Guam gorge

Guam Gorge is a unique natural monument of incredible beauty. His age is millions of years. It is located 50 kilometers from Apsheronsk, in the north of the Lagonaki Highlands. This natural canyon formed the Kurdzhips River. The height of its walls reaches 800 meters.

Guam gorge
At the beginning of the 20th century, a railway was cut down and built in rock. It was used to export wood to the city. Recently, the railway was reconstructed. Excursions are regularly held here. Everyone can ride a diesel locomotive at any time of the year.

Mysterious caves, grottoes, seething waterfalls, overhanging cliffs, heady freshness of the local air - all this is the Guam Gorge. Looking at all this magnificence, you involuntarily begin to admire and feel a certain danger. Many come here to feel the contrast with everyday measured life.

guam gorge rest
Hiking, horse riding, and picnics are regularly organized. Tents are provided for overnight. Even those who prefer comfort are prepared to endure certain inconveniences in order to see the Guam Gorge.

The stay here is simply amazing. In the vicinity are located camp sites, hotels, resorts. About 50 thousand people come here every year. Numerous tour agencies will arrange your vacation. For a change, you will be offered a jeep ride to the Lagonaki Plateau, to the Big Azish Cave. You can visit a real bathhouse, go on a picnic and see the Guam Gorge from the inside.

Thermal springs offer tourists another type of relaxation and recreation. Those who are interested in balneotherapy can visit the recreation center, located 10 kilometers from the gorge. Wooden log cabins were built for living here. They are arranged in a circle, and in the center there is a large pool with thermal water. There are two smaller pools. Log houses are designed to accommodate from 2 to 8 people. Even in winter, the water temperature does not fall below 37-40 degrees.

People with various diseases of the skin, musculoskeletal system and nervous system come here. For people suffering from acute renal failure and cardiovascular disease, bathing limits of up to 15 minutes are set. In addition, drinking is prohibited while drinking.

As additional services provided bath, breakfast, fishing, billiards, secure parking.

guam gorge thermal springs

Having visited the Guam Gorge, you can not only enjoy nature, but also have fun. For several years in a row, the International Climbing Festival has been held here in July. This is an amazing sight that will surely leave a lot of positive emotions. For lovers of extreme relaxation sports events are organized. For climbing, 120 special routes have been developed and prepared.

Guam Gorge offers a varied vacation. Newlyweds come here for honeymoon trips. They are attracted by the romance and unusual beauty of these places. Arriving here, be sure to try delicious tea from herbs and mountain honey.


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