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For modern young people, beauty and health are paramount. By priority they are not inferior to personal and career growth, financial well-being and family happiness. Representatives of both sexes want to look attractive today. Caring for your own appearance is a must for every person who claims to be successful in the eyes of the environment.

As you know, beauty requires sacrifice. And often these victims lie in the loss of time and money. But, as testimonials from Denis Osipov’s Studio testify, “you can become beautiful if you set aside a couple of hours a month without any special financial costs.

Humanity has needed the services of hairdressers since ancient times. Original hairstyles allowed people to stand out from the crowd. Men of ancient civilization acted with hair too radically: they were burned with fire, cut off with flint. Women treated their curls more carefully, collecting them in bundles, braiding braids, the fashion of which has survived to this day. This became a kind of rudiment of hairdressing, which today occupies an honorable place in the fashion and beauty industry.

Feature of the institution

What is the difference between other hairdressing salons Image Studio of Denis Osipov? According to customer reviews, the secret of the unprecedented popularity of this fashion salon lies in the narrow scope of the services provided. Here you can only cut your hair, dye your hair or do the styling. There are a lot of options for dyeing and haircuts, many of them exotic and unusual. At the same time, stylists from the professional team of Denis Osipov guarantee the quality of work - a new hairstyle, as they promise, will radically change the image. At the same time, all manipulations with the hair will not affect her health - her hair will still look natural, without requiring daily styling and curling.

Who is Denis Osipov?

This is the founder and creative director of a network of beauty studios. Denis Osipov can rightly be called an inspirer and a true professional in his field. This person occupies a special path in the style industry. It would be wrong to consider Denis Osipov just a practicing owner. An ingenious strategist in the world of hairdressing fashion for several years is responsible not only for the material side of the development of studios. Denis Osipov, according to reviews, puts his whole soul, charges positive energy to his colleagues, partners, assistants and inspires new creative results.

studio denis osipova blacksmith lane 14b reviews

The stylist is widely known outside of St. Petersburg, in which there is a network of image studios, contacting any of which you will get the perfect hairstyle that exceeds all expectations. Osipov has repeatedly been awarded many prizes; he is a two-time European champion in hairdressing.

Salons of the St. Petersburg stylist have become a launching pad for many masters who have become famous outside of Russia - Alexei Osipchuk, Alexander Chasovskikh. In reviews of Denis Osipov’s Image Studio, they often write that the businessman does not make secrets of his success, but rather periodically holds trainings and seminars where he shares secrets, how he managed to adapt marketing technologies to the modern hairdressing profession and learn from it considerable benefits.

How to select staff

To date, eight studios operate in St. Petersburg. The history of the hairdressing complex began with a studio on the street. Marata 9. This hairdressing salon brought fame and fame to the stylists of Denis Osipov's studios in St. Petersburg. According to reviews, the services of a hairdresser in Marat, 9 were used by dozens of customers every day. The main merit of the company's popularity belongs to its staff.

In order to replenish the ranks of the employees of this salon, the stylist must have considerable experience and a high level of professional training, which will be the first step in the development of his creativity and career growth. If you believe the reviews, in Denis Osipov's Studio on Kuznechny Lane, 14b there are regular trainings, specialists undergo training and improve their skills. The incentives for professional hairdressers are prizes and victories in national and international competitions, championships, contests, which, in addition to awards, help to hone existing skills, master new skills perfectly.

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Not only quality depends on the stylist’s qualifications, but also the cost of the services provided by him, and therefore the wizard’s earnings. A hairdresser of the second category, who does not have impressive work experience, will do a hairstyle for 400-450 rubles, while a similar amount of work for a titled stylist (for example, who participated or won a prize in the World Cup) will cost about 2500-3000 rubles. But despite the fact that promotions are often held here (according to reviews, in Denis Osipov's studios 2500 rubles is the amount that you can cut your hair and color at the same time during the discount period) and the cost of services drops to 50%, the quality of work of beginning masters is significantly superior to the results of standard beauty salons. To get to the best stylists of St. Petersburg, clients have to register in advance, usually in a month and a half.

Archetype theory

In the studio of hairstyles, men and women receive not only a fashionable haircut, but also a unique authentic image. Denis Osipov claims that in their work all the masters of his salons use the theory of archetypes - supposedly it is she who helps win-win choosing a hairstyle, haircut, hair color for clients. The founder of this theory is considered Carl Jung - one of Freud's students. At least it is in his works that the first mention of the theory of archetypes occurs.

