"Novo-Molokovo", residential complex: description, reviews

The microdistrict is located on the territory of the settlement of Molokovo in the Leninsky district of the Moscow region, in the southeast of the capital. The developer is RDI. In the residential complex "Novo-Molokovo" families with children, successful and successful people are welcome. The complex belongs to the business class category.


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According to the general plan, thirteen multi-story buildings will be built in the microdistrict. Gradually, the developer will commission objects of social significance. A kindergarten is already functioning today, and in the future there will be another preschool institution. The start date for the construction of a secondary school has not yet been established; children are studying in the neighboring village of Molokovo.

Nine buildings of the Novo-Molokovo residential complex are almost ready or put into operation. The sale of apartments is open not only in facilities under construction, but also in houses adopted by the commission. The project is expected to be finalized at the end of 2018.


The main advantage of the microdistrict is its proximity to Moscow. The road to the entrance to the Moscow Ring Road takes no more than ten minutes. At the disposal of the owners of apartments all city amenities. Shuttle taxis run past the Novo-Molokovo residential complex to the Domodedovskaya and Zyablikovskaya metro stations.

The relatively low number of storeys of buildings in the microdistrict is another advantage of the LCD. The maximum number of levels is 12. Creating a project, the developer abandoned the dense development. There is an abundance of flower beds, squares and areas for walking. Soon there will be children's and sports grounds, car parking spaces.

The staff of the cultural center for apartment owners in the Novo-Molokovo residential complex holds entertainment events, family celebrations and neighbors' meetings. Teachers arrange master classes in drawing and modeling for children and their parents.


The liquidity of investments in the purchase of housing in the LCD, according to experts, is high. The initial cost of square meters is low, over time, prices will begin to grow rapidly. Now they are constrained by the lack of full infrastructure and the availability of construction work.

At the end of 2018, after the completion of all planned objects, the cost of apartments will increase by 30%. Since the prices in the Novo-Molokovo residential complex are lower than in the neighboring microdistricts, the real estate in this residential complex is interesting for those who are going to rent apartments.

The micro-district has created optimal conditions for a comfortable and safe stay. The proximity to the Moscow Ring Road and the capital ensures a consistently high demand for housing located in this area. The absence of high-rise buildings, the number of storeys of which exceeds thirteen levels, makes real estate in the village attractive in the eyes of families with small children.

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The lion's share of objects of social significance is located on the first floors of residential buildings. Currently, commissioned houses operate grocery stores, hairdressers, bars and snack bars. Foreign language schools for adults and children, dental and medical centers, a travel agency, repair and clothing cleaning centers are opening.

The reviews about the Novo-Molokovo residential complex say that there are bank branches, a kindergarten, and a post office in the microdistrict. The project provides for the construction of a modern business center. Residents of the microdistrict highly value the social environment; families with incomes above the average level live in the housing complex. The relations between the neighbors are even, there are no complaints about noise at night or barbaric attitude to public property.


The design of the courtyard is carried out by the developer of the Novo-Molokovo residential complex in accordance with the features of the natural landscape. The construction company has equipped paths for cycling and rollerblading. Near the commissioned houses pedestrian alleys are laid, there are recreational areas with shady canopies and benches.

Playgrounds are equipped with a soft coating that eliminates serious injuries. Game constructions and sports equipment are painted in bright colors and comply with safety standards. There are underground car parks. For the leisure of the inhabitants of the microdistrict, the team of the cultural center is responsible.

Prices in the residential complex "Novo-Molokovo"

The cost of a one-room apartment with an area of ​​31.2 mΒ² with fine finishing is 2 600 000 rubles.

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For a two-room apartment, which occupies 47.5 mΒ², the developer asks for 3,810,000 rubles.

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A three-room apartment with an area of ​​75.6 mΒ² will cost 5,050,000.

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For four-room apartments, which occupy 90.4 mΒ², with fine finish, you will have to pay 6,040,000 rubles.

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In the reviews of the residential complex "Novo-Molokovo" apartment owners praise the repair. The floor, ceiling and wall surfaces are even. Installed high-quality window systems that do not need to be replaced. The hood is functioning properly. Appreciation was given to the external design of residential buildings. If we compare the improvement of the yard territory of the microdistrict with the arrangement in similar residential complexes located in the neighborhood, then Novo-Molokovo is beyond competition.

Speaking about the advantages, tenants mention the disadvantages. For example, in the tenth house there are no special ramps for lowering strollers and bicycles, and it is provided for in building 8A of the Novo-Molokovo residential complex. When choosing an apartment in this residential complex, you need to personally inspect all the buildings. Externally, the buildings are similar, but each has its own nuances.


Most residents of the neighborhood complain of traffic jams that form in the morning right at the exit of the LCD. The Kashirskoye Highway connecting Molokovo with Moscow is already at 06:40. The road to the capital takes at least an hour, shuttle taxis arrive crowded. If an accident occurs on the highway, then you will be two hours late for work.

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The reviews say that the plans are for the construction of a new highway, which will bypass the village of Misailovo, but will only begin designing it in 2019. Dissatisfied residents say that there are no places in the new kindergarten, which was recently commissioned. The lineup consists of those who have benefits. Children from ordinary families will not be able to get into it.

Own school in the microdistrict is not possible, and probably will not be. The children attend a rural educational institution located in Molokovo, but it is also crowded. The rural school is not designed for such a large number of pupils. According to September 2017, real estate in Novo-Molokovo is not selling as well as the developer planned, so the construction of new buildings is now in question. This means that a new school will not appear in the microdistrict.

There are not enough parking lots. Multi-level parking will not be built. In the area of ​​Kotelnaya there is an open guarded paid area. Standard rate - 3,000 rubles per month per seat for one passenger car.

For reference

There is no private clinic in the microdistrict, and no one is going to build it. Residents of the residential complex "Novo-Molokovo" are attached to the clinic located in the village of Vidnoe. In the LCD itself there is a medical office. It hosts a pediatrician and therapist who come to Molokovo from Vidnoye.

Rumor has it that soon another residential complex will be commissioned. It is located in Misailovo. As soon as the apartments in it are sold, the exit to the MKAD will turn into one continuous traffic jam.

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