Rule 63. Comic Internet Law

Rule of the Internet 63 is the point of a comic code of laws, which says that in the global network you can always find content in which a male character is represented in a female form.

Erroneous judgments

It happens that this rule is unfairly considered the same as dressing. This interpretation is fundamentally wrong. Sixty-third implies a complete change in both the body and consciousness of the hero. "The old image leaves its owner only a name," says rule 63. Pictures made by the fan sector only confirm this clarification. Some character traits may be preserved for greater recognition of the original hero.

rule 63

Surgical intervention to change sex is not possible. Virtual worlds have renounced this element of realism, it is believed that everything happens with the help of high-level magic forces. Descriptions of transformations in science fiction universes are sometimes so confusing and illogical that it is also easier to accept magical metamorphoses.

The most innocent option - a female character simply exists in an alternative reality. Almost always, this explanation appears in literary fan art.

Do not assume that rule 63 has anything to do with erotica. This judgment is also incorrect.

Great joke

As noted earlier, the sixty-third is a humorous rule based on observing the actions of people on the world wide web. However, in Japan, it is often used by corporations engaged in the production of manga and anime. It manifests itself most often in the form of various spin-offs for which fans are willing to pay, but from time to time the transformation of the character becomes the culmination of the main plot.

internet rule 63

The rule can be used to create objects of mass culture during the crisis of ideas. For example, the creators of the series, which lasted several tens of seasons, create new conditions that will breathe freshness into their brainchild. Sometimes such an approach does lead to the emergence of something interesting.

Gender bender

Gender-Bender - a technique that extends rule 63. He got his name from one of the series of the animated series Futurama. Reincarnation in this case occurs unexpectedly and unexpectedly in the process of the main plot, hindering its logical successful promotion or turning everything upside down. After the transformation, the hero likes the new appearance more than the old.

rule 63 pictures

Transforming a female hero into a male character is most likely to be impossible due to obstacles. This means that rule 63 can also be executed in the opposite direction, but this happens very rarely. There is an exception: if metamorphoses do not occur with individual characters, but immediately with all the characters, there will be no obstacles. Most likely, this was done in order not to upset the balance of interpersonal relationships.

A reincarnated hero will accept all (or many) patterns of behavior inherent in his new gender identity. That is, a man will behave like a woman: he will fall in love with shopping, will cry, watching melodramas, etc.

In addition, rule 63 implies that appearance after transformation changes dramatically. Sometimes in the external image there is nothing left of the old character.


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