Sotkon LLC: Employer reviews about the employer

Usually, work in personnel outsourcing companies is voluntary slavery: shifts of 11 hours, payment slightly above the subsistence level, lunch is not included in working hours. About sick leave and other social guarantees should not even be remembered. Is everything always so hopeless, and how are things really?

Sotkon LLC - a new player in the personnel outsourcing market

Sotkon focused on white-collar workers

It turns out that there is an exception in this market. Recently a new player has appeared - Sotkon LLC. According to employees, Modern Control Technologies gives employees hope that the situation will gradually begin to change for the better.

All policies are aimed at creating an attractive image of a reliable employer in the market. Unlike its competitors in the regions and Moscow, Sotkon, according to employees, cares about the image.

Despite his youth, this is not bad at him. Today you rarely see negative feedback from employees about Sotkon. And if they come across such, they complain about the irregular schedule and increased load - in the current realities, these things have long become the norm.

The fact that the company's vacancies are posted on the largest portals, speaks of its reliability and attractiveness for applicants. And if you look at the rating, it becomes clear why getting there is so difficult - the competition is just frantic. Basically, it is created by reviews of Sotkon employees in St. Petersburg and Moscow. The company is not so famous in the regions.

What is it like?

What is Sotkon?

Sotkon LLC employs 35,000 people. These are mainly IT specialists and office employees. The company specializes in implementing business processes, searching and selecting personnel, developing training programs and motivating employees. She also offers a new service in this market - outsourcing of the quality control service.

Sotkon LLC is the general contractor of the FACILICOM real estate management company. This is the largest company in Russia in this market - it manages 30 million square meters. These are the largest shopping and office centers, car dealerships and other facilities.

FACILICOM offices are open in 300 cities across the country. The main facilities are concentrated in Moscow, Krasnodar and Yekaterinburg.

How is it different from other companies?

Unlike competitors, Sotkon focused on white-collar workers - managers and office employees. Getting here to work is not easy.

The company relied on the best of the best. She is ready to pay 1.5 times more than the market average. Moreover, many start positions do not even require work experience - they train employees directly at the workplace.

However, not all so simple. For almost all positions, higher education is a prerequisite. Moreover, the university should be public, and academic performance - excellent. For the company, this is an indicator of the determination and professional suitability of the future employee.

All circles of hell: rules for selecting employees

Interview in Sotkon - an important stage in finding a job

Even if formally you are ideally suited, it is not a fact that you will pass the selection. Will have to try hard.

First, send a resume, and in a cover letter you will be asked to tell about the greatest achievements in life. If you fail to prove to the management your usefulness for the company and explain why you are the best candidate for this vacancy, then this will end.

The military says that did not hit the landing - rejoice, but hit - be proud. It’s about the same here. Of course, you won’t be forced to jump with a parachute, but several stages of a hard interview are guaranteed.

And when they are all completed, you won’t want to rejoice, and there will be nothing special to be proud of. This, so to speak, the zero level in this game is only the beginning. You will need the best qualities and steel will to move on.

What's next?

You are admitted to Sotkon - what next?

The salary starts at 45,000 rubles a month. And for the position of middle manager, you can count on 100,000 rubles and more. Career growth in Sotkon is rapid, but the competition is fierce. After all, everyone is trying to prove himself and beat competitors.

On the first working day, a beginner is immersed in the work process, as they say, with his head. Sail out - well, drown - behind the door is always a queue. Nobody will especially teach. You’ll have to delve into it yourself and do it quickly.

Behind Sotkon's door is always a turn

Many do not maintain such a pace - they leave in the first week. But the one who passed the probationary period, as a rule, holds on to his place - there is no turnover in the company. The best ones remain - stress resistance and the ability to work in multitasking mode are very appreciated here, as is the systematic approach.

Company management says that everything can be done better than it has been done so far. Each employee gets a chance to prove this in practice.

About career growth

According to employees, in this company career growth is really real, unlike others. There, tidbits are occupied by “their” people: relatives or friends of leaders. Or invited by top managers.

In Sotkon everyone has a chance

At FACILICOM, and you most likely have to work here, they adhere to a different policy. Everyone is given the opportunity to prove themselves. And it depends only on the employee himself how quickly and how far he will advance on the career ladder.

