Vetklinik on Dubninskaya "Achilles": review, features and reviews

We can no longer imagine our life without pets: cats, dogs, fish, birds and reptiles. For people, these are full-fledged family members who, unfortunately, can get sick just like people. In the Achilles veterinary clinic on Dubninskaya, they will do everything to ensure that your pet is healthy.

What is this clinic? Where is she, what are the reviews about her? You will learn all this from the article.

Address and time of the clinic

The first clinic was opened back in 1997. The Achilles veterinary clinic is located at 32 Dubninskaya, in the Vostochnoye Degunino district of Moscow near the Seligerskaya metro station.

Opening hours of the veterinary center: from 9:00 to 21:00 daily without lunch and weekends.

In Moscow there is another branch of the Achilles center - on 17G Belozerskaya, not far from the Bibirevo metro station.

Clinic Services

veterinarian Achilles

Doctors at the Achilles Veterinary Diagnostic and Treatment Center take animals daily. Here you can get advice, make a pet surgery of any profile, conduct laboratory tests.

The veterinary clinic provides all kinds of necessary veterinary care: dogs, cats, rodents, birds, rabbits, ferrets and other animals in the following areas:

  • gynecology and obstetrics;
  • clinical examination with a hospital;
  • vaccination;
  • X-ray diagnostics;
  • laboratory diagnostics;
  • castration and sterilization;
  • therapy;
  • Dentistry
  • orthopedics and traumatology;
  • surgery;
  • Chipping
  • Ultrasound, ECG.

Clinical examination and examination of the animal

A veterinarian "Achilles" at 32 Dubninskaya (Moscow) conducts a set of measures that will help to determine the health status of a pet, its predisposition to certain diseases. It will help to identify chronic and acquired pathologies, as well as analyze the vulnerability of the animal to dangerous pathologies.

Clinical examination is an in-depth examination, which includes an examination and a full range of laboratory tests. The standard medical examination procedure at the Achilles Veterinary Clinic on Dubninskaya includes the following:

  • Inspection by a veterinarian-therapist to assess the general condition of the animal.
  • Laboratory tests, including a general blood test, biochemistry and other tests that will need to be passed in accordance with the diagnosis.
  • The conclusion of the veterinarian according to the results of analyzes.
  • Selection of an individual treatment regimen and vaccination.
  • Recommendations for protecting your pet from worms, ticks and other parasites that can attack the animal.
  • Carrying out hygiene measures - cutting nails, ears, sanitation.
  • Recommendations for feeding and caring for a particular type of animal.

If the animal is an adult (over 7 years old), additional tests and diagnostic measures are prescribed, since such animals are at risk. If necessary, X-rays, ultrasound of organs, ECG, examination of intraocular pressure and other procedures will be performed.

If during the clinical examination pathologies are detected, the veterinarian will send the animal to a narrower specialist.

Immunoprophylaxis and vaccination of pets

animal inspection in Achilles

Veterinarians at the Achilles Veterinary Clinic at Dubninskaya do not recommend vaccinating the animal on their own. It is important to know where and how to prick a pet.

Before vaccination, the pet will undergo an external examination and a complete medical history will be collected. Depending on the results, an individual schedule of vaccination and treatments for various parasites will be selected. The specialists of the veterinary center will find an approach to any animal and vaccinate in comfortable conditions completely painlessly.

Laboratory and Diagnostics

The Achilles Veterinary Clinic on Dubninskaya offers a full range of laboratory tests. The center has its own laboratory, thanks to which fast and high-quality analysis processing is provided in order to quickly make a diagnosis.

The clinic performs the following tests:

  • General urine analysis. For rent to determine the functioning of the urinary tract and kidneys. You can also identify urolithiasis in time, which is especially dangerous for cats and dogs.
  • Clinical blood test, due to which many diseases are detected, the presence of various parasites and infections.
  • A study of feces, which will tell about the work of the digestive tract, about the presence or absence of worms and pathologies of an infectious nature.
  • Blood biochemistry is a comprehensive study, thanks to which you can evaluate the condition of a pet and identify certain pathologies.
  • A study of hormones in the blood, which is prescribed by an endocrinologist. Its need arises in case of disturbances in the functioning of organs of internal secretion.
  • Microbiological studies that determine the presence of parasites, fungi, and bacteria that cause certain diseases.
  • Cytological studies by which tumor formations are detected.
  • Studies on infections and PCR, thanks to which you can detect the most dangerous infections.

