Marie Paraiba: biography and achievements

Marie Paraiba is a famous Brazilian volleyball player. Beauty has become more popular after filming for Playboy magazine.

short biography

The Brazilian volleyball player was born in Central America in 1982. She grew up in Wisconsin.

In the world of sports, the beauty is known as Mari Paraiba, but her real name is Mariana Andrade Costa. From a young age, the girl became addicted to volleyball. At the age of ten, she began to attend training. The athlete has established herself as a promising player, so the girl quickly achieved success.

Marie Paraiba

The Brazilian beauty participated in the women's super league. A pretty volleyball player was a member of teams such as Osasco, San Cayetano and Pinheiros.

Achievements and Successes

During her sports career, Mari Paraiba has particularly distinguished herself at the 2012 Olympics in London. At international competitions, the volleyball player defended the honor of the Brazilian women's team. At the 2012 Olympics, she won worldwide fame and the title of Olympic champion.

After participating in international competitions, volleyball player Marie Paraiba decided to leave the big sport. She stated this in September 2012. The Olympic champion went to television, where she began to work as a TV presenter. She also began to take an active part in beach volleyball competitions.

volleyball player Marie Paraiba

2012 was a period of change for Mariana. Beauty shocked everyone with candid photos in Playboy magazine. For filming in a men's magazine, she earned a fee of 250 thousand dollars.

Participating in beach volleyball competitions, Mariana Andrade Costa was dressed in a rather outspoken sports uniform. But during the photo shoot, the girl was still very shy. She felt awkward and constrained. Only thanks to the professional work of the film crew, the athlete was able to overcome her fears and lose clothes. So in July 2012 on the pages of Playboy magazine appeared erotic photos of Marie Paraiba.

Sportswoman returns to big sport

In 2016, Mariana Andrade Costa continued her career as a professional volleyball player. She signed a contract with the club "Volero" (Zurich), which is the current champion of Switzerland. For the Brazilian athlete, this is the first experience of playing in a foreign team.

Mari Paraiba was invited to the Volero club in 2015. The president of the Swiss team, Stay Jacobi, is convinced of the correctness of the decision to acquire a volleyball player. In his opinion, she will strengthen the game "Volero" both in attack and in defense.

Beauty has to get acquainted with the women's team. As it turned out, one player has long been familiar with volleyball. Fabiola plays with the Swiss club, with whom Mariana was part of the Brazilian national team.

Mari Paraiba herself is waiting, not waiting for the start of the season. The athlete has a great desire to put on a Volero T-shirt and show everyone what she is capable of.


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