How to make a house for Barbie do it yourself

All girls dream of having their own castle, albeit small and fake, but it will be possible to put their favorite doll there. Indulge your princess - make chic doll apartments with your own hands. Before thinking about how to make a house for Barbie, talk with the baby, find out how she sees it. Perhaps your child will be satisfied with a shelf in the cupboard equipped for these purposes or a large cardboard box, or maybe she dreams of a huge half-room palace? Whatever she wants, do not worry - our article will help you figure out how to make a house for Barbie with your own hands. So let's get started!

How to make a house for Barbie. Walling

how to make a house for barbie

For these purposes, extruded polystyrene foam is best suited. From it you can easily cut the walls of the desired size, window and doorways.

how to make a house for Barbie do it yourself
At the same time, it is strong enough to withstand a 3-4-story structure. Also, this material is suitable for the roof of the future house. If you want to make a less monolithic design, you can use cardboard boxes from under the shoes.

So, if you still decide to dwell on the first version of the material, then you will need sheets of expanded polystyrene measuring 120x60 and 2 cm thick. This will be more than enough for a 3-4-story house. If your daughter’s doll is arranged in two-story apartments, then you can take a centimeter-thick material. In order to securely fasten the walls into a single structure, you will need toothpicks and reliable glue (special polystyrene foam is best suited).

Now we proceed to a direct analysis of the question of how to make a house for Barbie. Create blanks for walls, floors and ceilings from the selected material, cut windows and doors in the right places. Now fasten the walls between themselves with toothpicks and glue as follows: glue with glue, stick half of the toothpicks in half, the second half of them are on another sheet. Assemble the whole house in this way. Having formed the frame, you can figure out how to make a house for Barbie, but that's not all.

Finishing work

So, the strong structure is built, but how to make the house for Barbie cozy? It is very important to show your imagination, no one limits you.

how to make barbie shoes
Glue multi-colored wallpapers on the walls, and throw mats that match the style of each room onto the floor, put LED lighting in the house so that it isn’t dark to play in the evening, sew small curtains on the windows, and arrange the furniture.


From the same material as the construction of the house, you can build a roof. Do everything so that it is beautiful, functional and comfortable, just like in a real house.

Now you have learned how to make a house for Barbie yourself and without much difficulty. Be sure that playing with your favorite doll in this beautiful house will bring your baby a lot of joy and pleasure! If you liked making a dollhouse, try to experiment with furniture, clothes and shoes. Be sure to recruit your daughter as an assistant. She will be very interested to learn how to make shoes for Barbie.


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