Functional diagnostics

examination of a dog in a veterinary clinic

In the Achilles veterinary clinic on Dubninskaya, reviews of which are mostly positive, conduct the following types of functional diagnostics:

  • Ultrasound examination, thanks to which you can get information about the condition of internal organs to see the full picture of the disease. With the help of ultrasound, clinic specialists find pathologies of the kidneys, tumors, urolithiasis, internal inflammation, latent infections and much more that can threaten the life of a pet.
  • Electrocardiography will help identify cardiac abnormalities. Veterinary clinic "Achilles" is equipped with the necessary modern equipment for the procedure.
  • X-ray diagnostics aimed at identifying fractures, dislocations, abnormal changes in the spine, pathologies of the chest, abdominal cavity, as well as in the case of suspected presence of foreign objects in the pet’s body.

Traumatology and Surgery

Achilles Veterinary Center conducts surgical operations and recovery procedures for various fractures and injuries. The clinic is equipped with modern equipment, and specialists resort to innovative methods in order to get excellent results and save the lives of our smaller brothers.

The clinic also carries out castration and sterilization of animals with removal of the ovaries and uterus.

Laser and magnetic therapy

animal physiotherapy

This is a method of rehabilitation therapy, which is used to restore pets after surgery, with pathologies of the bladder and other diseases.

The duration of treatment is determined by the veterinarian in accordance with the condition of each animal and the degree of the disease.


This is a popular area of ​​veterinary medicine, which is available at the Achilles Veterinary Clinic. Thanks to the method, it is possible to treat complex diseases of the stomach, pharynx, intestines, and chest.

Before prescribing endoscopy, the animal will be carefully examined by a specialist. Also, before the procedure, the owners will have to endure a pet on a hungry diet for several days.

Additional services of a veterinary center

grooming animals
  • There are times when it is not possible to quickly bring an animal to the clinic. Achilles specialists can provide professional assistance not only in a veterinary center, but also at home.
  • The clinic treats rodents, reptiles, and various birds.
  • If you want to do chipping, the Achilles Vetcenter has all the necessary equipment for this.
  • Assistance is provided in the treatment of teeth and gums.
  • The owners are offered a procedure such as grooming - combing, washing, haircut, brushing and other manipulations designed to care for the pet.

Clinic specialists and prices

Only highly qualified specialists work in the veterinary center:

  • surgeons
  • cardiologists;
  • doctors of ultrasound diagnostics;
  • ornithologist, rodentologist;
  • traumatologists;
  • Veterinarians with long experience in the specialty.
animal inspection

In the veterinary clinic "Achilles" at Dubninskaya prices do not go beyond the standard for Moscow. Some even point out that they are slightly lower than other veterinary centers. Moreover, promotions are constantly held here, according to which you can go through a particular procedure at half price or even free of charge. For example, you can go through a clinical examination for 480 rubles.

At the Achilles Veterinary Clinic, there is a pet shop and a veterinary pharmacy where you can purchase the necessary medicines for your pets.

The main advantages of the Achilles veterinary pharmacy are only original medicines, high-quality products, affordable cost, which is lower than that of competitors, convenient location. Here you can buy everything you need for the health of your pet.

Host reviews

patient reviews about Achilles

At the moment, there are both positive and negative reviews about the veterinary clinic "Achilles" on Dubninskaya. Some call the clinic’s doctors “capitalized” professionals and thanks for the saved lives of their pets. Others argue that in the clinic they simply pump money out of the owners.

Of course, if a beloved pet gets sick, the owners are ready to give any money for his health and life. Unfortunately, most medicines are very expensive, and the owners begin to save money or turn to professionals when it is too late. Because of this, many animals die, and the owners blame the clinic staff for their deaths.

Therefore, those reviews about the Achilles Veterinary Clinic, whose prices are not the highest in the city, are left by those who did not seek medical help on time.

If you find a disease in time and start timely treatment, in most cases the animal can be saved. That is why it is necessary to regularly take animals for examination to the veterinarian, to vaccinate and treat diseases at an early stage. And the specialists of the Achilles veterinary clinic will be happy to help you with this.


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