At the beginning of the last century, Sigmund Freud suggested that human behavior is determined by the period of childhood. Simply put, our work, profession, choice of life partner, clothing style, etc., depends on what happened to us under the age of seven.

Jung began to consistently develop this theory, reaching the following conclusion: each person acquires a specific archetype long before birth. According to his version, there are only 16 archetypes, each of which includes metaprograms and sensors. Everyone has heard about extroverts, introverts, intuitions, but what is the difference between them? The meaning is simple: we all like different things.

The philosophy of hairdressing Denis Osipov is also based on this principle. He believes that in order to improve a person’s appearance and select the ideal hairstyle, it is important to understand his character, evaluate his behavior, his manner of communication, movement, find out what he prefers to wear from clothes, etc. In the training system for hairdressers in an image studio, these principles were laid the foundation.

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How? For clarity, we take any type of haircuts (for example, a square), which has various variations of thinning, length, symmetry, etc. So, people of each archetype correspond to a specific type of square: all of them may have different bangs, the angle of inclination, parting, shade of hair and other creative details that are important in creating a specific image.

According to Denis Osipov, studio staff, a large amount of time was originally spent on training and systematizing archetypes. It took more than two years to create a portfolio of archetypes, as the team of craftsmen sought to combine not only hairstyles, variations of haircuts and coloring. It was important to get information about the other components of the archetype: clothing, music, preferences in the interior, art, accessories, makeup. After the system was developed, it took another couple of years to learn how to determine the type of person in five minutes. The next three years, the masters of the branch studios Denis Osipov practiced, practiced their skills. In total, the whole process of introducing Jung's theory took seven years.

At the beginning of business development, Denis Osipov developed a program with which you can determine the type of client in just a few minutes. It took several years, but all the time spent paid off with interest. Now the masters of the network of St. Petersburg salons use the scheme proposed by the owner, which allows you to choose a haircut for the client from more than 200 options.

Marketing technologies in the work of hairstyles

After graduating from business administration, then a novice businessman began to implement his plans in practice. According to critics and competitors, a huge role in the development of Denis Osipov's Image Studio was played by the introduction of unique control schemes for the hairdresser network, and subsequently, the adaptation of universal marketing technologies in the industry of fashionable hairstyles.

It is worth noting that the masters trained by Denis Osipov, adhere to the theory of archetypes not of Jung himself, who described 16 types, but of the development of American marketers. It's no secret that people like to simplify and reduce overseas - out of 16, only 12 were left:

  • "Aristocratic."
  • "Seductive".
  • "Nice little one."
  • Party-goer.
  • "Protest".
  • "The bewitching magician."
  • "Superhero."
  • The Seeker.
  • "Dreamer".
  • "Sage".
  • "Caring."
  • "Business".

To distinguish, for example, “Party-goer” from “Business” is simple and without special knowledge, this is clear even to those who are far from hairdressing. Any master, getting started, is able to determine one of the four conditional psychotypes of his client in just a matter of moments. However, this is not enough.

Denis Osipov Studio reviews of masters 2017

One way or another, but Jung’s theory of processing Americans serves as the basis for building sales around the world. At the moment, Denis Osipov plans to increase the number of archetypes to 36, considering it appropriate to divide each of those used in hairdressing into three groups. At the same time, a novice hairdresser will most likely not be able to master such a system.

At first, Jung's transformed theory was used exclusively inside the studios. According to reviews, on Kuznechny Lane, 14b Denis Osipov managed to achieve lightning-fast success in providing hairdressing services. Masters of hairstyles could not help attracting the attention of competitors who wanted to find out what the secret was. So the owner of the studios had the idea to share his knowledge and teach hairdressing in the system of archetypes of other specialists.

In the reviews of the studio on Kuznechny, Denis Osipov and his wards note a high percentage of masters who completed the initial trainings and returned to continue their studies in order to improve the acquired skills. Hairdressers from different parts of Russia come to the courses for honored stylists, so the geography of the theory of archetypes has long gone beyond the boundaries of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

Bringing a stylistic strategy to life

After all the studio salons were transferred to the new system, Osipov's business began to develop more actively. For a year of debugged work, the number of salons has doubled. After that, two more beauty establishments were opened. According to the owner of the hairdresser's chain, this is a real indicator of success.

