Mesotherapy for hair

The trends of modern fashion clearly state: the beauty of a woman in a healthy and natural way. A fit figure, healthy skin, long well-groomed hair and naturalness in everything - these are the standards of a modern beauty and fashionista. Alas, the standards are by no means small, because if a few years ago, in order to look fashionable and beautiful, it was enough to build up nails, do tattooing or bleach hair, but now everything is much more complicated. Fashion requires natural beauty, which is either given by nature, or is achieved with the greatest difficulty.

One of the most difficult tasks of a modern woman is to preserve the beauty of hair. Dull color and split ends, massive loss and slow growth - these are constant companions of hair. There are many reasons for this β€œbehavior” in hair. Firstly, these are problems with the immune system. And problems with immunity appear in many cases, for example, with constant overwork, after childbirth, illness, etc. Secondly, a lack of iron in the body (which occurs due to heavy periods or abuse of diets). Thirdly, hormonal disruptions and disruptions caused by the use of drugs. Chemotherapy causes the most severe damage to hair, but antidepressants, drugs to lower blood pressure, diuretics and even aspirin also contribute to hair loss. Fourth, diseases of the scalp (dermatitis and seborrhea), which can be caused by both infections and the internal state of the body. Fifth, insufficient blood supply to the blood vessels of the brain can lead to hair loss, which can occur both as a result of a disease (for example, osteochondrosis), and due to abuse of drinks containing caffeine and alcohol. Sixth, the lack of trace elements and vitamins in the body, which harms not only the hair, but the whole body.

And by no means in the last place among the causes of hair loss are factors such as constant stress and environmental pollution, which affect all residents of cities.

If the hair begins to fall out suddenly, you should consult a doctor, because this can be a sign of a serious disease in the body, which has not yet manifested any other symptoms. However, even if hair loss is a direct consequence of stress, treatment or childbirth, they must be treated. One of the most effective hair treatments is mesotherapy for hair.

What is mesotherapy for hair?

This is a procedure during which a special solution is injected into the scalp, which contains the substances necessary for hair growth and nutrition of the scalp: trace elements, vitamins (group B), zinc, and sometimes also melanin. Their task is to activate the hair follicles. With the right approach, it is necessary to take tests before the mesotherapy procedure to determine which substances are missing in the body.

Due to the direct effect on the scalp, the effect of the introduced substances is achieved as quickly as possible. Blood circulation increases, hair follicles receive enhanced nutrition and, as a result, hair stops falling out. In order to obtain a lasting effect, the procedure must be repeated several times.

It should be clarified that mesotherapy is by no means an exclusively female procedure, men often resort to it.

Mesotherapy for hair: contraindications

The main contraindication for this procedure is an allergic reaction to drugs that are part of mesotherapy. Also, the procedure can not be performed during menstruation, during pregnancy and lactation, with the use of drugs that are incompatible with those that are part of the injections.

Mesotherapy: side effects

Unfortunately, after mesotherapy, sometimes there are allergic reactions to the elements that make up the solution. In addition, the introduction of an infection can be a very serious consequence, because mesotherapy for hair is primarily injections and they must be carried out under sterile conditions.

As complications, edema, urticaria, papules and other skin formations can occur.

Mesotherapy is not just a hair mask, it is a procedure that requires sterility, adhering to the exact dosage in even tests. Therefore, experts strongly recommend that you refrain from such "savings" as mesotherapy at home. This can not only not bring benefits, but also lead to long-term treatment.


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