How to get Russian citizenship

Answering the question of how to obtain Russian citizenship, several points need to be highlighted. It is possible to acquire Russian citizenship for adult citizens of foreign countries, for stateless persons, refugees (having official confirmation of this status), for a person who has applied for political asylum. Each category of persons must undergo some procedures and fulfill the necessary conditions for acquiring citizenship. The requirements are enshrined in the Federal Law on Citizenship.

How to obtain Russian citizenship to a foreigner

Upon reaching the age of 18, a citizen of a foreign state has the right to apply for the acquisition of Russian citizenship subject to certain conditions. Obligatory oral and written knowledge of the Russian language, own financial means obtained legally, and before obtaining citizenship in Russia, a person must live on its territory for at least five years without a break for more than 3 months during each year. Reducing the length of stay without a break in the Russian Federation is possible. This is allowed if a person was born on the territory of the Russian Federation or previously had her citizenship, contains legally incompetent children who are citizens of the Russian Federation, or has been living legally married to a Russian citizen for three years. Each of these conditions contributes to the acquisition of Russian citizenship in a shorter time frame.

How to obtain Russian citizenship for a child

A child has the right to receive Russian citizenship in several cases. Both parents or one of them is a citizen of Russia. In this case, the birthplace of the baby does not matter. If one of the parents is a citizen of the Russian Federation, and the second is a foreigner, but the child was born in Russia. If the child is located in Russia and his parents are unknown, he has the right to obtain Russian citizenship after six months, if not one of the child’s parents declares his existence and declares parental rights. Parents can refuse citizenship of the Russian Federation, however, this cannot be the reason for changing the citizenship of the child. Independently choose how to obtain Russian citizenship or become a citizen of another state, the child has the right to reach the age of 18.

For parents, especially citizens of the Russian Federation, obtaining a child’s citizenship is a necessary procedure. Otherwise, it will be impossible to leave the borders of the Russian Federation (for example, a trip on vacation abroad). Also, without a lack of citizenship per child, it is problematic to obtain a medical insurance policy or registration at the place of residence.

Additional cases of acquisition of citizenship of the Russian Federation

There may be situations that require an answer to the question of how to obtain Russian citizenship in a special order. It can be special merits to the people of Russia in the field of art or sports, or outstanding scientific achievements and innovative solutions that are of benefit to industry and increase the defense capability of the Russian Federation. Obtaining Russian citizenship in a simplified manner is possible for a person who has an incompetent parent (at least one) in the Russian Federation, or a child who has reached the age of majority, who is a citizen of the Russian Federation. Have the right to citizenship of the Russian Federation and persons residing in territories formerly part of the Soviet Union, but currently do not have citizenship of another state. The restoration of citizenship for persons who previously had it takes place on the basis of the application submitted. This requires three years to live continuously in Russia.

Although the Government of the Russian Federation is loyal to citizens who wish to obtain Russian citizenship, the law also defines cases in which obtaining citizenship is impossible. These are outstanding convictions, open threats to the security of the Russian Federation, lack of financial resources obtained in a legitimate way.


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