uncomplicated interface of the device. Even a beginner will understand the settings. All the main functionality is located on the remote control. They have to aim, but it works at a decent distance from the console.

The receiver can be connected to a TV via an HDMI interface or through a composite output. That in the first, that in the second case, the quality, judging by the reviews, is the same. The model also works with external media. But like other budget devices, many video files have to be transcoded on a personal computer. The only thing that the player normally reproduces is the classic AVI format.

The output image is quite decent, but, of course, does not reach the full 720p. Scaling is implemented more or less tolerably, but on TVs with a large diagonal “soap” is still visible.

Advantages of the model:

  • stable signal reception;
  • intuitive controls;
  • compact sizes;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • digital radio;
  • attractive price tag.


  • does not support most video formats;
  • delays when switching channels.

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