The company prefers to "grow" leaders in its team, based on healthy competition. And it is precisely these people who are put in leading posts.

Starting from the position of an assistant, in a few years you can grow up to a manager or project manager - with the appropriate level of payment and privileges. There are many examples of this - it’s enough to carefully study the biographies of senior staff. About 90% of them came to the company in ordinary positions and started from the bottom.

True, not everyone gets it. Even despite the fact that each employee clearly understands his tasks and the results that he must achieve in order to move to the next level of his career and increase his income.

It is not easy to earn a raise. Colleagues, after all, are also not “well-worn” - only the best pass the selection. It is useless to wait for you to be offered a position for seniority, as a rank in the army. To get a promotion, you really need to prove yourself. And in conditions of fierce competition, this is not easy.

Employee Reviews

In Sotkon, salaries start at 45,000 rubles

It was already mentioned above that it is difficult to find negative reviews of employees about Sotkon. Those who do meet, write applicants who have not passed the competitive selection. Or those who are not used to working. Those who work at Sotkon simply have no time to write reviews about the employer.

Processing and other violations of workers' rights are compensated by high wages. In addition, because no one forces to initially agree to these conditions. Finding an employer who adheres to the labor code exactly is almost impossible today. So you have to choose the best of what is.

In general, today it is difficult to meet an employer with such a reputation as that of Sotkon. Employee reviews speak for themselves. Unless, of course, we take into account large state corporations: Gazprom, Transneft, Russian Railways and others.

And the level of pay for junior office staff is generally beyond competition. Even at Gazprom, the secretary will not receive 45,000 rubles a month, only after coming to work (there are exceptions, but they only confirm the rule).

Having studied the reviews about the Sotkon company, we can conclude that this is a job for those who are serious. Just come and sit out from 9 to 18 here will not work. If you are not used to working in the “fire brigade” mode, but want to just be at work and get paid, you are definitely not here.

Why be prepared?

Unfortunately, new employees note a certain amount of snobbery on the part of management. Say, we’ve been here a long time, and you are “a week without a year”, all the good is our merit, and you have come “to the ready”. But this is found in almost every large company.

Often complain that not every initiative finds support from the authorities. But this is normal, although it seems to the young specialist that this is not so. Therefore, some write that they are biased.

What else?

Workaholics are loved here - management quickly sits on their neck. Work in the second shift is the norm. Such a concept as “the working day is over” does not exist in principle. The boss can call at any time, even at night, and the employee must solve the question. You also have to forget about the vacation.

However, no one is hiding this. Call the ad and they’ll immediately tell you that the work schedule is 24/7, and even the directors work on vacation. Nevertheless, many employees work here for 15 years or more - the company was founded in 1994. And the response to the vacancies is such that the personnel department simply does not have time to answer everyone.

To summarize

LLC Modern Control Technologies, abbreviated as Sotkon, is one of the few that can be called an honest employer. The company values ​​its reputation and does not mislead staff. This is confirmed by the feedback of Sotkon employees and the high ratings of independent experts - the largest work portal in Runet.

The schedule of work and the intensity of the workload of future employees are warned in advance. The fact that someone does not take such a warning seriously or simply does not pay attention to him does not give him the right to make a claim to the employer.

The salary is higher than the market as a whole. Pay her regularly. During the preparation of this material, it was not possible to find facts that refute this. In the initial positions, which do not require work experience, the company is ready to pay from 45,000 rubles a month - good money even for Moscow. Moreover, they train young employees for free and right at the workplace.

After passing the probationary period, each employee can rely on the VHI policy (voluntary medical insurance) at the expense of the company, official registration and a white salary.

Anyone who has passed the competitive selection and probationary period holds on to his place. Such a turnover, as in other outsourcing companies, is not here.

But to get a promotion, you have to try - the leadership initially selects the best of the best, so it’s not easy to prove yourself. But the top managers, as evidenced by the reviews of employees about Sotkon LLC, are not attracted by the company - they prefer to "grow" their own personnel. Therefore, each employee has a chance to become a leader over time. But how quickly this will happen, if at all, depends only on himself.


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