TC "Aura". Novosibirsk is a retail center in Siberia

Shopping lovers know how much easier it is to make purchases in a large wholesale and retail complex, where there are many supermarkets of various profiles that provide a wide range of products, than to spend a lot of time searching for the right thing, traveling to small shops. One of the largest retail outlets in the center of Siberia is the Aura shopping center. Novosibirsk is famous for its retail giants, ready to easily compete with a large market, but this one outdid everyone. Its scale is impressive. The area of ​​Aura is 150,574 m². For comparison, the Mega superregional center covers an area of ​​103,441 m², and the Retail Center - 130,000 m².

TC "Aura". Novosibirsk is a retail center

The shopping complex is the largest project in Siberia. The Turkish concern “Renaissance Development” managed to realize the idea. The construction of the structure was not without problems. Work was suspended in 2008 due to the financial crisis.

shopping center aura novosibirsk construction

As a result, developers managed to launch the project by 2011, and in 2012 the shopping center was recognized as the best in Russia.

shopping center aura novosibirsk address

The four-story building contains expensive boutiques and modest economy-class shops, a large hypermarket, restaurants and inexpensive cafes. It is difficult to find such a wide range of goods in the city as in a shopping center. If you want to visit the store, focus on the coordinates: TC "Aura", Novosibirsk, address - st. Military, 5. It is located near the metro station "October".

TC "Aura". Novosibirsk - rich shopping opportunities

The institution is a complex of trading enterprises, consisting of 269 organizations. It is difficult to even imagine such a large number of shops and offices in one place, it is even more difficult to list them.

shopping center aura novosibirsk shops

Let us dwell on the most popular halls that attract visitors.

From food outlets it is: pancake pancake Blinoff, Oriental Bazaar bistro, Sbarro and Tortilla dumplings, Dozen dumplings, Il Patio, McDonald's, Sushi Terra restaurants, Kroshka Kartoshka cafe "," Okay "hypermarket," Shokoladnitsa "coffee shop, Turkish veveto marmalade, etc. For the first time customers visiting a complex are shocked by the wide selection offered by Aura shopping center. Novosibirsk, thanks to the shopping center, successfully provides the population with essential goods and related products.

Of the non-food outlets popular: Yves Rocher and Beauty Constellation cosmetics salon, Cologne, Liloti, Ostin clothing store chain, Krakatuk designer gift boutique, Crocodile leather goods, Milavitsa shopping center, children’s chain Fidget ", a shop for pregnant women" Soon Mom "and for youth -" Yours ", Tsifrograd electronics center, Adidas branded stands, Centro, Ecco, Salamander shoes, JS casual jeans salons, Gloria Jeans, Levis, Mexx representative offices, Nike, Reebok and many others.

The largest entertainment complex

shopping center aura novosibirsk
For many visitors, the decisive advantage in favor of choosing the Aura over other stores is its entertainment opportunities. Listing them all is as difficult as outlets. Let's start with the playground on the top floor - with rides, a railroad with real cars, with a computer games room.

A shopping center is a lot of leisure opportunities. There is a bowling alley, billiards, a sports bar, screens transmitting broadcasts of championships and other competitions. Family cafes and beer restaurants, travel agencies, a cinema are looking forward to visitors.

Visitors reviews

The regulars describe the complex like this: the largest shopping center where you can find everything you want and even more is the Aura shopping center (Novosibirsk). Shops, boutiques and hypermarkets on Voyennaya Street 5 offer goods to the townspeople and city guests in great abundance, of various brands, at different prices and quality. Many people like colorful performances and performances, which are shown by artists invited to the shopping center. Customers especially emphasize the wide range that is not available in other stores, and praise the organizers for an entire floor of cafes and restaurants.


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