How to learn self-control: secrets of the titans of will

How many can be called titans of will? Why are there so few "supermen" and "steel ladies" in everyday life? People with a strong will, regardless of their natural potential, usually devote a lot of time to developing these qualities. And a good level of control is more important for life success than intelligence. Twice more important. How to learn self-control? Thoughtless trials will not help you.

About the benefits of metaphors

The first thing a future “terminator” needs to know - the ability to build force interactions can be compared with a muscle. The metaphor is reliable, but it has both a positive and a negative consequence. The first - working on oneself can increase the strength of the “muscle”.

how to learn self-control

The second - this muscle has the ability to tire - and the person ceases to control himself. For this reason, losing weight attack the refrigerator in the evening. Not because the calories at this time are any more attractive or the "stereotype of evening meal" is laid down in us. But because the willpower has dried up by the evening, a person made too many decisions - and was simply tired. The development of self-control is greatly inhibited if you have hard work. What to do? To transfer the most serious decisions in the morning, when a person has a lot of “strong-willed resource”, and try to devote the evening only to rest. It must be remembered that willpower is trained in a dosed, but gradually increasing load, precisely after reaching fatigue. Therefore, you can go for a run, and then force yourself to do something completely unpleasant. Cleaning, a piece of uninteresting work, or maybe a call to a support service that stubbornly does not want to help? There are many options.

Hunger Is A Bad Advisor

The second important rule: blood sugar should be at a decent level. How to learn self-control? If there are sharp changes, the probability of "failing" the task will be too high.

control and self-control

It turns out that when we are hungry, self-control is greatly reduced. The part of the brain responsible for making the decision has too few “resources”. She is the most perfect and vulnerable. But they "feed" her last. Because the issue of resource extraction is better solved by the ancient emotional zone. So fail hungry diets. So from anorexics become bulimics. Self-control skills are at risk if the brain is hungry. What to do? Not to bring yourself to a state of weakness, but to dose the brain with “slow” carbohydrates.

It happens to everyone

The third rule is to learn to forgive yourself for failure. Violations of the established regime should be completely “written off”, otherwise it will be very difficult for a person to regain faith in himself. Positive thinking is an ambiguous idea.

self-control skills
. But on the whole, thinking positively is useful if you do not ignore the problem. It is necessary to keep in sight the complex, but concentrate on the available resources and capabilities. That is how Donald Trump got out of bankruptcy several times. How to learn self-control? We must acquire the ability to retreat if necessary.

Why strain?

The fourth rule is that spirit power is formed as a derivative of physical development. Therefore, it is extremely important to trouble yourself at the stadium or in the gym. The amount of load that a person is able to withstand regularly is associated with his volitional capabilities.

development of self-control

If you are unhappy with strength of mind, start with the body. Moreover, endurance training is better than strength training. Not enough time? Then learn the technique of interval training. Effective and helpful. But be prepared for the fact that after training it is very difficult to force yourself to do at least something. Remember rule number one? Therefore, you will have to plan the time very carefully, so that after the load at first there are no very serious cases. And this is a strong argument against the beloved by many to "run in the morning." In the mornings, you just need to warm up slightly, nothing more. Otherwise, then you will feel exhausted. And this is a risk of not doing the job. Therefore, it is better to run after the most important thing is done.

In the name of values

The fifth rule - strength of mind is stronger when you strive for the highest. This is exactly the case when a strong answer to the question “Why?” crosses out all the difficulties of answering the question “How?”. Moreover, it is much easier for a person to try not for himself, but for those around him. Therefore, a worthy goal that will help many will motivate very much. And will spur willpower without additional stress. The natural mechanisms of its maintenance will turn on. So it turns out to focus even in people with attention deficit - a clearly pathological condition.

Control and self-control are closely related. Lead others can only be one who is able to be master of himself. And this is not only a positive or negative example. A person with a strong will thinks more clearly and is able to adhere to decisions already made. How to learn self-control? Dose the load, eat the right carbohydrates, forgive yourself, exercise and think, in the name of which you need to trouble yourself. The last tip is the most important and helps even in “hopeless” cases.


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