DIY refrigerator diagnostics

The presence of household appliances makes human life easier. You can do without some appliances in the house, but there are those without which human life in the modern world is impossible.

Technique, whatever it may be, has one common property - it can break. Disappointment becomes the breakdown of the equipment that is most needed in the house. Including a washing machine, refrigerator, hob . Repairing products is expensive, but acquiring new units is even more expensive.

Fridge Diagnostics

The aspects of diagnosing the refrigerator and preventing malfunctions in the operation of the freezer - a device without which the kitchen would not be 100% functional, will be touched in more detail.

Only a small percentage of the population knows that the unit can be repaired without outside help. Services of service centers are popular, but repair work and even diagnostics cost a penny. So how to save on the restoration of equipment without prejudice to yourself?

From the time that the first refrigerator appeared, the masters have accumulated centuries of experience in eliminating shortcomings in working with products that arise during operation.

DIY refrigerator diagnostics

How to diagnose a malfunction in a refrigerator or freezer

If you are familiar with the operating principle of the unit, it is easy to diagnose the refrigerator and even remove some of the problems yourself. In this case, the master should have a concept about the cause of the breakdown. When repairing equipment, soberly assess the chances. If you are not sure about the actions, then bring household appliances to the service center.

Possible breakdowns of refrigerators

All malfunctions associated with the failure of equipment are divided into two parts:

  1. The inner chamber of the refrigerator does not cool or the freezer compartment does not freeze food, but the engine is working properly. In this case, the reason lies in the malfunctioning of one or more components of the system.
  2. The refrigerator does not turn on at all, or after a short operation, the equipment is arbitrarily turned off. In this case, the functioning of the electrical circuit of the household appliance is disrupted.

Service maintenance

If the problems of the first group are identified during the diagnosis of the refrigerator, do not try to repair it yourself. Contact the service center, because it will not work to fix the refrigerator at home. It may be that the unit allows refrigerant gas to leak due to loss of tightness. In this case, a complete replacement of the main components of the refrigerator may be required.

Diagnosis of breakdowns of the refrigerator

Home Ambulance

If the device fails due to a breakdown in the electrical mechanism, then the malfunction is most likely to be eliminated without resorting to the help of masters. Of course, before starting work, determine the breakdown and complexity of the work to be done, and only then, having really assessed your potential as a repairman, proceed with recovery. It happens that after diagnosing the refrigerator, it becomes clear that replacing the main part of the part is enough to bring the equipment into good condition.

Fault Diagnostic Tools and Steps

So, realizing that you can provide an ambulance to the refrigerator with your own hands, arm yourself with a minimal set of tools: screwdrivers and a universal tester for measuring voltage.

Mains voltage check

The first thing to do, making diagnostics of the refrigerator with your own hands is to determine the strength of the voltage in the network. If this indicator does not reach the required power technique, then it will not be able to function. High quality voltage is 220 watts. Everything below leads to the failure of the refrigerator in operation.

Do-it-yourself refrigerator repair

Connection cable integrity check

Sometimes a trivial inspection of the cord and plug can solve the problem:

  • determine if there are fractures or damage along the entire length of the cord;
  • make sure that the plug does not heat up while the unit is operating and does not spark when plugged into the outlet.

Checking terminal voltage

Compressor terminals are checked. If they have an improper appearance, this is probably the reason (no tension), but if everything is fine with this part, proceed with the next step. Further diagnosis of breakdowns of the refrigerator is carried out only when disconnected from the network.

Manipulations with accessories

The assembly is located at the bottom rear of the refrigerator. It should not be damaged, and if there are any, then you are one step closer to making a "diagnosis".

After completing a visual inspection, proceed to check the windings for integrity. There is also a relay that is responsible for starting the refrigerator. The failure of the contactor will cause the refrigerator to not start.

Fault Diagnostics

To diagnose the relay, the flexible wires are disconnected. In 99.99% of modern refrigerators, a special designation is applied to the terminals. The integrity of the winding circuit is checked using a tester, previously switched to ohmmeter mode. The free edge of the wire is fixed to the contactor of the tester, and the other ends of the device touch the remaining terminals, monitoring the voltage. In addition, refrigerator diagnostics are performed in pairs.

If the arrow on the tester does not fluctuate, the winding of the circuit or short circuit is likely to be damaged. If the assumption is confirmed, then you will have to change the compressor engine.

Testing Control Circuits

Diagnostics is carried out by shorting two wires previously disconnected from the relay by checking the contact between the wires and the power plug. After making sure that there is a contact, do not hesitate - the defrost relay together with the temperature sensor is normal. If the oscillations of the arrow of the device are not noticed, there is no voltage. In this case, a separate unit check is performed to diagnose a domestic refrigerator for damage. If the cord is damaged or kinked - this is the main reason for the failure of the unit.

Important! Pay attention to small details. Very often, the cause of the breakdown is commonplace, but it is not easy to notice it, remaining inattentive. Even a minor breakdown causes a disruption to the integrity of the freezer system.

Temperature Sensor Check

To inspect this structural part and check the defrost regulator, you will have to disconnect and finally remove the wiring. To do this, use a screwdriver. The tester checks each pin and, if there is a circuit, indicating a malfunction, change the sensor.

Having noticed a malfunction in the function of the defrost function of the refrigerator, you can simply install a jumper. They make it with the help of a metal bug, but this option is only suitable for the refrigerator of the old model. This issue should be given special attention, because the lack of control of the freezing function can lead to a more serious failure. This means that you will have to turn the refrigerator on and off in manual mode.

Diagnostics of household refrigerators

Long-term use of the bug is also undesirable. Even with this trick, try replacing the broken item as soon as possible.

As you can see, repairing refrigerators with your own hands, diagnosing breakdowns of units is not such a difficult process as it seems at first glance. In some cases, you don’t even have to contact a specialist, but do the upcoming work yourself. But remember that all actions associated with the analysis of the system should be deliberate, because by ignorance the refrigerator can be damaged even more by performing the wrong actions.


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