Freeze-dried coffee - what is it?

sublimated coffee what is it
In the early morning, many of us feel like drinking a freshly brewed refreshment drink. But to cook it, you need some time, which, as a rule, is always not enough. Soluble drink does not bring such pleasure, and sometimes it even causes unpleasant taste sensations. At these moments, only instant freeze-dried coffee will save you. He will cheer you up and give you energy for the whole working morning.

Freeze-dried coffee - what is it and how does it differ from other coffee drinks?

The quality of freeze-dried coffee has become better in recent years. This category of drinks differs from granular and from powdered coffee in that a special technology is developed for its production.

Freeze-dried coffee is a crystalline particle formed during the drying of frozen coffee beans. The unique manufacturing technology of this product is quite complex and expensive. It is for these reasons that it has a higher price than a powdered or granular drink.

"Sublimation" is a process during which a substance passes from a solid to a gaseous state. However, in this case, the melting phase and the transition of crystals to the liquid state are absolutely excluded.

The first step in the preparation of a freeze dried coffee beverage is to obtain an extract from ground coffee tree beans. Then, using special equipment, the extract is frozen to -42 0 . After that, the obtained substance is crushed, sieved and loaded into the dryer under vacuum. Thanks to the vacuum, the liquid evaporates from the granules and they become solid.

instant freeze-dried coffee
This technology of making coffee is considered perfect. Thanks to it, the rich aroma and taste of real coffee is preserved.

In fact, good freeze-dried coffee is an instant drink. Thanks to the technology described above, 95% of vitamins, enzymes and, in general, all useful substances that natural coffee contains are preserved.

Freeze-dried coffee - what is it?

Like any product, a sublimated variety has certain characteristic features:

  • the shape of the granules resembles crystals and pyramids;
  • color is light brown.

The preparation of a freeze-dried drink is quite simple. It just needs to be poured with boiling water. A cup of aromatic and healthy coffee is ready. And on the surface of the liquid drink, a foam forms, which makes its taste richer.

Freeze-dried coffee - what is it? Recommendations for use

Caffeine should not be consumed by people with hypertension, glaucoma and with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. You can drink coffee during pregnancy , but only if your doctor permits it.

good freeze dried coffee
Freeze-dried coffee - what is it and what can be made from it?

From freeze-dried coffee you can make some pretty original drinks. For cooking you will need:

  • coffee and hot chocolate 80 ml each;
  • orange zest - 5 g;
  • whipped cream - the amount to your taste.

The cooking algorithm is very simple. Fill the glass with 1/3 of the coffee, 1/3 with hot chocolate. Garnish with whipped cream and orange zest.


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