Five organizations that are blacklisted by employers in St. Petersburg

Each resident of the cultural capital of Russia, before getting a job, studies the black list of St. Petersburg employers. Why is he doing this? Of course, in order to understand, it’s worth going for an interview or better looking for another organization. In total, there are five organizations that are best avoided. They scored the largest number of negative reviews from employees.

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In the black list of employers reviews about the employer CJSC "Vecton" you can find a huge amount. For twenty years, its employees produce chemical products and deliver them to the largest food outlets. The main products are paints, oils and more.

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Employees never complain about salaries. It is always paid on time and in full. This company got into the black list of St. Petersburg employers only because of disrespectful attitude of the authorities. They absolutely do not want to spend time on training, but at the same time require that each employee clearly and quickly fulfill their duties. Also, they do not care at all about the safety of loaders and packers. If it is required to transfer harmful goods, then management does not consider it necessary to report possible consequences.

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Often from their lips you can hear obscene statements addressed to employees.


The black list of employer companies often includes various call centers. These are organizations that are engaged in public calls and offer their services. The cleaning office of Uveren was no exception. The first thing that should alert is the active “recruitment” of new workers into their staff. Everywhere you can see vivid advertising in which conscientious employees offer "the best conditions."

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In fact, girls and guys have to work every day for 10 hours without days off and holidays. For their labors each week they receive a salary equal to 3,000 rubles. Accordingly, the employee’s monthly profit is 12,000 rubles. Of course, this is a very small amount in 30 working days.

Cosmetic companies

Popular cosmetic companies such as Avon, Oriflame, Faberlik and many others also fall into the black list of St. Petersburg employers, but also into similar lists of other cities.

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Everywhere you can see an advertisement that actively encourages people to change boring work to a more interesting one. Young women distribute catalogs on busy streets, are invited to work on social networks and through phone calls.

Employees are “led” to beautiful videos that tell stories about how ordinary women were able to achieve incredible success. They say that this work is completely at home, you do not have to create ads. In fact, it turns out that a person runs around with catalogs and imposes products in order to earn bonuses and points and get a minimum percentage of the cost of cosmetics.


Often there are negative reviews about employers in the black list of employers about TIENS. Today it is one of the most deceitful organizations. The first thing that bothers everyone is that the address of the main office is constantly changing, which is not credible. Applicants note that the interview is rather strange. An employer cannot tell you exactly about job responsibilities, salaries, and work schedules. He seems to be trying to get away from the answer. Instead of an interview, training is conducted on sales techniques. Another drawback is that the ad recruits for one vacancy, but in fact you have to get acquainted with the work of almost all areas.


Once Redberg LLC was one of the most stable companies, but now it is on the black list of St. Petersburg employers. Young employees have to perform critical engineering tasks. Moreover, they have a very convenient work schedule, stable salary, paid leave and sick leave. Employees do not like that management, as if constantly monitoring each step of a subordinate. They look for any shortcomings in the work, report back if the employee has gone away for a few minutes. At the end of the month, it turns out that approximately half of the salary was deducted due to unjustified penalties.

And this is only a small part of enterprises. Thanks to the black list of St. Petersburg employers, you can get acquainted in advance with working conditions and responsibilities. This will create a general idea of ​​the company.


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