Coffee on an empty stomach: the harm of coffee, its effect on the human body, stomach irritation, the rules and features of breakfast

Who is a coffee lover? You will probably think that this is the one who loves coffee very much. But this is not the right answer. Almost everyone loves coffee, whether instant or ground. This does not mean that all people are coffee lovers? Of course not. A real coffee lover is someone who cannot imagine a morning without a mug of hot invigorating coffee. And we are not talking about cheap instant drinks. As a rule, a true coffee lover prefers only a natural product, roasted grains, special varieties.

Morning coffee

But is it good to drink coffee on an empty stomach? There are many opinions on this subject. Anyone who is used to the morning cup of this drink will most likely reject its negative effect on the body, because it has become a habit, and he does not want to change anything in his life. Agree, it does not make sense to be guided by such an opinion, you need something neutral.

In this article, we will consider several facts related to the use of coffee on an empty stomach, we will take an interest in the opinion of scientists and, based on their arguments, we will find out the benefits and harms of this drink.

Fasting coffee: is it possible or not?

In short, the answer is β€œYes.” But only if this happens sporadically, for example 2-3 times a month. Yes, drinking coffee does not harm the body. In addition, if you use various additives, such as milk, cream or chocolate, such coffee will have a positive effect.

Is it possible to drink coffee in the morning

But if drinking coffee on an empty stomach has become a daily habit, then you should think about replacing such a drink with a more healthy one. Otherwise, the effect of coffee on the human body will be so harmful that it can cause side effects and serious illnesses, which we will talk about later.

The consequences of fasting coffee

As a rule, caffeine has a powerful effect on the body. It contributes to irritation of the nervous and digestive systems, causes bloating, heartburn, abdominal pain, etc. But besides caffeine, the human body is strongly affected by chlorogenic acids, which can even be found in decaffeinated coffee. They irritate the walls of the stomach, causing acidity. That is, the stomach begins to digest food, but the problem is that there is no food there.

coffee before breakfast

After a few weeks, you will be able to feel the consequences of such a breakfast: nausea, heartburn. And after a certain period of time, gastritis can occur, then an ulcer and, ultimately, oncology (in rare cases).

Also, in addition to serious illnesses, physical attachment can occur. What it is? When a person wakes up, his hormonal background changes immediately, thereby secreting cortisol (hormone). It is cortisol that is responsible for the responsiveness and vivacity in the morning. If you constantly drink coffee on an empty stomach, the body will quickly get used to such third-party stimulation and cease to secrete this hormone. As a result, a person will not be able to wake up normally without strong coffee.

The harm of regular and the benefits of episodic use

As we have already found out, coffee on an empty stomach is the cause of many diseases: there are problems with the nervous and digestive systems, the hormonal background is disturbed, addiction occurs, etc. But such consequences are the result of regular use. And what about episodic?

The occasional use of coffee not only does not harm your health, but also benefits him. A mug of hot coffee in the morning helps to relieve stress, help you gather your thoughts, concentrate and cheer up well. For example, in the morning you planned to do a lot of things (prepare reports, check an article, calculate costs) or organize an important meeting. A mug of invigorating strong coffee will help you realize all your plans. But so that he does not cause harm to the body, you should still have a little snack, give an opportunity to work on the already accumulated gastric juice. It is also recommended to drink a mug of water after coffee, or even two.

What kind of coffee on an empty stomach is good to drink?

Many people drink fasting coffee in order to lose weight, as this product has fat-burning properties. But it is imperative that its grains are not fried. Coffee should be consumed in green. If you drink a mug of green coffee 10-15 minutes before a meal, the process of burning fat will start. But you need to do this only if after 15 minutes you start to have breakfast.

the whole truth about coffee

Can I drink coffee on an empty stomach with milk or cream? As mentioned above, if your goal is to lose weight and after 10-15 minutes you will have breakfast, you can safely drink it. And such additives as milk or cream will only help reduce the possible harm from this drink.

As for instant coffee, it is best never to drink it on an empty stomach, even if you will have breakfast after that. Such a product contains a large number of chemical components (emulsifiers, preservatives, flavor enhancer, etc.) that have a negative effect on the human body. Even if you want to dilute it with dairy products, it still will not save you, since the proportion of coffee in such mixtures is not more than 20%, and everything else is additives.

Consumption time

If you are not an enemy of your health, then it is better to drink coffee after a hearty breakfast. Some nutritionists have determined the time when drinking coffee is most beneficial for the body:

  • in the morning from 10:00 to 11:00;
  • at lunch from 12:00 to 13:00;
  • in the evening from 17:00 to 18:00.

If you decide to drink a dairy product, then it is better to refuse instant coffee, which only harms the body, especially on an empty stomach. In order to be energized, you can drink a glass of purified water in the morning.

What do we know about coffee

Everyone is familiar with the fact that coffee can increase pressure. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to use for people suffering from hypertension.

harm from morning coffee

Below are the opinions of some scientists who will help us understand in more detail the effect of this drink on the body:

  • Employees at Harvard University conclude that daily coffee consumption in moderation by 8% reduces the risk of diabetes.
  • At the same university, studies have been conducted that show that 2-3 cups of an invigorating drink per day by 26% reduce the risk of kidney stones.
  • Italian researchers claim that consuming 2 cups per day reduces the risk of asthma in adults.

As you can see, many scientists say that you can drink coffee on an empty stomach, but only in moderation and 10-15 minutes before eating.


If you have gastritis or another disease in which coffee is categorically contraindicated, then you should not worry too much. There is a good substitute for coffee. And what's more, everyone can choose a drink that they like best.

Those who were forbidden by doctors to drink coffee switched to a morning cup of cocoa. This, of course, is not coffee, but you still get a certain rush of energy in the morning. In addition to cocoa, many prefer natural barley drinks with various beneficial additives or also a natural product from chicory.


How do you answer now: is it possible to coffee on an empty stomach? In general, you can. If you have no contraindications and if this is an episodic use, then it will not bring harm. But before you become a coffee lover, do not drink this drink too often. The daily norm is 2 circles, so you do not need to exceed the permissible norm.

Can I drink coffee on an empty stomach

Can coffee on an empty stomach or not, you decide. If you care about your health, then drink this drink 10-15 minutes before eating, and then you will not only get an invigorating effect, but also do not harm the body.


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