To get a complete picture of how the theory of archetypes works, you should go to one of Denis Osipov's salons. In reviews of image studio masters, many clients share their impressions of the unusual approach of specialists to create a new image. As soon as the visitor arrives, they are presented with a special album with pictures that cause certain associations. These are various illustrations, images, photographs, the choice of which will indicate a person’s preferences, will give a lot of information about his lifestyle, fashion, love of art and, of course, point to one of twelve archetypes.

It is important not only to find out what the client prefers, but also to see how he says, sits, reacts. If the description fits simultaneously under several types (usually no more than three), a person is offered to choose three haircuts from those depicted on three posters. Interestingly, the first haircut indicates how a person would like to appear around, the second version of the hairstyle reveals his present, and the third is something optimal, the golden mean. The remaining images help in choosing the length, color, styling, additional care.

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In the salon-studios of Denis Osipov (95 Nevsky, you can find the phone number on the hairstyle salon website - it contains up-to-date information), the masters try to make the clients feel as comfortable with a new haircut as with a purchased item that fits all parameters . Osipov often uses the ideas of American business marketing in building his business. One of them says that the seller (in our case, the hairdresser) is obliged to do everything to make the buyer satisfied.

For clarity, we take as an example a simple situation in a shopping center. According to statistics, every visitor, intending to purchase any new thing, does not go into every store. Most often, buyers, knowing about their preferences, expect to find the right little thing in the collection of one of 5-10 branded manufacturers, and they don’t even look into the windows of other boutiques. Trying on a thing, determining how comfortable it is in it, the buyer is ready to give his money for it without a drop of regret.

Denis Osipov translates a similar situation into a hairdressing course: depending on the archetype, the appropriate type of haircut is determined. But a lot depends on the skill of the hands of the master, his technique. Arranging work in the cabin using the archetype method is a good decision, but in the absence of qualified talented personnel, it risks becoming a losing one. Consequently, the compliance of the haircut with the preferences and vision of the client is partly determined by the quality of work.

Strict system or improvisation?

Judging by the reviews of Denis Osipov's Studio on Kuznechnoye, the theory of archetypes still brings the expected results to the stylist and businessman. At the same time, some employees tried to move away from the main tactics of the enterprise and built up work with clients, taking as their basis their own sense of style, charisma and taste. Denis Osipov does not accept such steps. The system of archetypes completely excludes the possibility of amateur performances. In addition, in his reviews of the masters of the studios, Denis Osipov constantly criticizes hairdressers who impose their opinions on the client.

According to the stylist, the choice of hairstyle and ideas for creating an image should come from a psychological understanding. Although he does not prohibit the manifestation of initiative in the literal sense. If the hairdresser has felt the taste preferences of the client so much that he is ready to take responsibility and not disappoint him, then you can cut and dye as the master considers it necessary. Making a decision for someone is wrong, but, on the other hand, the hairdresser must feel that he is suitable for a particular client.

It is impossible to 100% exclude the probability of the human factor in technology with archetypes: each of the masters is close to one of the archetypes, therefore haircuts and hairstyles of this type are obtained perfectly, while others are completely alien, which partially affects the quality of work. Nevertheless, the technology of archetypes works - in most cases, the masters really manage to please the customers, judging by their reviews. From the Studio of Denis Osipov on Dumskaya, however, like from the other branches of the network, rarely anyone leaves dissatisfied or disappointed.

What customers do not like about Osipov hairstyles

The main advantage of hairdressers working on the principle of archetypes, often becomes their main drawback. Not everyone is ready to come to the salon, pay a lot of money for a hairstyle, but at the same time not be able to choose it. When the St. Petersburg salons were only gaining momentum, the greatest wave of indignation was noted among the clients of Denis Osipov Studio on Gorokhovaya. According to reviews, they were more often than others dissatisfied with the style that was chosen by the masters according to the archetype system.

If you believe the comments of people who visited the network of hairdressers, most are disappointed with the lack of additional services. Since the bulk of the visitors to the hairdressing salons are women, they are sorely lacking the opportunity to do manicures, pedicures, massages, and use cosmetic and spa services. At the same time, in reviews of Denis Osipov's Studio (on Dumskaya, 4 in particular), fast and high-quality hairdressing services are almost unanimously praised.

image studio denis osipov reviews

It is worth noting that many girls do not understand the true meaning of the theory of archetypes and believe that it is impossible to experiment with the exterior in the framework of this technology. But they are wrong. The choice of hairstyle, which corresponds to a person in all respects, does not oblige him to go with her for life. Judging by the reviews of Denis Osipov's Studio in Kuznechny Lane, which are left by regular customers, many managed to try on completely different and dissimilar images. Indeed, in the life of each of us certain events can occur that can change the circle of interests, social status, marital status, state of health, worldview. Any changes to a greater or lesser extent leave their mark on our appearance.

