Masha Kriyate - the best video blogger who knows all the subtleties of manicure

Surely those who are far from manicure, the pseudonym Masha Kriyate will say something. In fact, the girl is quite popular. She has her own channel on YouTube. Creates videos in which he talks in detail about the intricacies of manicure. The plus is that Maria immediately demonstrates examples of work on her nails. What is the secret to the success of the young beauty, we will talk in the article.

Masha Krieit

What is the girl famous for

It seems that Masha Kriyat knows everything about the intricacies of manicure. In 2015, videos appeared on the Web in which the girl told in detail and showed what can be done to make her nails look beautiful and neat. Correctly delivered speech, good looks, detailed master class - all this became the reason for the girl’s success. At the moment, thousands of users are subscribed to her channel, millions of views make her rating huge.

It is worth noting the ability to work Masha. Rollers come out with enviable regularity. At the same time, high quality video is maintained. The girl does all the work on her own nails right on the air.

The painting on the nails succeeds Mary especially well. I immediately want to take a varnish and try to repeat the drawing. The girl’s video lessons are very popular not only among ordinary housewives, but also nail professionals.

It is not known where the girl draws information from, but the videos are filled with the smallest details and details. This is especially important for those who are just starting to learn the nuances of manicure. In addition, Masha Kriyate has its own page in social networks. There she willingly answers questions of interest, listens to criticism and praise.

Despite the enormous employment, the girl is always ready to help in matters related to manicure. This is noted by many subscribers and fans of Mary.

Masha Krieyt nails


What needs to be done to have a beautiful manicure without leaving your home? Perhaps the lessons that Masha Kriyat gives you will come in handy. Nails after her videos will be neat, fashionable and beautiful. Of course, this will not happen on its own. It is necessary to make efforts and fulfill all the recommendations of the girl.

Many ask what is the secret of Mary's popularity.

  1. The girl has a nice appearance. The tall blonde was immediately able to win over subscribers. Perfect makeup, hairstyle, neatness Masha immediately catches the eye. Such a person wants to believe infinitely.

  2. Properly delivered speech. The girl speaks without errors and reservations.

  3. Extensive work experience. Masha in detail, we can say, thoroughly describes the ongoing processes. In addition, it demonstrates step-by-step instructions on your nails.

  4. Quality video. No matter how often the videos come out, they are all done professionally, there are no problems with sound, image, or editing.

All these components led the girl to success and millions of subscribers.

Own line of gel polishes

The painting on the nails is Masha’s horse. She performs drawings so adroitly that sometimes she’s even breathtaking, it seems that the brush draws itself. The girl combines different colors and shades in the patterns.

Recently, news appeared that FOX, together with Maria, released a limited series of gel polishes. The girl worked independently and developed shades. Among them:

  • Pinkish-lilac - the most romantic and calm tone.

  • Bluish-lilac - one of the most fashionable shades of this summer season.

  • Purple is a color that is always in fashion.

  • Cherry perfectly distinguishes nails, is suitable for absolutely any girl.

  • Silver sparkles.

These varnishes can be purchased at any cosmetics store.

painting on nails

Popular video tutorials

On the YouTube channel, there are many videos in which the girl describes step by step how to properly make this or that nail design. In her works, Maria suggests using stickers, rhinestones, feathers and other decorative elements. They look on the nails quite expensive and beautiful.

Many people ask which video tutorial is the most popular. It is called "Masha Kriyate: French gradient Baby Boomer." In this story, the girl tells in detail how to make an ombre on her nails. Everything is quite simple and easy, and the result is amazing.

Masha Creight French

Masha Kriyate is a famous video blogger. Her main task is to explain how to properly make this or that type of manicure. On the YouTube channel, it is quite popular, has many subscribers.


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