How to apply gel polish on a palette correctly

A practicing manicurist, a shop for goods for beauty salons, a training center - all need samples of materials. There are special palettes of various types on which varnishes are applied. Sometimes well-known brands sell such palettes with already applied numbers of varnishes, gels and other coatings.

But over time, some bottles end, and you have to prepare a new palette. How to apply gel polish on a sample? Do I need to process the surface with a buff? Should the base be applied? But what about neon coatings, because they are almost transparent?

How to choose a good palette

There are various plastic forms for applying varnish samples. Some have a completely transparent structure, others are milky in color, and others are white.

Different palettes of gel polishes

To apply the sample, it is better to use milk palettes. Or natural, slightly yellowish. The applied sample will be the closest in color to the painted nail.

Some palettes do not withstand solvents such as acetone or alcohol. These should not be purchased. Good professional palettes are made of durable plastic and are convenient to work with.

Application of gel polish on a substrate

To properly apply gel polish on the palette, you should determine the degree of its transparency. Opaque coatings are applied in two layers, translucent - in three. Top cover top. If the gel polish is translucent - haze for a jacket or berry, then make a substrate: the first layer is painted with a dense nude shade, similar to the color of a natural nail.

You can make several options for this coating for beige, peach, pink substrates. Each color can be warm or cold, this increases the number of options. With such a palette, it will be easy to determine the natural color of the client’s nails and show her how gel polishes on her hands will look.

Cat Eye Gel Polish

If the gel polish is neon, a white substrate is made under it - such as for nails. Then it will be bright. For gel varnishes of the Cat's Eye series and for mirror rubbing, a black substrate is made.

How to apply gel polish on a palette: technology

In order for the coating to adhere well to the surface, there must be adhesion - adhesion to the material. Natural nails for this purpose are specially prepared, sterilized and sanded with buff. If the palette is new, you can not wipe it with alcohol - it is clean. You should only avoid leaving greasy fingerprints on it.

Glossy surfaces that shine are treated with buffs of grit 400 or 240. After that, color gel polish can be applied. The base for him is not needed, he will hold on well anyway. Apply two layers, with polymerization in the lamp. After that, cover the sample with a glossy top, polymerize and remove the sticky layer.

Lamp polymerization

Before applying gel polish to the palette, care should be taken to place it in the lamp. A drop of gel polish may be on the pallet of a manicure lamp and stick to it. To avoid this, you can use a small plastic cutting board for the palette.

If during the polymerization a drop sticks to it from the palette, at least you do not have to remove and clean the tray. A sticky drop can be cut off with plastic with a scraper, and then clean the end face with an old file.

How to quickly fill a daisy palette

The most common form for varnish samples is chamomile. Beginners sometimes have difficulty applying a gel to it. But there is an easy way to apply gel polish on a daisy palette.

Daisy palette

Due to the fact that such a palette is round, it is necessary to apply the gel varnish in parts. You can paint one "petal", then it will turn out carefully, but for a long time. Therefore, we apply gel polish on four petals and send it to the lamp. If you paint more, the gel will drain down, and the coating will become transparent in the center and with streaks on the sides of the petals.

So, four petals, paint the whole circle in one layer. Then repeat the second layer, after which they cover with a top. Here's how to apply gel polish on a palette.


If you do the work without rushing, it will turn out neatly and beautifully. Think about the location of the shades on the palette and get to work.


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