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E-mail is now necessary for virtually any action: registration on a social network, doing business. In turn, entrepreneurs mainly have their own personal website, where they offer various kinds of services. To look more solid and competitive, mail with your domain is useful for advertising the proposed product. If there are too many users, this service will also be needed.

An email domain is a set of mailboxes that are linked by the same name. Apart from the main one, it may have other names. They are synonyms for the main domain name. Based on this, all mailboxes, without exception, have one common part, which begins after the @ symbol and is the main name or its synonym.

Reasons to create mail for a domain outside your host

for domain mail

For a domain, mail is not transferred to other resources due to several tens of people, but if it is a large comparative site with thousands of users, then this action will be very useful and necessary.

Often, such a transfer is carried out in order to save space. The base capacity that the host provides has a strict limit of approximately 10 GB of memory. Such a quantity is not enough even for a hundred addresses, not to mention thousands. Based on this, it is impractical to spend such a meager space on mail addresses, and the best option would be to leave this place for the needs of the resource.

A special need for a large amount of mail addresses appears when users become more than 2-3 hundred. The situation is aggravated by the correspondence of registered site visitors among themselves, which uses a large amount of data. The most common example of sending so much information to each other is the communication of employees on a sales-related commercial site.

mail with your domain

For these reasons, mail is important for the domain, and creating it on extraneous resources will give special advantages, such as:

  1. A large amount of allocated memory. Usually a fairly significant amount of information is allocated on all resources. Therefore, it is easier to organize communication with a large amount of transmitted information between users.
  2. Extensive management capabilities. Various resources have special filters and appearance settings, which simplifies the work.
  3. Habitual appearance. Often, large search engines provide services for providing space for a domain. Their mail looks pretty recognizable, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time getting used to the interface.
  4. Free space available. Services that provide services for the provision of space for mail are mostly free. Although there are paid options, they have almost the same services.

Yandex.Mail for the domain

Yandex mail for the domain

In general, Yandex mail is completely suitable for a domain. This service has several advantages:

  1. No investment is required.
  2. Despite the fact that the number of mailboxes is limited to 1000, you can apply for their increase. The main conditions are to be the owner of a large Internet portal that must be connected to Yandex.Mail, and the number of mailboxes is either close to the limit, or a high user activity has been observed.
  3. For the domain owner, the service provides a simple interface and account settings for registered users.
  4. The service makes it possible to put the site logo on all accounts tied to this domain.
  5. The volume of each registered box is unlimited.
  6. A calendar that you can synchronize with your work schedule, as well as a weekly.
  7. Special tools to work with office documents.

As in many popular services, there are such options for access to mail:

  • through the site;
  • from a mobile phone;
  • through other mail services.

Gmail mail

email domain

This service has the following differences:

  1. Allows access to mail from mobile phones.
  2. The address is written in the form "name @ name of".
  3. There is integration with all the functions of Google Apps. The lowest price for its use for one person is $ 5.
  4. Supports IMAP and POP, as well as SMTP.
  5. Only 10 GB of space for mailboxes is free. mail service

Distinctive nuances:

  • the ability to connect up to 5 thousand mailboxes;
  • the volume is unlimited;
  • access to email from the phone is available;
  • viewing documents online.

In addition, there is the opportunity to communicate through the agent, and there is also a built-in calendar and up to 100 GB of cyberspace for each registered account.

Setting up mail for a domain from Yandex

To set up Yandex.Mail, you need to go to and write the name of your domain.

mail setup for the domain
Next, you need to change the name of NS-servers to the following on your host or in the registrar’s personal profile:


After that, confirmation is required that the person performing this procedure is the domain owner. Now you can use the domain mail by entering in the browser: domain name.

This method is the most simple, but one of the most popular and effective.

Choosing a mail service for a domain

According to its characteristics, the best options are Yandex and Mail.Ru, and the version that was presented by Google is financially disadvantageous.

In general, each service has its own advantages, and it is necessary to choose based on which services for the portal will be necessary and which are not at all useful.

Mail with your domain is needed so that the username is really remembered, in addition, this address looks more serious.


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