Most interesting is hunting black grouse in the fall

Grouse hunting in autumn
Grouse, being a bird of forest-steppes, plowed fields and mixed forests, is especially common on overgrown burned areas in taiga zones and in birch pegs. The stock of this bird in Russia is quite large. Large black grouse weigh an average of one to one and a half kilograms. Males are larger than females, and at the same time very bright: with red eyebrows and a lyre-shaped tail, giving them out in dense foliage.

Of particular interest was always hunting black grouse in the fall, when the chicks are already growing up. Shooting adults is much harder. However, it is much more exciting and sporty. In early October, these birds gather in flocks and cease to hold the rack.

Black grouse

Hunting for black grouse in the fall is most fascinating with profiles or stuffed animals that are sold in sports stores. They are completely like a bird sitting quietly in its usual position.

Experienced hunters, before setting off for shooting, carefully watch grouse flocks on the evening dawn. Usually, for the night, the Kosachi always choose the same group of trees, most often old birches or pines.

Remembering this place, hunters in the morning lightly put a cone-shaped hut on this place. In group hunting, several of them are placed (depending on the number of trunks). The distance between the huts should be no more than three hundred meters. Then, somewhere nearby - on one of the nearby trees on long staves-sub-stems - profiles are installed. They are placed in such a way that they are directed to the wind with their breasts.

Grouse hunting in autumn requires

Grouse hunting with a dog
not only a certain skill, but also knowledge. You need to be extremely careful that when installing the scarecrows the latter do not lean and are located at different heights - the way these birds sit. Black grouse easily detect fake and fly by.

Grouse hunting in autumn takes place from a hut in the early morning or at evening dawn. The second hunter, who knows all the surroundings well, can frighten off black grouse, catching them in the direction of the shooter. You need to aim at the lowest individual: in this case, you can get more than one prey.

Many people think that hunting black grouse with a dog is especially interesting in the fall. The fact is that young birds, hiding, well stand the point of the cops, and matted individuals take off without a shot.

Hunting for black grouse in autumn is more prey, because after the disappearance of berries, these birds in large quantities begin to fly to the grain fields, where after harvesting the ricks and sheaves they feed on leftovers. Birds need to be found in the dew, because against its sparkling whitish background, green bright grooves left by the grouse are especially clearly visible. You can shoot not only in the morning, but also at sunset, but for this it is better to choose a cloudy day.

Grouse hunting in autumn

Hunting black grouse in the fall involves the use of weapons that have a sharp and heap battle. You need to shoot very cleanly, so you don’t get involved in wounded animals later. As a rule, hunters are stocked with shot cartridges and dry starch. Weapons are chosen according to one’s own taste: someone likes a semiautomatic device, someone likes a double-barreled shotgun. His choice also depends on the type of hunting. For example, from a hut it is more convenient to shoot from a double-barreled shotgun.


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