How to change beyond recognition externally and internally in a week, a month?

Being yourself, looking and dressing the way you like, setting your own rules in life - what could be better? But sometimes it happens that a person just needs to urgently change himself and his preferences, and radically. How to change beyond recognition? Why does this need arise? We will talk about this in detail below.

How to change beyond recognition

The reasons for the desire to change yourself

There can be a lot of reasons for change, because, as you know, how many people - so many opinions. The following reasons most often push people to experiment on themselves:

  1. Love. Especially the first, teenage love, or a keen feeling, attraction to the opposite sex. For the first time in all the years of his life, a person can wake up with the thought: โ€œI want to change beyond recognition, so that my beloved (my beloved) can love me.โ€
  2. Low self-esteem. When a person understands that in the current state of affairs, how he looks and treats people, he cannot achieve anything in life, he decides to make drastic changes.
  3. The desire to become more popular, to attract attention. Self-centered natures are very prone to frequent changes. Of course, they love themselves, but the shell, the appearance in which they are, they are constantly not satisfied.
  4. Self-development. A healthy desire to change something in your life arises in yourself due to ordinary human curiosity. We all love to learn something new and bring it to our everyday lives.

In addition, there are psychological factors that drive a person to change. Various stressful situations, conflicts and setbacks can cause a desire to change. The new image of the subconscious will be perceived as protection from the negative associated with the past.

External changes for men

How to change outwardly beyond recognition

Representatives of a strong half of humanity change outwardly quite difficult without the help of a specialist. Below we consider several ways how to change outwardly beyond recognition, suitable for men:

  • Actively go in for sports. This is a great opportunity to change not only lifestyle, but also appearance. Perhaps many men dream of a beautiful, sculpted body. But to achieve such results without physical exertion is unrealistic.
  • Change the image. Cut off the grown beard, mustache or, conversely, grow back. This greatly changes facial features. Try to change the color of the eyes with colored lenses, radically change your wardrobe.
  • Learn to communicate correctly and competently with the opposite sex. Women love with their ears, which means that in order to get the object of passion in your networks, you need to change the way you communicate.
  • Accept yourself as you are. Consent with one's own โ€œIโ€ accelerates the process of both internal and external transformation. When deciding on a change, be sure to coordinate this issue with yourself, analyzing in detail why and why you are doing this.

Of course, men have fewer options for change. And the most cardinal method is plastic surgery. But is it worth resorting to such measures?

Ways of external change for women

How to change a girl beyond recognition

It is enough for a lady to visit a beauty salon, as she is unimaginably transformed. How to change an unrecognizable girl? It is enough to follow simple recommendations:

  • Change of wardrobe. A change in the image should be made taking into account the features of the figure. For example, if you have short and full legs, then replacing a maxi skirt with a mini one is not advisable. To get started, decide which style suits you best. If earlier you preferred strict, classic clothes, then for cardinal changes you can try sports or urban style.
  • Change hairstyles. Changing the shape and color of the hair allows you to transform literally in 1.5-2 hours. Were you a blonde with long hair? Become a burning short-haired brunette! However, it is worth remembering that frequent hair coloring can lead to hair loss.
  • The use of makeup. How to change beyond recognition? Apply makeup. Properly applied funds can make a person completely different.
  • Weight loss. Want a dramatic change? Start with your weight. It is completely optional to go on a rigid diet and exhaust yourself with hunger strikes. It is enough to determine for yourself the number of kilograms that you need to get rid of.

And these are far from all ways of changing beyond recognition. Ladies are more inventive in this regard, they can radically change themselves in 1 day, week or month, and without the intervention of specialists.

General recommendations

All changes begin with internal changes. Be sure to discuss with you every item that you want to apply to yourself. Representatives of both sexes, before starting to change, should think, and why is all this necessary? If you want to do this for someone or for someone, then ask yourself, will this person be with you after all the changes? Will you become more successful, more beautiful and more popular? Do not dramatically change everything in your life because of a fleeting desire - reincarnation should be gradual and deliberate.

Unrecognizable internally

How to change beyond recognition internally? Start with small steps that will gradually change your image, pace of life, as well as character.


Decide what you want the most. Create a specific wish list, highlight the most desired. No need to waste yourself on the implementation of everyday, everyday plans, for example, such as buying a new washing machine or stove. Think about the last time you relaxed, relaxed, spent time with your family? Start with a vacation, with lunch and walks with your family. Lonely people are suitable for communicating with friends and parents, making new acquaintances.

Plan your day correctly. Make a list of the most important tasks for today and cross out the items as you complete them - a visual representation helps the subconscious mind to understand that the task has been completed, which means that thoughts about it are no longer relevant.

Learn what you always dreamed of

I want to change beyond recognition

We learn all our life, constantly learning something new. But we do not always have the opportunity to obtain the knowledge that is necessary to realize the hidden potential. Learn a foreign language, take lessons in playing the guitar, piano, try yourself as a singer or designer. Any new role will allow you to open and change in a short time.

Is it realistic to change beyond recognition in a month due to new skills and knowledge? It all depends on your desire for change, as well as the type of activity that you decide to master. The more complex it is, the longer the learning and change process will be.

New emotions - new "I"

Travel as often as possible, and not necessarily to foreign countries. Visit every little corner of the homeland - an influx of new emotions is guaranteed to you. Ride your bike, ride the streets of your hometown, meet the dawn on the lake - all this will bring a lot of positive things to your life. Make it a rule for you to smile more often - not only you, but the world around you is changing with a smile.

Change beyond recognition in a month

How to change a week beyond recognition? Start radiating positive. In one day, alas, this cannot be achieved if a person is gloomy by nature and does not know how to enjoy life. Special training will help to master this skill.

Remember that your inner "I" is a temple, so do not let any rubbish into the subconscious mind in the form of domestic problems, conflicts, minor troubles. They destabilize the emotional state of a person, making it difficult to enjoy life.

Repetition and perseverance

Be persistent in your actions, do not give up. The constant repetition, search and eradication of mistakes made allows us to understand how to change beyond recognition. Character can only be changed by trial and error. Identify the trait that you want to get rid of as soon as possible, and start working on yourself.

If you decide to change dramatically, then start by giving up laziness and idleness. Constant control of oneโ€™s thoughts and actions, agreement with one's own โ€œIโ€ - this is what will help to overcome difficulties associated with changes.

Live real

How to change a week beyond recognition

What happened to you in the past should fade into the background. Even if past events bring you positive emotions and help you relax, they should still be pushed aside for a time of change. Remember! The person you were in the past, and the personality that you are now are completely different people.

Focus your attention on what is happening at the moment, without thinking about other options for the development of events. During a walk, simultaneously fix your gaze on several surrounding objects, people. Go headlong into the situation you are in. With constant exercises, you will learn to meditate and make contact with yourself, and also accept reality as it is.

Occupation allows you to protect yourself from the negativity that comes from ourselves, and excessive anxiety. Acceptance of reality helps to improve a personโ€™s life, helps him to change internally, teaches him to love and appreciate what he has.


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