How to transfer contacts from Gmail to Gmail? Instruction Gmail

If a user starts a new email account, then most likely he needs it for a specific task, for example, to receive newsletters by subscription or project from various services, to correspond with colleagues and customers. In this case, transferring data from the previous one to it is not required at all. However, you may need to create a new box and add contacts to it that you had to interact with through the old one. What to do in this case?

Many companies that provide the ability to use electronic mailboxes, offer tools for moving the contact book. Is it possible to carry out a similar action with contacts if Gmail is used? The Google company, of course, provides its customers with the import of a contact list from other mailboxes. Including the situation is not excluded when it may be necessary to create a new Gmail mailbox and transfer contacts to it from a similar mailer. Is this permissible? How are data export / import operations performed? What difficulties may arise?

how to transfer contacts from gmail to gmail

How to transfer contacts from Gmail to Gmail?

You can carry out a similar procedure yourself, and without using third-party programs to create files with data that are downloaded from one box and loaded into another. All that is required from the user is access to the Internet. At the same time, data can be transferred from any device (tablet, computer, smartphone). The principle of the transfer is as follows:

  • first, we create a file of a certain format (.csv) with data, or rather with contacts (this must be done while in the mailbox from which it is necessary to transfer information about addresses);
  • the resulting file is uploaded to a new mailbox.

Moreover, you can make loading / unloading using regular tools that Gmail provides us with.


Data Export Procedure

So, let's take a closer look at how to transfer contacts from Gmail (to Gmail) from your old email account. You must first log in to the Google website (by switching to the old version of the site). Naturally, using the credentials of the record that contains the required list of contacts. Then you should pay attention to the site panel located at the top of the page. There is a "More" menu. Through it, you can go to the old interface of the electronic mailbox, since the ability to export data is present only there. We select the “Export” item (the selection of items will be available after clicking the “More” button). After that, the user will have to determine which of the contacts list in the system he wants to transfer to the new mail account. There are two possible lists:

  • my contacts (here are stored the email addresses that the user forcibly enters into the list);
  • all contacts (all the addresses with which you have ever interacted are stored here).

After that, you need to export by clicking the appropriate button, then exit the current account.

How to import contacts into your Gmail account

Data Import Procedure

How to import contacts into a Gmail account after the data file has been prepared? Previously, it will be necessary to log into the new mail account, also choosing the previous version of the interface. After that, the “More” command will be executed and the item, respectively, “Import” will be executed. The file selection form indicates the one that was previously generated (in .csv format). The user will be notified of the successful transfer of contacts.

Possible difficulties during data transfer

How to transfer contacts from Gmail to Gmail, we reviewed earlier. And now I would like to draw attention to the fact that there are a number of circumstances that may impede the correct transfer of contact information.

  1. If there are a large number of contacts in the corresponding list (more than three thousand), step-by-step unloading should be done in order to reduce the file size, since it will be impossible to read the file completely the first time.
  2. Non-Latin characters must be absent from the contact list, otherwise an error will occur during data transfer.
  3. If the new mailer already has one of those contacts that we plan to transfer, then an error will certainly appear. In this case, you just need to delete the contact from a new box or re-generate the data file, excluding the contact already present from it.
  4. Inconsistency with the format of the downloaded file will also lead to the fact that the user will have a question how to transfer contacts from Gmail to Gmail. Indeed, in this case it will be impossible to read data from the specified file, an error will occur.
  5. Each mailbox has a predefined storage volume. If it is exceeded and the upload file is formed in a state when the storage is full, there is a chance that it will fail when importing it.

How to transfer contacts from a computer to Gmail

Data Migration Guidelines

In order for the data transfer to be successful, you should make sure that the memory is not full before transferring contacts from the computer to Gmail (otherwise, delete some addresses and manually enter them in the address book of the new mailbox). It is also not recommended to enter data before the import procedure: after all, they can be the same (contacts from the old and new mailbox), and then you will have to suspend the download process and identify compliance.

How to transfer contacts from Gmail to iPhone?

If you need to "share" the contacts that are entered for the Gmail account on one of the Apple devices, the following instructions will come in handy:

  • go to the device settings (IPhone, iPad);
  • select the item "Contacts - Accounts";
  • we select a Google provider and specify the mail address and password from it, which is used for authorization in the account;
  • ready (data is synchronized after a while).

Thus, you can use the contact book from any device. It is enough to add an account and indicate what exactly should be synchronized - correspondence, contacts, etc.

How to transfer contacts from your phone to Gmail

Is it possible to save contacts in the Gmail list via a mobile device?

Some users are interested in the question of how to transfer contacts from a phone to Gmail? Special manipulations for this are not required. It is enough to send a message by mail to the desired contact, and it will be saved in the "All contacts" list. You can add it to the address book forcibly, then in the future it will be in the "My Contacts" list.

How to transfer contacts from Gmail to iPhone


Not always the process of transferring contact data is relevant when changing an email account or creating a new one. For the most part, users create new accounts for specific purposes, and there is no need to communicate with people with whom you interacted earlier or on specific issues. However, sometimes it may still be necessary. How to transfer data between Gmail mailboxes, you already know thanks to this article. If it will be necessary to transfer data from other boxes, then on the company's website you can find the relevant information. It is also possible, following the prompts of the system, to transfer data directly from the electronic mailbox. It is preliminary recommended to clarify from which of them the necessary information can be transferred.


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