Portfolio of a kindergarten teacher: templates, rules for compilation and design

Modern kindergarten teachers are very different from those who worked at the Kindergarten twenty to thirty years ago. Actively educated women who love their job and understand why they are going to work with small children have replaced the eternally gloomy and grumpy aunts. Such cardinal metamorphoses are mainly associated with the fact that an alternative to the obsolete system of preschool education has emerged, which is a relic of the Soviet past. Many private kindergartens set the direction in the work of this sphere of pedagogy, and it is quite natural that state kindergartens, not wanting to lag behind competitors, also significantly increase the level of services they provide.

Innovations touched all sides of the organizational system of the DOE - material and technical equipment and advanced training of personnel. It is the second parameter that is important, like no other, because both parents and teachers know that only a competent teacher can give the child the maximum of useful information and will be able to prepare him for the most important stage in life - for school. At the same time, finding a good teacher is a whole problem, because it is quite difficult to immediately assess the professionalism of a person. The teacher’s portfolio can help show the best side to the teacher. This document is needed not only for employment, it will be very useful in the future - for the implementation of the educational process, advanced training, confirmation of accreditation. Today we will find out how the portfolio of the kindergarten teacher is compiled, what information needs to be included in it and how to best arrange it.

Why does the educator need a portfolio?

Keeping up with the times

The profession of educator is closely related to creativity, and therefore it is not surprising that these specialists need to create their own portfolio. In the traditional sense, this document is an album with photographs or samples of human work in a certain field of activity. The educator’s portfolio usually has more in-depth content.

And this is its main difference from a similar document, say, with a designer, artist or hairdresser. It should contain information about the specialist, his achievements, skills, his own achievements, the methodology that he professes in his activities with his wards. In addition to the fact that he needs a portfolio of a kindergarten teacher for daily work, it will also be needed for demonstration to higher management. As well as various commissions subordinate to the Ministry of Education, the skills of a specialist in the collection, processing, systematization and analysis of data.

Sample Caretaker Portfolio

In what form is the educator's portfolio compiled?

A document can be made in two versions:

  • electronic;
  • paper.

Designing a teacher’s portfolio using a PC is a feasible task even for a novice computer user. No matter how terrible this work may seem, it can be done without any problems independently and fairly quickly. The main thing is to be guided by general standards and principles of drafting a document. What is the advantage of an electronic version of a portfolio over a paper one? If the teacher’s portfolio is made on a computer, if necessary, it can be used as a presentation, displaying information on a large screen. In addition, it’s quite simple to make current edits and additions to an electronic document. To facilitate your work, you can use the portfolio manager templates, adjusting them as necessary for personal data.

For daily work, it is much more convenient to use the paper version of the portfolio. This may be the same electronic document, but printed on a printer. But usually teachers simply systematize all their achievements with the help of a folder folder, grouping information in separate blocks in it. This variant of the teacher’s portfolio usually contains not only ready-made assignments, scripts, and a well-developed methodology, but also various essays and plans for the future.

Writing a Caretaker Portfolio

Main working paper

The portfolio of a DOU employee is a reflection of his experience and professionalism. The longer the experience, the more diverse the skills and the higher the qualifications of the educator, the more extensive the document will be. Of course, it’s not worthwhile to attach all the information that is needed in daily work. If only because fit it on 10-15 pages of a standard folder is almost impossible. But then what to include in the content of the document, and what can be discarded? In addition to the mandatory supporting documentation (certificates, diplomas, diplomas, etc.), you need to display data on how the teacher works with children at the moment and over the past five years.

It is quite natural that the portfolio of a teacher of the highest category will be more professional and capacious, because he is a high-level specialist who, in addition to methodological knowledge, has already accumulated personal experience in communicating with children of different age categories, and also has a good base of classes, games and scripts for various events for wards. Note that in the portfolio you need to indicate your own ideas and best practices, this will help readers of the document to make sure that its author is a real pro in his field.

The cover sheet of the teacher's portfolio

Portfolio structure

It should be noted right away that there is no clear standard for the design of a teacher’s portfolio according to the Federal State Educational Standard. There are only general principles that should be followed. First of all, they relate to the fact that information should be submitted competently and structured. All information is divided into logically understandable blocks (documentation, personal information about the teacher, methodology, personal experience, reviews, activity results, etc.).

