How to clean super-glue from clothes: removal methods, choice of product, tips and instructions for removing

Probably everyone has ever had to work with super-glue. Unfortunately, he sometimes gets on clothes. If you do not know how to clean it properly, then this can lead to damage to things. Proven and safe methods will help to solve the problem. How to clean super-glue from clothes, we will describe later in the article.

Don't put off

If the product got on the thing, it should be removed and laid out on level ground so that the composition does not spread. Cardboard or thick paper is placed under the thin material. A cotton swab is dipped in nail polish remover and the adhesive is carefully removed.

super glue removal methods

The stain can be removed if the product is soaked in warm water using detergent or stain remover. Clothing should be left to soak and wash by hand, carefully treating the contaminated area.

And how to remove super-glue from clothing if it is sewn from thick material? It is required to blot the stain with a napkin and put on a flat surface, and then scrape it off with a knife. If the pollution is fresh, then such actions are usually sufficient. After that, the clothes should be washed in the usual way. If the pollution is not removed, the stain is moistened with ammonia, vodka or white spirit.

Cold use

Now we’ll show you how to clean super-glue from clothes with the help of cold. In this case, freezing is used, and for this additional funds are not needed. The thing is put in a plastic bag so that the contaminated place is in sight. It is placed in the freezer for an hour.

how to remove dried super glue from clothes

When the glue freezes, it becomes brittle and it will be easy to remove with tweezers, a nail file, fork teeth, etc. By the way, if the adhesive has frozen in the shape of a ball, then it must be broken with a rolling pin. Then the product must be soaked and washed in a soapy solution. Usually, after this procedure, many contaminants from glue are eliminated.


You can remove super-glue from clothes using an iron. At high temperatures, the adhesive melts and lags behind the material, so its removal occurs without effort. The stain is cleaned like this:

  1. The clothes are laid out on level ground, which must be covered with cotton material.
  2. Contaminated area must be covered with the same plain fabric. Colorful matter can color a thing.
  3. When the iron is warmed to maximum, the stain needs to be ironed. Periodically, raising the matter, it is necessary to check the state of the glue. When it becomes soft, it can be removed with the blunt side of a knife or thin cardboard.
  4. Then the product must be soaked in water with washing powder, instead of which a stain remover can be added. After a few minutes, you can do normal washing. After using this method, usually a thing takes on its original form.
how to clean super glue with an iron

Plain water

If the stain is fresh, cleaning super-glue from your clothes is easy. For this, you can use only hot water. But this method is suitable for materials that are allowed to wash with such water. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Need to take off your clothes.
  2. Boil water (it is advisable to use an electric kettle, because you need to act quickly).
  3. Heated water is poured into an appropriate container.
  4. Clothes are placed in boiling water spot down. Let her lie down for several minutes.
  5. When the glue softens, you need to get the product and lay it out of the blue. The glue is removed with a blunt object to prevent damage to the material, after which the clothes are washed in a soap solution.

The use of home methods

In general, the problem of removing super-glue from clothes, if there is no special means, can be solved easily. To do this, you can use what is in every house:

  1. Table vinegar. It should not be used for synthetic materials, as the product will lose its shape. Vinegar must be mixed with warm water in an amount of 1: 1. Soak contaminated area for 15 minutes in this solution. Remove wet glue with a sharp object.
  2. Lemon acid. It is used if the stain is not old. Citric acid (1 tbsp) is added to the water (1 cup). A cotton swab moisten the problem area and leave for 30-50 minutes. Then the clothes must be washed manually in warm water using detergent.
glue citric acid

Household chemicals

Household chemicals will also come to the rescue to remove dried super-glue from clothes. In this case, you will be helped:

