DIY frame pool: step by step instructions

Many owners of a country house or cottage dream of their own pool. In it you can splash around in the summer heat, have fun with the whole family. Not everyone can build a stationary structure. However, there is a way out. You can assemble frame pools with your own hands. Step-by-step instructions for this process will be presented later.

Advantages and disadvantages of construction

DIY frame pools (photo of such work is presented below) is quite simple. This type of structure has many advantages. Fixed pools are more expensive. The frame pool consists of steel fences. They are partitions that hold water inside the tank. The frame is covered with a special film on top. To make the use of the bowl more comfortable, the edges are trimmed with plastic sides. The design presented necessarily includes a system that filters water.

DIY frame pool

In favor of frame pools says their reasonable cost. Almost everyone can install such bowls. If the owners of the house can allocate very little money from the family budget for the arrangement of the pool, installing a frame structure will be the best solution.

In addition to easy assembly, such a pool is also easy to operate. It is very simple to change the water. At the bottom of the structure there is a special crane. A hose is attached to it, through which water will come out. It can be used for watering beds, garden trees and shrubs.

The arrangement of the frame pool with your own hands does not cause special difficulties. The design fits easily into almost any landscape design. It also does not need to be dismantled for the winter. This is true only if installed correctly.

Among the disadvantages are the limited dimensions of the product. Its depth cannot exceed 1.8 m. When choosing a material you can not save. The film must be of high quality. Otherwise, it will not be durable. It will often be necessary to repair the coating.


By installing the frame pool with your own hands in the country, you can assemble a strong and durable construction. It can be of different types. The difference is in the features of the frame. According to this criterion, leaf and core varieties are distinguished. The first of these options is characterized by increased strength. Core frames are cheaper. However, they are inferior to leaf varieties in terms of strength. In rod structures made of metal, only the upper hoop is assembled.

Pool frame

The bowls are made of PVC. In some cases, they assemble a frame pool made of wood with their own hands. It can also be used for supports and plastic.

Also, pools can be divided into year-round and seasonal. They necessarily include a staircase. However, each of the listed types of pools is distinguished by the presence of a certain configuration.

Seasonal pools have a cartridge filtration system as part of the design. It includes two nozzles. They serve to draw and supply water. Also included are hoses. You can assemble a seasonal pool in a few days. At the end of the season, it is quickly dismantled and hidden in a warm storage room.

All-season models are distinguished by the presence of reinforced edging. In this case, the system has a sand filter. The same cleaners are used for stationary pools. The system also includes skimmers that are not available in seasonal varieties. Pools that are used year-round also include hoses, nozzles for returning water. Such systems come with a stronger pump. This allows you to clean the water and the bottom of the bowl with high quality.

Location on the site

How to make a frame pool with your own hands? This is a simple task. However, it will require certain knowledge from the master. All actions must be carried out according to special instructions. First choose the right place to install this product. The surface in the area where the installation will be carried out must be level. Small differences in height are acceptable. This is one of the features of quality frame pools.

Pallet frame

A large frame-type pool causes a lot of trouble in the process of its maintenance. Therefore, it is better to give preference to small and medium-sized bowls. The choice depends on the size of the garden. If the pool is large, it will be difficult to drain the water out of it. Also, cleaning will require a lot of effort and time. To fill the bowl requires a lot of water. This process will also take a long time. Therefore, there are practically no sale of prefabricated pools that would have large dimensions on sale.

When choosing a place to install the pool, you need to determine where the point of washing to the water supply is located. The closer it is to the structure, the easier it will be to operate the structure.

It is worth considering that the installation of a frame pool with your own hands from polycarbonate, PVC or metal is possible not only on the street. If the area of ​​the house allows, it can be mounted indoors. At the same time, you need to think about what materials the decoration will be made in the room. It is better to choose a tile for these purposes. It should be non-slip.

Before installation, you need to prepare the space for installation. There should not be any solid cutting or piercing objects on the surface. Otherwise, a leak will appear here. Before proceeding with the installation, the selected area is fenced around the perimeter of the future bowl with pegs with a rope.

Build Features

When considering how to make a frame pool with your own hands, you need to pay attention to a number of features of this process. It does not cause difficulties even for a novice master. Special tools to use in the work is not required. The materials from which the bowl and frame can be assembled can be different. The choice depends on the requirements and preferences of the owners of the site.

Wooden frame of the pool

Assembly is carried out promptly. It is better to resort to the help of your family and relatives. So work will progress faster. You do not need to hire a team of skilled workers. This significantly reduces installation costs. Also, you do not need to dig a pit to install the bowl. She will be above the ground. It also greatly simplifies the installation process. For example, to create a stationary pool, they often resort to the help of special equipment. Manually dig a pit for a long time.

Assembly will be carried out immediately on the site. The necessary components are easy to transport to the site. Here is the assembly. Special preparation for this is not required.


It will be necessary to prepare the necessary materials to assemble the frame pool with your own hands. A step-by-step instruction involves the installation of several design options. If the pool will be assembled from a sheet frame, you need to prepare metal pipes. Parts can be plastic, polycarbonate or duralumin. You can use wooden blocks, as well as boards with a thickness of 2.5 cm. If the design will have a polygonal shape, pallets are used to give it the necessary strength. They are pulled together with straps.