It is also very important that the information provided in the portfolio is objective and realistic, because with a high degree of probability the teacher will need to present this document to a special commission to confirm the level of his knowledge and qualifications. The teacher's portfolio for certification is of primary importance. It often indicates not only the achievements of the teacher, but also his wards. So, photo reports of classes, events and master classes, reviews of parents and colleagues, reviews of the head and other management can and should be attached to the document.

Kindergarten teacher portfolio

Folder design

As we already said, educator portfolio templates greatly accelerate the process of creating a multimedia document. Since it is designed to work with children, the author can afford greater freedom of action during its design. A portfolio should not be a boring and dry collection of activities and statistics - its title page and pages leading the sections are usually decorated with colored frames and various images.

The text of the document must be formatted, highlighting in it headings, subheadings, making paragraphs and indicating important details. If this is a paper version of the portfolio, then it also represents a colorful folder with many attachments and additions. This format of the document is an excellent opportunity to systematize the teacher’s pedagogical experience and bring it into a readable form.

The design of the portfolio of the teacher

Main sections

So what does the standard portfolio content look like?

  1. Information about the teacher.
  2. Information on advanced training (courses, seminars, trainings, as well as where and when they took place, topics of these events).
  3. Documents and awards - their list and copies.
  4. Section on the resource provision of the educator.
  5. Data on the methods and programs used by him.
  6. Generalized results of activities (pedagogical and methodological).
  7. Description of the teacher’s experience, this section may also include self-reports and analysis results.
  8. Reviews and reviews.
  9. Applications

Depending on in what form and for what purpose the portfolio is created, its volume changes. If this is a presentation or work that was written specifically for the attestation commission, then only basic data should be included in the document, having written them briefly. And if this is a working portfolio for everyday use, then it can be more capacious and complete.

Assignments for the educator's portfolio

Title page

The title page of the teacher’s portfolio, as a rule, consists of the most general information. He tells what kind of document is in front of the reader and what is his purpose. It is not necessary to indicate completely all the information about the teacher on the main page - all this information is described in the next section. On the title page, you just need to write the name and surname of the DOU employee, as well as his place of work, possibly his photo.

Official information

The next block tells what is the qualification of the teacher. First of all, he needs to submit exhaustive information about himself:

  • where and when the education is received, in what specialty and qualifications;
  • additional education;
  • work experience - general and in the position held.

As a confirmation of labor merit, it is necessary to provide copies of various awards and diplomas for recent years of activity. It will also be necessary to write a brief curriculum vitae, describe yourself and your worldview, describing your life and professional position, and come up with a personal motto.

Portfolio of kindergarten teacher according to GEF

Description of specialist game support

This section includes information about what the teacher works with, conducting classes with his students. It is important that the teacher is aware of both traditional and familiar, as well as modern educational games for children, as well as being able to interest kids in them. It is no secret that the game is a leading activity for a preschool child. What the group in which the teacher works is provided with are the resources necessary for conducting the classes.

In the portfolio, you need to pay attention to the description of toys available to children in the kindergarten, as well as games for logic, the development of motor skills, perseverance, imagination. Equally significant is the sports equipment that the educator uses. In addition, the teacher must know what is in his group, he needs to provide information on how he conducts classes with children using this equipment.

Methodological developments

It is impossible to imagine a completed portfolio of a teacher without a description of the methods and programs according to which he carries out his work. It is necessary to indicate not only the generally accepted methods of other teachers, but also to demonstrate their own experience working with children, indicating the forms of their education, the tools that are used to implement personal and borrowed programs. Also in this section you need to describe the sources of information with which the teacher works. This can be non-fiction, and specialized publications, and thematic websites.

Additional Information

A correctly compiled portfolio just needs to be supplemented with photographs, pictures and video materials. Since the main paragraphs of the document cannot always contain all the information, in the section "Applications" you can file advanced statistics and analysis of the results of various events, information about what kind of response the methods receive among children, their parents and fellow teachers.

Often the portfolio is supplemented with reviews about the DOE employee - such information will not be redundant, on the contrary, for those who are in search of work or trying to improve their category, positive characteristics from the side will give additional weight in the eyes of a potential employer or examiners.

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