  1. White Spirit. Compared to acetone, this solvent can be used for synthetic fabrics, just do not soak the entire product in it. It is only necessary to moisten the pollution and wait a few minutes. Since this product quickly evaporates, it is necessary, without waiting for absolute drying, to moisten the stain again until the glue softens. Then it is removed with a suitable object and the item is washed. By the way, the tool can not be used for processing natural tissues.
  2. With gasoline, you can clean super-glue from clothes with high quality. To do this, rags soaked in gasoline are applied to the dirt on both sides. So that it does not spread, the thing is placed on a horizontal surface. After 10 minutes, glue can be removed. To get rid of the smell of gasoline, wash clothes with a rinse aid.
  3. "Dimexide." This solution is sold in a pharmacy. Two swabs soaked with them should be placed on 2 sides of the stain and left for 10-15 minutes, after which remove particles of insoluble glue. If all else fails, you need to repeat the procedure. The product is considered harmless to various tissues, including delicate and delicate ones.
  4. "Super Moment Antique". The tool is considered safe for different materials. But it’s still better to check its effect on color. You can remove dried super-glue from clothes with this product as follows: it is applied to the stain from 2 sides and left for 5 minutes. The glue is removed with a metal object. In addition to super-glue, this tool allows you to get rid of epoxy glue and traces of stickers from clothes.
  5. Nail polish remover. This method is desirable to check in an inconspicuous place things. The liquid is applied to a cotton swab or napkin and applied to the material from 2 sides. The glue should be easily removed from the material, the fabric dries and the stain disappears.
  6. Acetone will help solve the problem of how to wipe super-glue from clothes if the stain is difficult to remove. To do this, the product must be placed horizontally, laying cardboard under it. Two swabs are impregnated with a solvent and applied to the stain from 2 sides. After a few minutes, you should try to scrape off the loose glue. But acetone is not suitable for synthetics, and it also washes paint from natural fabrics.
how to clean clothes with white spirit

All these methods allow you to remove glue from crystals. Even if other types of agents were used (epoxy, thermoactive, glue-raplav) these methods cope with most cases. But in the application of any means must be careful. First, it is better to check its effect on the material and color in an inconspicuous place, for example, on the wrong seam.

The use of ammonia

This product gently removes super-glue from clothing. It can be bought at any pharmacy. Ammonia (1 drop) is applied to a cotton swab and left to contaminate for 10-20 minutes. Then remove the stain with a napkin.

how to use ammonia

These are all ways to remove super-glue from clothes. Applying any of them, it is necessary to work carefully and without haste, and in most cases they allow you to return the clothes to their original appearance.

Tips for removing 6 types of glue

To know how to remove the stain from the glue, it is necessary to take into account its properties. The following tips will help eliminate the remnants of different glue on things:

  1. Clerical and PVA. These funds are easily eliminated, since they are created on a water-soluble basis, because of which the fibers do not stick together. You only need to wet the stain with water, rub with laundry soap and wash. If the pollution is old, then first you need to soak it in a soap solution for 2-3 hours, adding baking soda (a few tablespoons). Then, using a brush or sponge, wipe the stain and wash the item. With very old traces of PVA, the item is soaked with alcohol or vinegar and left for 30 minutes. Then the clothes are soaked in warm water, to which the detergent is added, and washed.
  2. Clay "Titan". Such a tool is eliminated with a hammer. The product must be put on a hard place, cover the stain with gauze and carefully break. Remove fragments and wash clothes. If the glue is ingrained in the material, you need to soak it in gasoline or ethyl acetate.
  3. Glue from the label. It is cleaned with hot and cold air. Hard glue is removed by a sudden change in temperature. The stain needs to be heated with a hairdryer or iron, and then put the clothes in the freezer. After subsequent steaming, the traces are removed with a pumice or nail file. Residues can be removed thanks to ammonia and detergent. But this method should not be used in cleaning leather and silk.
  4. Glue from the sticker. It is removed due to the usual rolling with your fingers. You can do this with hot air.
  5. Trace of tape. Hair spray, a toothbrush and a white napkin will help here. The product is laid out on level ground. The stain is saturated with varnish and brushed. Traces are wiped off with alcohol or an alcohol-containing liquid. Then they are washed in cold water.
  6. Glue from the thermogun. It is easy to clean if put in a freezer. Frozen pieces of glue crumble from the cold, and their remnants are removed with a brush.
wash dirty clothes


We have offered you several proven methods for cleaning clothes from super-glue. It is only necessary to take into account the type of pollution and the type of fabric. Only with a suitable product will the treatment be accurate.


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