Tarot of Divine Heritage: Divination and Prediction, Features

Tarot cards have been used for divination and ritualism for centuries. The first mention of similar decks has been found since the XV century, however, researchers prescribe the Tarot of an earlier origin.

To this day, people are fascinated by the secrets that hide these cards. Esotericists, psychologists and just lovers learn Tarot day after day. Today it is especially exciting, because many artists from all over the world shared their vision of this system by drawing their own decks.

One of such unconventional decks will be discussed in this article. The Tarot of Divine Heritage, authored by Ciro Marchetti, will charm you and invite you into the world of its colorful symbolism.

Variety of Tarot Decks

For a long time, only traditional decks were used, which include the Marseille Tarot and the Ryder-Waite Tarot. Now, in the era of rapid communication, we can see how the number of decks available for divination is multiplying. Some of them are symbolic, others are built on secondary esoteric schools, others are improvisation artists.

tarot of divine heritage

Among this colorful, boundless sea of ​​options, it is easy for a beginner to get lost. Which deck to choose? How to do it? How to understand that the cards will not lie, even before the purchase?

The choice of the Tarot deck is one of the most difficult, but also the most interesting stages in the formation of the tarologist. More experienced craftsmen can have several decks for each type of question: for money, for health, for love, and so on. A beginner does not need more than one or two decks, so as not to get lost in the many values ​​of the cards.

How to choose the perfect deck?

There are several criteria by which you can find your perfect Tarot deck:

  1. If the deck completely suits you, then you should buy it without hesitation. This is extremely rare, and, as the experience of many tarologists says, such a deck will serve you faithfully. If you don’t have the opportunity to purchase a here and now deck, then at least rewrite its name to buy later.
  2. The deck should be close to you in spirit. If you guess fortune on the Tarot and at the same time become a melancholy, then an energetic connection will not form between you and the cards. Roughly speaking, your layouts will be true, but you can only read them with the help of Tarot values.
  3. If you can’t view the maps, find the images of the 21st Arcana, World. Tarologists say that it is from this image that you can understand whether your cooperation with cards will be fruitful.
  4. You should like not only the front side of the deck, but also the shirt. Now many printers publish Tarot, and with due diligence, you can find the same cards, but with a different shirt.
the presence in the tarot store of divine heritage

Tarot of Divine Heritage

Many tarologists who have already worked with this deck note that cards prefer to answer really important questions. When using this deck to solve minor problems, the cards begin to lie and "junk", work poorly and, as a result, completely "turn off". In fact, you still have a dead deck in your hands, which will be nothing more than a bunch of beautiful pictures.

divine heritage tarot cards

The Divine Heritage Tarot will not tell you about lost love or what your neighbor thinks about you. It is created for more than determining the time to a second or fortune-telling on a narrowed one.

What questions will the cards answer?

As you can already understand, the Tarot is complex, so to speak about cards. You will not be able to read them on love topics and will not receive an answer to minor questions from the point of view of your life. If you have this deck in your hands, then it is time to think more broadly.

Do not torture yourself or the card. The Divine Heritage Tarot will be happy to answer you in such cases:

  • If you need advice about a choice that can change your whole life.
  • You want to do a global analysis of your life, year or month.
  • It is necessary to predict possible changes in the world. This may apply to both finance and politics with natural disasters.
  • Would you like to know what led you into the current situation, to find the origins of the problem.
  • An accurate characterization of a person who can change your life is needed.
  • We need an answer to any other question that is of great importance to you or is capable of influencing the course of events.
tarot divine heritage interpretation

Despite their willingness to answer, these cards do not like the topic of money. They will tell you with much greater zeal about the spiritual side of life, rather than the material.

Map gallery

The described deck is created using computer technology. You will not find the softness of watercolors or heavy oil strokes on these maps. The cards are modern and stylish.

The Tarot Gallery of Divine Heritage will delight lovers of 3D images. Ciro Marchetti created 78 high-quality images that can be viewed for hours. Each new fortune-telling session you will open something in these cards and be surprised at them.

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Cards do not have clear boundaries on the front side, which creates the effect of the presence of characters. A detailed study fills each image with life, and you can even imagine the story of those whom Ciro Marchetti captured in his deck.

It should be borne in mind that, despite the abundance of color, the deck is still rather gloomy. This may not affect the accuracy of your predictions too well, so be careful.

About the Creator of the Divine Heritage Tarot

Ciro Marchetti was born in Italy, but he did not happen to live in this sunny country. His parents literally a few years after the birth of the future artist were forced to move to England.

There he graduated from the College of Art and Design and gained his first fame. In the future, the artist became famous not only in the Foggy Albion, but also in Europe, and later in the States. In the United States, Ciro opened a design studio.

Marchetti regularly lectures on digital design, despite the fact that the artist is known mainly due to his Tarot cards. Not only the Divine Heritage Tarot came out from under his hand, but also the sensational Gilded Tarot, as well as the Dream Tarot and several other decks.

Map Interpretation Specifics

The interpretation of the Tarot of the Divine Heritage can be extremely challenging. The fact is that in this deck there are a lot of close figures and persons without an image of an additional plot. When decoding the messages, you will have to rely on the expression of the emotions of the drawn characters and on their slightest actions.

The general gloominess of the deck can put pressure on the tarologist and force him to make more negative predictions than the cards say. If you are influenced by cards, then it is better to choose a more positive deck, for example, the Tarot of Happiness.

The Divine Heritage Tarot is not for beginners. If you are just starting your journey into the world of predictions, then it is better to opt for more understandable decks. In the event that the traditional Marseille Tarot or Ryder-Waite Tarot seems too simple to you, get a deck created on the basis of these two.

tarot divine heritage gallery

Even experienced tarologists may need help interpreting the Divine Heritage Tarot cards. In this case, you can seek help from other holders of this deck or purchase the book of Ciro Marchetti, written specifically for these cards. If you are going to work tightly and for a long time with this deck, then you will almost certainly need this book.

Decks Tarologs Reviews

How many masters worked with this deck - so many reviews about it. For some, the Divine Heritage Tarot became a great friend, while the cards did not want to have anything in common with others.

To someone they answer absolutely any question, forgetting about their own arrogance, to someone they are brushing their teeth about the most global cataclysms. In the case of working with these cards, everything is so individual that you can not rely on other people's reviews. The Tarot of Divine Heritage can become a mentor for you, or it can turn into empty pictures in your hands without a drop of life.

The only way to find out if the cards will work is to buy them and make a few hands.

Where can I buy tarot?

Unfortunately, the presence of Divine Heritage in Tarot stores can be considered a real miracle. This deck is quite specific, and basically not suitable for beginners, who are the main buyers in esoteric shops.

tarot of divine heritage

It is worth paying attention to online resources. It is in online stores that you can choose your deck and optimal delivery conditions. And also pick up the cheapest. On average, a deck of cards costs from 1,500 to 2,500 rubles.

Just one warning: poor-quality printing can reduce all the pleasure of creating layouts to nothing. Do not be stingy and get a deck of average cost from responsible sellers.

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