Manicure master's summary - features of compilation, examples and recommendations

“All professions are important, all professions are needed” - everyone knows this line from a children's poem by heart. No matter what a person does, the main thing is that his work is honest.

A few decades ago, working as a manicure or pedicure master in a salon was considered shameful. Moms scared the daughters who had relaxed in front of the graduation party, threatening them with unworthy work and not entering the university, and the term “manicurist” itself was offensive.

Market tendencies

Over time, the situation on the labor market has changed dramatically. A good master is the name that is attached to him, the image of the salon, regular customers and the struggle of competitors in an effort to outbid or entice a specialist.

And if five or seven years ago to work in a beauty studio it was enough to knock on the door and offer your services, now it is necessary to go through all the stages of the classical selection, starting with writing a resume and sending it to the employer and ending with an interview with the owner or manager.

Resume writing

To correctly create a resume, you need to understand what requirements are put forward for employees of a beauty salon.

The summary will need to indicate the main blocks: work experience; materials that you had to work with; Techniques that have skills continuing education courses in the specialty, certificates and diplomas.

Professional Requirements

As in every sphere, in the salon business the requirements for craftsmen are becoming tougher and tougher every day. In order for the master to satisfy the wishes of any client, a number of mandatory requirements are put forward.

manicure resume

The master should know:

  • fashion trends in the development of nail design;
  • structure and diseases of nails and skin;
  • techniques, methods and techniques of hand massage;
  • rules, methods, as well as techniques for performing pedicure and manicure works, nail design and building;
  • techniques for decorating nails and giving them the necessary shape;
  • rules for the operation of tools and equipment, the device used specialized units;
  • rules for using tools, rules for their storage, types of tools and the purpose of each;
  • preparations and properties of preparations, types of materials, consumption rates of materials and their purpose;
  • basics of drawing and composition;
  • methods of preparing special liquids, varnishes, various solutions;
  • methods of providing first aid, as well as first aid in case of illness or sudden injury;
  • rules for the provision of services;
  • instructions on keeping the workplace in a safe condition;
  • receptions and methods of safe work;
  • labor regulations, health and safety, sanitation, hygiene.

A manicure and pedicure master should compile a resume based on what requirements are presented in a particular salon. If there is no experience with the necessary techniques or materials, it is necessary to indicate only what you had to deal with.

Master Responsibilities

The job description of a manicure specialist must indicate his job responsibilities. In each beauty salon or hairdresser, they can be their own, unique, convenient to their customers. But in any case, obligations should not go beyond the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

manicure and pedicure resume

The manicure specialist is engaged in:

  • Performing various types of manicure using modern techniques.
  • Performing various types of pedicures using modern techniques.
  • Comprehensive care of hands, nails. At the same time, physical and chemical methods are used that are popular with customers (nail whitening, paraffin wraps for hands, mask for hands, caring for cuticles).
  • Restoration, repair, and strengthening of the nail plate.
  • Polishing and polishing the nail, sealing the nail plate.
  • Performing decorative painting of nails, their design, decoration using a variety of techniques and materials.
  • The selection of materials and preparations and the provision of recommendations for the implementation of skin care for hands, nails and hands.
  • Builds (models) nails using various techniques.
  • Correction of extended nails.
  • Performing copyright works of the art plan on nails made of artificial materials and on natural plates.
  • Compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, sanitation.
  • By informing the management of all emergency situations or deficiencies that are found during operation.
  • Providing first aid if necessary.

At the end of the work shift, each employee must clean his workplace, putting it in order. The salons have their own rules, according to which materials and tools should be stored. Depending on the size of the workplace and its condition, the employer evaluates the resume. A manicurist should take this into account.

CV analysis

The final stage of employment for a position in the salon is an interview with the manager. Having come to the salon and taking a resume with him, the manicurist must understand that all qualities will be evaluated - both personal and professional.

manicure master summary what to write

What needs to be written in order to get a job in a prestigious place, and not in the hairdresser "At Zina"? How to create a resume for a manicurist to demonstrate the most important skills?

Interior Analysis

First you need to analyze which clients most often go to this beauty salon. Depending on their level and habits, a list of requirements for the candidate will be formed. In the salons that provide VIP services, one experience with gel varnishes will not be enough. It is necessary to master modern methods of decorating nails with the help of natural plants, stones, materials.

manicure master resume sample

Wealthy customers are the most demanding. They are often generous both in pay and inappropriate behavior. The summary should indicate which category of visitors had to deal with, whether there were difficult or conflict situations, how they were resolved.

What to write in the resume

A sample resume of a manicure and pedicure master should also contain a list of materials, techniques and techniques with which the work was performed. For a high-level candidate, the advantage will be the availability of a printed portfolio, an electronic version or examples of work on tips (plates for working out modeling and decorating the nail). Modern technology allows you to insert links to online folders in which photos of works are stored.

So, we make the resume of the manicure master. “What to write? "- experts without experience think. Most often these are college graduates who have received education in their specialty. The experience of such candidates is small, but there is one advantage. Unlike experienced masters, they are ready to do any work, are eager to create and see in their profession a creative spirit, and not just a way to make money.

sample resume manicure and pedicure

A manicure and pedicure master, whose resume cannot boast of a large track record, should emphasize the desire to work and develop in the framework of this particular salon. The head of the salon must necessarily collect information about him and prepare for an interview. A sample resume of a manicure and pedicure master with minimal or no work experience should be perfectly read. Errors, incorrect names of materials, a portfolio made up of other people's works will forever close the door to the world of nail design.

Considering examples of resumes of a manicure master, you need to peer between the lines, reading the description in detail.

Example resume with experience

When writing a resume, a manicurist should group information into blocks.

For instance:

Summary: master of manicure.

From 2003 to the present - manicurist, Salon "Enchantress".

Duties: manicure, classic pedicure, European, French, Brazilian, combined, Japanese, paraffin therapy, spa treatments, design.

From 2000-2003 - master of nail extension, hairdresser "Accord".

Responsibilities: pedicure, manicure, nail extension, nail formation, repair.

Key techniques: European, classic, combined, Brazilian, Japanese manicure and pedicure, spa treatments, design, decoration with natural materials, paraffin therapy.

how to write a resume to a manicurist

Example resume without experience

A sample resume of a manicurist with no experience will contain general information regarding the education received.

Education: Penza Technological College of Beauty and Arts, 2003-2006

Specialty: master of beauty and nail design.

Skills gained: design of the nail plate, modeling and repair of the nail, pedicure classic and trim, skills in working with gel varnishes, design of the nail with rhinestones.

manicure master CV examples

Experience with materials and techniques: Spanish and American manicure, work with gel, bio gel, massage.

Certificates: certificate of the course of masseuses of the upper shoulder girdle.

Further education: art school.

About me: There is no work experience. There is a desire to grow and develop, apply your creativity in work.


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