The color of the sea wave in manicure. Marine Ideas

The color of the sea wave in the manicure looks bright and original. He is often chosen for summer nail design. This shade refreshes the image, which can be complemented by decor, so that it becomes more effective. For example, rhinestones, sparkles and shell decorations. In manicure, the color of the sea wave goes well with delicate pastel shades.

Fashion ideas

There are several options for such a nail design:

  1. Ombre - gradient manicure, looks beautiful and spectacular. You will be able to create an interesting effect of the sea wave: you will add depth and saturation to the design.
  2. Sparkles - this will create the effect of the play of light on the waves. To do this, you can use a coating with a shimmer or friable colored sparkles.
  3. Decorate it with additional decor - shells and beads.
  4. Create a simulated fish scale with a small grid.
  5. Use velvet sand to add a nice texture to your manicure.

You can combine the color of the sea wave with other shades:

  • gentle pastel;
  • in blue;
  • white
  • golden;
  • silver.

By choosing the right combination of colors and textures, you can create a beautiful marine-themed manicure.

spectacular manicure

Shell with a pearl

To create such a nail design you need to use additional decor - beads and rhinestones. A drawing is best done on one finger to make the design look aesthetically pleasing.

  1. As a background coating, use aquamarine in your manicure, and cover one nail with white varnish.
  2. On a white background, draw a shell. To do this, you can choose a turquoise color, and make the outline of the picture black. Attach a bead in the middle - you have a beautiful original design.
  3. On other nails, decorate the base with rhinestones or small figures with shells.

This manicure goes well with any style of clothing. The design is gentle romantic and sophisticated and makes your image more feminine and elegant.

manicure with a picture

How to create waves on the nails?

In a manicure, the color of the sea wave is ideal for creating waves on the nails:

  1. To create such a design, you need a sponge. First, cover your nails with blue, turquoise and light brown. Then apply the same colors on a piece of sponge and carefully lean it against the nail plate.
  2. In cold water, drip with white varnish and make neat patterns. Then lower the nail so that the film is on the nail plate.
  3. Apply a topcoat on top.

You have a beautiful manicure with a pattern that looks impressive. This design is ideal for holidays and goes well with the beach style.

how to draw waves on nails

Beautiful manicure with the effect of Negative Space

A popular trend in nail design is Negative Space, this is when part of the nail plate is left unpainted.

  1. For background coverage, use aquamarine in this manicure. You can also make a gradient. To do this, you can use blue - it must be placed on the protruding edge of the nail.
  2. On one fingernail, place a stencil in the shape of a shell and paint over the rest of it. Then remove the stencil and use a thin brush to draw a white outline of the shell.
  3. Also with a thin brush in white paint a shell on other nails. In addition, decorate the nails with beads and a starfish figurine.

This design looks original and spectacular. But use additional decor in moderation to make the manicure look aesthetically pleasing.

Starfish on the nails

A beautiful manicure with a picture is not necessarily complex patterns, but also simple bright drawings.

  1. On some nails, make a monophonic coating of light blue, and on others, a gradient from a combination of colors - light blue and white. To design turned out spectacular, you can do molding on one nail.
  2. On one fingernail, paint shells with red varnish, and on the other - asterisks, on which make light dots with a small dots. Use a thin brush to paint the waves with white varnish.
  3. Apply a top coat over the picture.

This is a great idea for a bright manicure: you do not need to use additional decor, so your design will turn out to be more persistent. This option goes well with the beach style and colorful outfits.

starfish on the nails

Palm tree design

Aquamarine nail polish adds elegance and sophistication to the nail design. To make the manicure even more delicate, make a gradient with the addition of light shades:

  1. Make an ombre with turquoise and white shades. White position on the protruding edge of the nail plate.
  2. Using a thin brush, draw a palm tree in black.
  3. Apply a topcoat on top.

You got a wonderful spectacular manicure. The drawing is best done on one or a pair of nails - then the design will turn out elegant and harmonious.

Add sparkle

To make a manicure on a marine theme, it is not necessary to use additional decor or create complex drawings. The gradient design looks spectacular. To create it you will need:

  • very light shade of blue;
  • aquamarine;
  • bright blue color.

Place the lightest shade at the base of the nail plate. To make a manicure in a marine design look even more spectacular, add a coating with glitter.

gradient manicure

In combination with a pale pink shade

The combination of sea wave varnish and pale pink creates the effect of reflection of sunset on the waves.

  1. On some nails, make a monochromatic varnish of aquamarine color, on others - a gradient with the addition of pale pink.
  2. At the base of the nail plate, place small rhinestones and beads, and on one fingernail place a starfish figurine.
  3. For greater effect, you can add a glitter coating.

You have got a beautiful and stylish manicure that will go well with both the beach style and romantic dresses. So your image will be even more feminine and sophisticated.

How to draw waves?

The most popular marine theme is waves. You can create them in several ways:

  1. The use of water technology. Dip navy, turquoise and white varnishes into cold water. Gently mix the shades with a toothpick to create beautiful, original patterns. Then lower the nail so that the entire pattern fits on the surface of the nail plate. You got a beautiful original manicure.
  2. You can make waves at sea with a thin brush. Against a light blue background, draw white wavy lines.
  3. Apply blue and white colors on the nail and mix them with a piece of plastic bag. You get a spectacular nail design.

The waves on the sea look beautiful, and the laconic drawing makes the design even more sophisticated and elegant.

how to paint nails

Features of working with acrylic nails

On extended nails you have more opportunities to create an interesting design. They make an aquarium manicure or voluminous. Such a design turns out to be more persistent, and nail service masters can create whole pictures that look spectacular.

Experts recommend not to place a large amount of decor on the tip of the nails. You can use transparent varnish as a background coating. And the tip of the nail highlight blue varnish. You can draw starfish shapes and add some broths to decorate.

A marine-themed manicure looks fresh and original, and the use of decorative jewelry and sparkles can make it even more spectacular. This design goes well with light dresses and beach style.


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