The main reasons for the divorce of spouses in Russia

The great Catherine Deneuve, a beautiful temptress and clever, with rich experience in relations with men, said: "Why get married while there is an opportunity to break up, give only a reason?" Divorces today are a social problem that never ceases to excite society. This is an acute painful question, since it is not a question of creation, but of destruction. Hear correctly the phrase of the beloved Frenchwoman: there is not a single hint of self-interest in her, Catherine regrets the fragility of the concept of "marriage" in the modern world.

To love a person, to go hand in hand with him, many cannot afford, so what are the main reasons for divorcing couples in Russia?

Statistics and today's realities

Children suffer from divorces

In our country, there are three divorces for five marriages, from year to year this indicator becomes higher. Family and marriage are influenced by numerous social and personal factors: from politics and economics to traditions and customs, ideology and characteristics of the education of people, as well as their characters.

If you got married early, and also because of pregnancy, this may be a reason for divorce: what reasons do you still need to leave if you, "drowned" in everyday life, completely forgot about each other? You do not get enough sleep, you don’t have enough money, nobody remembers the romance of the relationship, you don’t have enough time for each other, and there are a lot of problems with the baby that you have to face every day. If you also constantly struggle for family leadership and are emotionally immature people, your marriage can easily be at risk.

Self-interest is a disease of the century

Today, marriage for many means 90% receiving material benefits, and human relationships, love and creating a family somehow lost their meaning. It is a pity that the world has gone crazy. Those who are in pursuit of money need official papers. Sometimes these people give up, tired of waiting for something and say: "That's it, I can’t, I don’t want to lie to you, I don’t like you, let's get divorced." And they dump this load, acting honestly at the moment with respect to the partner, but dishonest towards him in principle (it was not necessary to start this lie from the very beginning), if there were forces, they would hold out and get their jackpot, yes endure more urine no. A dishonest, disgusting marriage game. But let's not get so confused.

Marriages - Reason for Divorce

Do people living in the world have a desire to live together and create a family? Now is there anyone who needs unfreedom? Indeed, without obligations it is much simpler, and here is the reason for divorces in Russia and in the world that is moving towards simplification. No need to strain, the times of construction have passed, we live on ready-made solutions. Somehow disgusting, fresh, life without values ​​...

Any union should be based on only sincere relations. And when you got married today, and tomorrow you run to the registry office to get divorced, why get married at all? We do not abandon our parents. Why break up with husband or wife?

Out of love

At times, it ourselves becomes unclear to us what is the point of tormenting ourselves and harassing a person living nearby, because he was once not indifferent to you. It happens that the partner becomes nasty. Did the muck (systematically does), lies, or you fell in love with another - there are thousands of reasons for divorce in Russia, which are based on the simple and terrible verb "stopped loving". At one point, you understand: “That's it! I can’t take it anymore!”

What is expressed that love has passed? You can’t sit at the table and watch this man eat? This is an alarming call to the fact that your attitude towards him has become hostile. You do not tolerate his sneezing, coughing, his jokes are not funny, you get mad when he laughs, his manner of speaking annoys you? If such things have become unbearable for you, then you need to think deeply whether it is worth living with a person who annoys you so much. Will it be honest with him?

In 1944, the divorces were already trying to tighten, in any divorce proceedings through the court they could easily refuse - live for yourself, doves, suffer. Later life showed that there was nothing good from the violence of people against each other under one roof, it was a complete destructive, and in 1969, divorce became a simple thing again: if there are no children and property disputes, go to the registry office and put the desired seal.

Jealousy - Stunning Data

What are the causes of divorce in the family?

He who is not jealous does not love. Yes, probably it is. But jealousy can be confused with a possessive feeling, and then it becomes a real scourge of marriage: the reason for the divorce of most couples in an official relationship is not just that someone was jealous of someone, but that someone believes your soul mate with your thing. The scenery, which has no right to go anywhere, on which no one has the right to encroach, communicate with her, have common interests. Do you feel the smell of a hospital atmosphere? At the same time, in couples in a civil marriage, jealousy as a reason for divorce is much less common.

Alcoholism and drug addiction

Talking about drug addicts is scary. If a husband drinks, this is a disaster. If a wife drinks, this is the main reason for the divorce of spouses and the death of a cell in society. Children in such families grow up nervous, sick and try to leave their parental home as quickly as possible. Seeing the decay of a person is scary for everyone. An addict and an alcoholic cannot be a good parent, breadwinner and support; he is a burden, moreover, dangerous.

Lack of own housing

For this reason, the most seemingly strong couples get divorced. Not all young people have the opportunity to turn to their parents for help with housing. Buying your apartment is an outrageous dream, always renting a living space is a waste of money. Not everyone is lucky. Those who are stronger - walk together side by side. And many, unfortunately, give up and go sailing through life alone.

Early marriage, early pregnancy

It is often difficult for young spouses to live together, and even more so to raise a child. Sociologists note that in the vast majority of cases, on average, women marry at 22 years old and give birth to a child at the age of 23 years, from this we can conclude that they marry due to an unplanned pregnancy.