Real reviews from visitors to the image studio: a side view

Most clients, crossing the threshold of Denis Osipov's salons, immediately pay attention to the fact that this establishment differs from hairdressing salons in its unique internal climate. A positive impression is left by a young ambitious team, always ready to learn and learn something new. The phenomenon of “shoemaker without boots”, which is quite common, does not occur here - all employees have interesting hairstyles, rich shades of hair. Judging by the reviews of the masters of 2017, the Studio of Denis Osipov is disposed to visit her. Indeed, the fact that hairdressers pay a lot of attention to their own appearance speaks volumes. Usually, visitors have no doubt that the masters here are creative and creative people who are ready for bold, but at the same time reasonable and aesthetically competent experiments.

Among the employees who work in Denis Osipov Studio, according to reviews, Nadezhda Roy and Anton Mitenin are undisputed leaders. These masters have impressive competitive advantages, while continuing to improve their professional skills step by step. Clients in their reviews Denis Osipov Studio in Kuznechny Lane called the ideal place for those who have long wanted to change something in themselves, but could not decide.

According to the description of visitors, the process itself proceeds as follows:

  • First, hairdressers compose a psychological portrait by demonstrating a special collage containing images of 12 archetypes. Moreover, the illustrations are not just photographs of girls and young people in one way or another, but also accessories, interior items, a wardrobe, hobbies, cars, etc.
  • Then the master offers to discuss the chosen style, asks leading questions to understand in which direction changes are required.
  • After determining the archetype, stylists begin the direct selection of hairstyles. A catalog is provided for the attention of customers. The hairdresser should be told about his wishes about the shape of the hairstyle, length, styling, hair color. To create a unique image, you may have to combine the elements of hairstyles inherent in similar archetypes.
  • Men also have where to choose a haircut. Unlike women's catalogs, in men's there are more than a hundred options for cutting a beard.

What hairstyles do clients of St. Petersburg salons prefer

According to reviews, it’s more difficult to get into Denis Osipov’s Studio on Kirochnaya without an appointment in the evening - there is a real full house! It is not surprising that the most popular archetypes that are used to create a style are Party People and Seductive. They are distinguished from others by bright tones and voluminous hair shape. Moreover, as the masters themselves note, most of the customers have almost the same requirements for evening hairstyles - so that in the morning you can easily comb your hair and go to work. Therefore, in the process of creating a "club-disco" image, a minimum of fixing means is used, and the strands themselves remain soft.

If you believe the reviews, in the Studio of Denis Osipov on Furshtatskaya 18 you will have to spend an average of 2.5-3 hours, no less, regardless of the complexity and multicomponent nature of the image. Most of the time is spent on the process of determining the archetype of the client and the selection of hairstyles. It is curious that about 70% of clients of salons prefer short haircuts. This is evidenced by statistics of recent years. It is possible that the specifics of the institutions of Denis Osipov also play a role, since those who come here are usually ready for something original and unexpected. As for coloring, the most popular is the effect of burnt hair. This image is classic, despite the combination of modulations and highlights.

studio of Denis Osipov at Furshtatskaya 18 reviews

The masters themselves find it difficult to give an exact answer to the question of which archetypes are the most common and which are less common. Uniform standards do not exist. In each of the twelve options there are notes of individual aesthetics. There are no identical people, therefore, the same hairstyle does not always suit customers who are visually similar in appearance.

Based on the reviews of Denis Osipov Studio, it is easy to conclude that the masters of the hairdresser network are real destroyers of myths. Especially in the part of men's hairstyles. Many people are accustomed to believe that a man, in comparison with a woman, is more conservative and predictable in choosing a haircut. It is possible to refute the erroneous opinion with the help of catalogs of men's hairstyles, which are not inferior in thickness to female beauty Talmuds.

The only thing that men and women are like is their desire to care for their hair. By the way, here clients are not tormented by advertising any hair care products, none of the experts impose their opinions and favorite brands. In their opinion, everyone should have their own individual approach. When choosing hair care products, one must first proceed from the type of hair, its structure, density, degree of coloring and other factors.


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