River cruises on the Danube: description, routes and reviews

"Ay Danube, my Danube, ah, merry Danube!" - is sung in one of the Russian folk songs about one of the most famous rivers in the world. She proudly carries her waters past ten states of Europe.

Danube Cruises

Once upon a time on its banks were settlements of the ancient Slavs. This river has always attracted the attention of invaders and geographers. In the V century BC, it was explored by the famous Greek traveler Herodotus.

The Danube is of interest in our time. Many interesting cruises pass along the river . Danube cruises are very popular with travelers. And what is this river? Are there legends associated with her name? What do tourists who cruise on the Danube think? What are they like? First things first.

Danube - Europe's longest river

The great river, uniting the countries of Europe, carries its waters from west to southeast. Translated from the Celtic language, its name translates as "fast river." Fortresses were built on its shores, and warriors from different countries set up camps.

Whoever has not explored the Danube: Phoenicians and Greeks, Romans and Macedonians. With the advent of Kievan Rus, the Danube became a popular trade route. A variety of goods were sold on its shores: fabrics and jewelry, leather and furs, vegetables and wine, horses and servants. This river has always attracted numerous conquerors. Tsar Darius and Alexander the Great, Khan Batu and the Crusaders, Roman emperors and the Ottoman Empire - all of them sent their troops to the banks of the Danube in a thirst for profit.

The river originates in the mountains of Germany and ends in Ukraine. On the banks of the Danube are more than a dozen large European cities. Many of them would like to be called the river capital. But Vienna is considered the most important, it is rightly called the pearl of the Danube River.

Danube River Cruises

Russian hero Danube

One of the legends associated with the appearance of the river can be found in Russian epics. A hero named Danube Ivanovich at a feast accidentally kills his young wife. Upon learning that she was expecting a child, he is unable to bear the double murder and, having thrown himself on his sword, dies. The blood that flows from the wound of the Danube forms an entire river, later it is called the name of the Russian hero.

"Oh, the Danube, and steamboats now roam you ..." - wrote the Russian poet Fedor Tyutchev almost two hundred years ago. The development of navigation on the river began in the 19th century and continues actively in the 21st century throughout the calendar year, with the exception of one to two months.

Today it is the most popular and beloved by many tourists in the world route. Cruises on the Danube are the most diverse. Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest are popular departure ports.

Danube Cruise from Vienna

This route is the most popular and beloved by many tourists in the world. The capital of Austria - Vienna - will for a long time capture the hearts of lovers of opera, waltzes, museums and romance. The city of Mozart and Strauss, strudel and schnitzels will open its hospitable embrace for you.

The journey starts from the city of Vienna and usually ends there. The average duration of a cruise is from 7 to 11 days. Comfortable cabins, Russian-speaking guides, entertainment, delicious and nutritious food - all this and much more awaits you on a cruise.

Danube Cruise from Vienna

Danube Cruises from Budapest

If you have only a couple of days to visit the capital of Hungary, be sure to take a boat trip. You can see the whole city in a short period of time, as well as swim under the seven bridges that connect the banks of the Danube. The river divides the city into two parts: the right bank - the green Buda and the left bank - the plain Pest.

You can ride the boat for several hours, or you can book a cruise from two days to a week. In this case, you can get acquainted not only with Budapest, but also with many European cities. The cruise program includes not only a water trip, but also parking in the largest cities in Europe, and visiting museums.

Curious facts about the Danube

1. The length of this river is about three thousand kilometers.

2. There are several hundred tributaries of the Danube River, about 30 of which are navigable.

3. Poems by Vladimir Khlebnikov and Maxim Gorky, Fedor Tyutchev and Yaroslav Smelyakov wrote poems about the Danube.

4. "Crying Yaroslavna" from the famous old Russian poem "The Word about Igor's Regiment" includes a mention of the Danube.

5. In Russian folklore, there are a lot of ritual wedding songs in which the river is sung.

6. The Danube has several younger brothers and sisters, rivers, which got its name from it: Dunajec, Dunavets, Dunavets.

7. Donau, Danyub, Dun, Dunir, Dunav, Danubiy, Tuna, Istr - the name of one great river.

8. By the combination of some features and geographical features, the Danube is divided into several parts: Upper, Lower and Middle.

9. Zero kilometer of the river is located in Ukraine, the island of Ankudinov, it is from here that the length is considered.

10. In Germany there is the Danube Valley, here the Danube is combined with two rivers: Ilz and Inn.

Danube cruise from Moscow

Seven Reasons to Cruise

1. In a short time you can get acquainted with the main attractions of four European capitals: Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava and Belgrade.

2. River cruises on the Danube - a great outlet for people who can not choose a sea cruise due to motion sickness.

3. You can get acquainted with the rich history of the river.

4. An opportunity to enjoy the beautiful landscapes passing by.

5. No need to waste time moving from one city to another.

6. If you want to make a romantic trip, then you can’t come up with a better option.

7. A small number of people, usually no more than 200 people, helps create a friendly, homely atmosphere on board the ship, which makes the Danube cruise particularly attractive.

danube cruise reviews

Testimonials of people who cruise

One of the distinguishing features that almost all tourists celebrate on the Danube cruises is the open upper deck of the ship. If you wish, you can always go up here and enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of swimming places.

The advantages of many tourists include the excellent quality and variety of prepared dishes. Meals 6 to 8 times a day. Interesting entertainment programs and excursions.

The amazing illumination of bridges, of which there are many on the Danube, is admirable. Sailing under them, you need to clap your hands and make a wish, as local guides say. It is obvious that many people are planning to repeat the Danube cruise more than once. You can fly from Moscow to Budapest in a few hours, it is from here that many tour operators advise starting a journey along the famous river of Europe.

Things to take with you

If you decide to go on a river cruise to make your sailing easy and comfortable, do not forget to bring the following with you:

  • Warm clothes: jacket, cardigan, cardigan, shawl or scarf.
  • Walking shoes, best without heels or low. A great solution would be sports shoes: sneakers, moccasins, sneakers or ballet shoes.
  • Headgear to protect from sunlight.
  • Means of protection against mosquitoes.
  • First-aid kit with the most necessary medicines: painkillers, antipyretics, from motion sickness and others.
  • Slates or special shoes for taking water procedures.
  • Camera or camcorder. Both are better. So that you can still repeatedly admire the amazing landscapes and beauties of the great river and the sights of the cities in which you will call.
    danube cruises from budapest

Cruises on the Danube are a great opportunity to visit the most interesting places in Europe, without getting tired of an overabundance of impressions. On the contrary, relaxing and enjoying the amazing views of nature that open before your eyes when you swim along the river.

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