Financial difficulties

Inconsistency of views

Unfortunately, financial difficulties are one of the main reasons for spouses' divorces in Russia. Lack of money, constant stress in connection with this, and hence conflicts, are a fairly common cause of gaps initiated by women. Ladies do not want to put up with an unemployed spouse, especially one who is not going to work. Men, in turn, are quite tolerant of wives sitting at home, and the reasons for their divorce are constant scandals and reproaches from their companions on the topic of male inability to earn money.


Cheating - Common Causes of Divorce

This is either an accident that the traitor sincerely regrets and repents, or an intentional step when a person ceases to value family relations and consciously seeks an outlet on the side. If the "spy" spouse believes that his half does not suspect of a "campaign to the left," then this is the deepest mistake. Each attentive and insightful, and most importantly, sincerely loving partner will surely notice the betrayal of his wife or husband, and even if he tries and forgives (only time can "darn" this wound), the purity of the relationship will be broken. Next - a lack of confidence that negatively affects the emotional and intimate side of a couple’s life and can cause a divorce.

It is said that for men, the most painful is the partner’s physical infidelity. This is not always the case. Both men and women find it harder and harder to realize emotional betrayal when a partner spiritually approaches another woman or another man.

Why are betrayal of spouses leading among causes of divorce in Russia and abroad? Why are we jumping into other people's beds? Firstly, it is a different sexual temperament in a husband and wife. Secondly, different ideas about cleanliness and order, dissimilarity in tastes for cinema and literature, for music and television programs. Thirdly, various gastronomic preferences and a different circle of communication.

Inconsistency of desires, tastes, biorhythms - these are significant reasons for divorces. Differing opinions and views on seemingly everyday little things sooner or later turn into a snowball, rushing at a tremendous speed in order to destroy a marriage based on nothing. Psychologists say that if two of the five opinions of the spouses are different, the chances of preserving a real family are nullified, because each of them will adhere to their position, and it is good if one of them shows wisdom and pliability. If the differences do not cause a divorce, then most likely it will not be a family, but the existence of two strangers under one roof.

Relation of relatives to family life

This is also a significant reason for divorce. Tell me frankly, is there anything more annoying in this world than having a mother-in-law or mother-in-law nearby? We always misinterpret the true intentions of the parents of our “halves,” especially mothers. Mom’s son will never hate the daughter-in-law whom her son loves. A loving mother will accept her and try to understand everything. He’ll figure out what to do if they have to live together due to lack of living space. Everything is different with the wife’s mother. Usually the girl’s mother wants her baby to live like cheese in butter, not worry about anything, bathe in abundance and happiness. As a rule, life does not manage as we expect.

The mother’s displeasure is necessarily passed on to her child, and, according to many reviews, the reason for the divorce is the systematic “dripping” of the young girl’s brain that her husband is not at all the party she needs. And if more than one mother sings "songs", and all the relatives are opposed to one of the spouses, such pressure is quite difficult to withstand. Especially if you live under one roof.

Inability to have a baby

Childless families are, unfortunately, the increasingly frequent realities of our life today. Poor ecology, stress, an improper lifestyle - all these factors lead to developing diseases of women and men, due to which they cannot have children. Either someone is infertile or has a chronic inherited disease. Is it possible to reward them with a son or daughter?

What other obstacles are there on the path to happiness?

If the spouses live apart for a long time, this also causes divorce in the family. People make new acquaintances and affections. Once a loved one moves away and becomes a stranger.

If a husband or wife is serving a prison sentence, this becomes the reason for divorce in Russia in two out of a hundred cases, and because of a long illness of the spouse, only one out of a hundred couples breaks up relations (after all, Russians are kind-hearted people by nature).


Reasons for divorce in Russia

Different states - a different mentality in people. Why do many marriages between foreigners crack at the seams? It is difficult to understand each other on a spiritual level. Various ideologies, worldviews, cultures are too good reasons for the breakup of marriage.

Europe is characterized by unusual causes of family divorces for us: statistics give us interesting facts.

The continued growth in the well-being of the population and the optimized system of state benefits contribute to a comfortable European living alone. A person feels protected and can cope with all difficulties alone, even if he has a child. Formal marriage as an economic support is no longer needed. In Europe, the institution of marriage is completely abolished. Therefore, Europeans do not hold on to marriages at all, preferring, if you want, just to live together, without obligation.

Homosexual relations have recently ranked fourth among the reasons for the breakup of marriages in Europe. If one of the spouses has a same-sex lover, this is an occasion for his partner to file for divorce without hesitation.

The Europeans have the sixth place in the causes of divorce because of computer addiction, as a result of which the “sick person” becomes completely indifferent to his second half.


Divorce is a way to find happiness

The first reason for divorce in the USA is dissatisfaction with the quality of marriage. Americans are very pragmatic. For all their sentimentality, they view the family from a consumer point of view, and if something doesn’t suit them, they break up without any problems.

The second reason for the breakdown of marriages is disagreement on racial, religious and national issues, the third is the financial dissatisfaction of the spouses.


There are many more reasons for divorce of spouses, probably how many families, so many reasons ... Before making a fatal decision, remember the day of your marriage. You made an alliance of hearts, not wallets? What did you say to each other in the registry office? "In sorrow and in joy, in wealth and poverty ..." To love is convenient and simple, when everything is good, and the true essence of man is manifested in difficult life situations. If he runs away from difficulties, hides his head in the sand, then such a partner is worthless. Unfortunately, many so easily forget the words spoken in oath. So they didn’t give them meaning at all.


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