How to make a box with your own hands from improvised materials

how to make a box yourself

A very necessary and important thing in the household is a casket. They have been used since ancient times: from films and books we remember the young ladies who had these beautiful items in which they kept documents, money, and jewelry. The museums exhibit beautiful creations of old masters, but I must say that many modern caskets are not inferior to them. Someone collect these beautiful, outlandish, original products. But such an unusual little thing can be done by yourself. A handmade gift will be pleasant to receive for your loved one. How to make a box with your own hands, using improvised material, we will consider further. Show your creativity and hand made gadget will please you. The manufacturing process will take very little time,

How to make a box with your own hands from a bamboo napkin

how to make a box with your own hands from cardboard
You will need a regular bamboo napkin. On the one hand, you need to sew or glue the fabric - this will be the inside of the box. The sides can be cut out of cardboard and on both sides in the same way to attach fabric cut to size. It is necessary that on the one hand it fits in color to the outer surface, and on the other, it matches the inside of the casket. Next, the napkin needs to be rolled up, glued to the sidewalls and made a magnetic fastener. The base of the box is ready. Now you can decorate: glue coffee grains in the form of various patterns, flowers from fabric, paper, beads, etc.

How to make a jewelry box with your own hands from waste material

An interesting box can even be made from a jar of cotton buds. Inside, you need to insert a picture by rolling out a cylinder with a diameter of the same as that of the base. The lid can be decorated by sticking flowers from plastic bottles on it or just multi-colored buttons.

A small box with a tight lid can be made from a cream jar by attaching beads, flowers, etc. to it. It all depends on your imagination. Theoretically, the box can be made from any container with a lid, you only need to decorate the product. This is a huge scope for creativity and the use of various techniques.

How to make a DIY box out of cardboard

how to make a cardboard box with your own hands
The basis for the product can be glued together from cardboard (as taught at school). But it’s best to take a shoe box: it’s much stronger, and it will save you time. It must be glued on all sides with plain paper. Further, the box can be decorated using decoupage, quilling or scrapbooking technique . Decoupage is a way of decorating with paper napkins pasted with PVA glue diluted one to one with water. Caskets decorated in this technique can be very diverse since there are a myriad of napkins. You can pick them up in the same style with your interior and several of these boxes will decorate your home. Quilling is a way to create volumetric decoration, which is obtained by using twisted thin paper strips. Scrapbooking is a type of needlework, consisting in the ability to beautifully compose a picture from special blanks: flowers, stickers, paper clippings, etc.

Another way to make a cardboard box with your own hands is to use matchboxes. It is necessary to glue them in several pieces, like a small dresser, then glue the base from thick cardboard from the bottom. Further, at your discretion, you can decorate with scrapbooking paper, flowers, etc. Instead of handles on the drawers of such a chest of drawers, you can glue buttons or make them out of wire. It should look like a vintage doll dresser.


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