What are the sites on the modern Internet: an overview

The Internet is simply teeming with a variety of information, and all of it is contained on the pages of websites. They are a kind of "container" for elements united by a certain theme and design - texts, pictures and graphics, video materials and other things. Depending on the purpose and orientation of the sites can be divided into categories. Currently, there is no generally accepted classification of web resources, but their main types can be distinguished. So what are the sites on the virtual network? This article will answer this question.

what are the sites

Types of sites: classification

Each web resource has its own purpose on the network, otherwise it would not be created. Goals can be of a different nature - commercial interest, search and dissemination of information, knowledge sharing, dating, communication, etc. Let's see what sites are based on their information content.

Corporate Resource

It combines information about a specific company or brand. Depending on the purpose of creation, such a site can be image or informational. The first is aimed at an external audience and contains information about the organization itself, its history, the services or goods provided. This site usually has a news feed, information about promotions, information for partners and the press. Here you can often find a product catalog, if any.

main types of sites

The second is necessary for internal optimization of workflow processes, accounting for important company indicators. It may contain communication tools between remote branches. As a rule, an information panel has a built-in administrative panel for managing content, updating news, reference and other articles.

Business Card Site

As a rule, this resource consists of several pages containing a certain kind of information about the company. You can highlight specific types of materials for a site of this nature. This is information about the enterprise, information about products and services, price lists, contacts. Almost every company has such sites today, they represent an organization on the network and are extremely important for business.

Personal or copyright blog

In the past few years, this type of site has become especially widespread. Usually the author of such a resource is one person (less often - several) who publishes information on a topic of interest to him. An author’s blog assumes a large circle of readers (as opposed to a diary) and the ability to communicate both with each other and with the creator of the site. The author can share with the audience both his observations and third-party materials that seemed interesting to him. There are no rules for maintaining or designing a blog - everyone implements it on the basis of personal tastes and views.


This resource contains a large amount of information, as it combines various types of sites on the Internet and various services into a common system. Moreover, it can be both thematic (for example, devoted to cooking, music or politics), and public, designed for a wide audience (news services, communities, etc.).

types of sites on the Internet

Video, audio archives and services

What are some sites containing materials in audio or video format? The most popular services today are Youtube, RuTube, Vimeo, Ivi, Stream, etc. Here you can find both official and recorded videos by users themselves, movies, music files.

Social network

These sites are intended primarily for communication. They unite users from different cities and even countries (Facebook, VKontakte, etc.). In addition to exchanging messages and photos, you can spend time here with interest and benefit. A huge number of groups devoted to a wide variety of topics, applications and games, articles, music, videos, including films ... Today, a social network is a whole world transferred to virtual reality.

Online store

This is an online site promoting and selling products over the Internet. Today, e-commerce is more popular than ever, and the turnover of online commerce is increasing every year. In this regard, the need to create such resources is high. On the website of the online store, visitors can select a product, order it, make a payment and receive an order confirmation. All this is implemented by embedded resource services.

Promotional site

Typically, such a resource is an additional one at the company and is created specifically for the promotion of a product, service, or promotion. As a rule, it is optimized for search engines in order to attract a huge number of visitors and, consequently, to get more income. Using such sites, one specific product or a whole product group can be promoted.

Forum site

types of materials for the site

Another very popular type of site today. At the same time, it can be both the main resource and the section of the main site. It is intended for communication of visitors, exchange of opinions and advice, discussion of some topics. The site forum is important from the point of view of increasing the attendance of the resource, and the topics it opens can be used as news announcements and for mailing.

Search engines

All the listed main types of sites, as well as many other resources and services can be found on the Internet using search engines. Every user of the network is well aware of their existence, and the most popular are constantly heard.


In the article, we examined what sites in a modern virtual network are, what they are. As you can see, the Internet contains a huge number of diverse resources that are both entertaining in nature, and informational, commercial orientation.

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