STB-box: description and specifications

The new IPTV technology is based on the transmission of digital television signals through computer IP networks. For this purpose, the signal is encrypted and transmitted to a reproducing device, which can be played by a home computer or special equipment - an IPTV set-top box or STB (IP Set-Top-Box). Broadcasting the image and decrypting the signal on the computer is done through IPTV players. For this purpose, the STB set-top box uses electronic circuits of decoders that convert a digital signal into analog video for a TV.

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Advantages of IPTV Technology

The main advantage of this technology is open access to digital resources like IP-telephony and IP-television.

Reliability of data transmission is guaranteed by a similar principle of both technologies and the use of fiber optic cable for transmitting a television or telephone signal. Excellent broadcast quality allows you to watch broadcasts in high resolution with multi-channel sound and excellent color reproduction.

Interactivity is another advantage of the technology: the IP connection works in both directions - from the server to the client and back. Thanks to this, the consumer can manage the service from the STB set-top box or computer.

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Consoles functionality

The RT STB HD IPTV box connected to the TV has the following functions:

  • Receiving video materials upon request. On the server there is a library of video materials VoD, the appeal to which allows you to access one or another movie. Often videos are provided for a fee.
  • View control with Time Shifted TV technology. The computer software or STB HD set-top box for the TV allows you to rewind the TV program in any direction and temporarily suspend its broadcast.
  • An alternative version of the VoD service - the nVoD service - allows you to create a personal television program. The public cinema allows a group of users to coordinate their views with each other.
  • The TVoD service allows you to postpone watching a movie or video. It is enough for the user to pre-select the necessary TV shows and TV channels and send a request for viewing in the future.

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Console Features

The main advantage of STB consoles is a large number of interactive services and the ability to directly manage content. The set-top box provides access to most Internet services: Picasa, YouTube and others, plus such devices are equipped with USB ports that allow you to connect external devices. Using RT STB HD IPTV set-top boxes, it is possible to play video files from external media, view photos and images, and when a Wi-Fi router is connected to the device, it can access network video resources. The video stream can be redirected to a computer or laptop.

Set-top box

The delivery set of the device may vary depending on the specific model: some elements may be present, others may not be present.

Approximate equipment STB-consoles from Rostelecom include:

  • Universal USB ports, one of which is located on the front panel of the console, the second on the back.
  • For the infrared remote receiver, an RC connector can be placed. Its availability is determined by the specific model of the STB set-top box.
  • Ethernet connector with a maximum connection speed of 100 Mb / s. It allows you to connect the console to the network of the provider that provides Internet services.
  • HDMI connector for connecting the set-top box to the TV.
  • HDMI cable Very rarely comes with an STB-box, most often the user has to purchase it on his own.
  • A cable with three connectors connects to an analog AV connector. One of the connectors is intended for broadcasting video, the other two for audio.
  • Socket for finger batteries.

The listed connectors are located on the rear panel of the console.

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Device connection

The set-top box for old TVs is connected via the AV connector using a cable with three connectors. Modern TV models equipped with an HDMI input are connected via an HDMI cable. Accordingly, in the latter embodiment, the sound and image quality are many times better.

Connecting the console to the network is via a router. Some users connect the provider's cable directly to the network connector of the set-top box, but this move is not always advisable, since various additional devices are most often connected to the set-top box. Accordingly, the LAN connector is connected to a similar router connector. After connecting the set-top box correctly, the corresponding image is displayed on the TV screen.

In the device menu, navigation is carried out by the corresponding keys on the console of the console.

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Set-top box software setup

The SETUP key is located on the control panel, with which the set-top box is configured. Device configuration is carried out as follows:

  • In the menu item "Advanced Settings" sets the date, time and time zone. For the full use of the interactive features of the console, this must be done, since the data is synchronized with the IPTV server.
  • If the set-top box is connected via a router, you must configure it as a network device. This is done through the menu item "Network Configuration": in the window that opens, a specific type of network is selected - for example, a wired Ethernet connection.
  • In the next window that opens, DHCP mode is activated by pressing the key labeled "Auto (DHCP)". In the window that appears, click OK.
  • Network readiness for operation is checked in the Network Status menu. An Ethernet connection is selected, and then a request is sent. In response, a window with a list of TCP / IP settings should open: the user must make sure that all configurations are specified correctly.
  • The next step is to configure the server. In the menu of the same name, the following data is entered in the NTP server field: All data is entered through the electronic keyboard, which is controlled through the keys on the remote control.
  • In the menu item “Video Settings”, video playback is adjusted. It is advisable to disable options such as auto-switching frame rates and forcing DVI. Next, the required monitor resolution is set by analogy with the computer monitor setting. Lastly, the video output mode is assigned. You can configure this item according to the instructions for the console. Older models equipped with an AV input use PAL mode.

In the "Reboot" menu, all the settings that are set are saved, after which the console is rebooted. With the correct connection and subsequent configuration, you can use the console immediately after it is restarted.

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STB-consoles of modern models are full-fledged analogues of media players and have full functionality for playing multimedia content.


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