Frame pool assembly

If the pool is pivotal, it will require the preparation of hollow steel pipes. They are interconnected by special parts. The tank will be made of PVC. It has a thickness of 0.7 cm. Awning materials can also be used. It is better to purchase a film in the structure of which there is a reinforcement. These are special threads that are made from polyester or Kevlar.

If wooden elements are used in the design, they must be treated with an antiseptic and covered with two layers of varnish. This significantly extends the life of the material.

Equipping a frame pool with your own hands in the country, you need to pay great attention to the choice of film. It must be laid on the surface of the bowl in several layers. A wide selection of materials is on sale. They differ in texture, color, durability. The average PVC film thickness for swimming pools is 1.5 mm. It is recommended to purchase material with a density of at least 650 g / mΒ².

The film is lined on a substrate. To create this layer, roofing material, hydrotextile, polystyrene and other similar materials are used. They protect the material from punctures, premature wear. However, they can maintain the temperature of the water in the pool.

Preparation for installation

DIY frame pool installation is quite simple. However, you will need to complete all the steps in sequence. First you need to prepare the necessary tools.

To do the marking, you need to use wooden pegs and a cord. The building level, tape measure and pencil are also required. To work, you will need a shovel, a construction knife and a hot air gun with a slotted nozzle. For seams, a special roller is used. Also, the master needs to prepare a screwdriver, sealant and gun for him.

PVC film for the pool

After this, you can begin to prepare the foundation. Using pegs and a rope, you need to identify the area on which the pool will be installed.

After that, the topsoil, plant roots, stones are removed on the fenced area. The surface should be perfectly flat. In some cases, the owners create in-depth pools. Such structures are not collected for the winter period for storage indoors. In this case, you need to calculate at what depth the bowl will be lowered. It will be installed on a sand cushion and waterproofing layer. This must be taken into account in the calculations.

Then, sheets of polystyrene foam or expanded polystyrene are laid on the prepared base (the second option is preferable). This is necessary so that during the water intake into the bowl the substrate does not deform, does not diverge at the joints.

Frame assembly

Do-it-yourself frame pools are assembled from different materials. First you need to install all the vertical structural elements. At the same time, their position must be checked with the help of a building level. In places where the racks will be installed, you need to make holes.

In the recesses, vertical supports are installed. They are pretreated with bitumen or antiseptic compounds. They need to be fixed in the correct position with a cord. Racks should enter the soil to a depth of 50 cm. A layer of fine gravel is poured into the hole.

Plastic frame pool

After that, do the strapping. To do this, use thick boards. They are located at a height of about 30 cm from the ground. Fixation is carried out using self-tapping screws. If metal pipes are used, you need to use welding or use angles, bolted joints.

After this, intermediate racks must be formed. For this, special struts are used. They are formed in the form of a triangle. Its top should be connected to the beam. This allows you to strengthen the design, make it stronger.

Bowl mounting

Do-it-yourself installation of a frame pool in the country requires the correct installation of the bowl. From the prepared materials you need to cut out the details for the future pool. You need to think through this process carefully. The number of seams should be minimal. In this case, you need to do overlapping paintings. It should be at least 3 cm.

First, the substrate is laid on the bottom. It can be a hydro or thermal insulation material. After that, you need to collect the parts that were cut out of PVC film. It uses a building hair dryer. It must be put on the crevice nozzle. The temperature that the hairdryer will create must be up to 700 Β° C.

Seams are heated with a tool. When they begin to melt, they are pressed tightly with a roller. It may have rubber or silicone castors. It is best to conduct surface welding from particleboard or fiberboard. At the same time, there should not be any extra items on it. Otherwise, material may be damaged.

At the edges of the created bowl, you can make holes (boil them with a hairdryer) for installing eyelets. This will firmly fix the PVC film on the frame.

Installation of stairs

Particular attention is required to install a ladder for a frame pool with your own hands. It can be made of different materials. Most often, if the frame is wooden, then the staircase is created from the same material. It can be made independently. You can also assemble a metal staircase. This will require welding. It is easier to purchase a finished metal staircase. Her steps can be made of plastic, wood or metal.

To mount the ladder, you need to install two additional beams in a suitable place. The distance between them should correspond to the width of the steps. Two more wooden supports should be installed perpendicularly down from the tops of the inclined beam. After that, you can fill the steps. This design can be done independently.

Installation completion

Do-it-yourself frame pools are often harvested. Inside the prepared frame, you need to lay the prepared bowl. All angles and bends must be correctly combined. The upper part of the bowl and the harness are fastened with screws. They must be installed in increments of 30 cm.

After that, you can mount the side. Some bowls suggest cringles. A rope is pulled through them for additional fixation. The outer edge of the pool can be finished with plastic or wood panels, polycarbonate sheets. A filter and the necessary equipment are installed.

After that, water is gradually collected into the bowl. Folds need to be straightened right away. If there is a lot of water in the pool, this cannot be done. After this, the finished structure can be operated.

Having considered how to assemble frame pools with your own hands, you can perform all the actions yourself.


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