"STS Group": reviews of company employees

Today in the labor market there is a whole segment, a real industry, which is called "leasing and transfer of personnel for rent." It is actively used in the retail business or, for example, for maintaining the functions of representing other companies in the market. It involves the transfer of certain functions and tasks for execution to personnel who are in an employment relationship with the lessee and lessor, another company.

We will describe in this article about the advantages of working with rented personnel, where they are used, which companies provide such services. We also draw your attention to one of the industry leaders to tell what it would be like for ordinary hired personnel to work in such a company.

"STS Group" employee reviews

What is outsourced?

To begin with, it should be clarified that outsourcing (that is, execution by employees of another company) is transferred to functions and tasks that are a separate part of some production process and do not interact with other parts of the mechanism (the company as a whole). Also in this way they hire workers whose employment is only necessary for a certain time, and it does not make sense to hire them on a permanent basis. That is, for example, if we are talking about supermarkets, then tasks such as receiving goods at the warehouse or arranging products can be transferred to a person from a third-party agency - he will do it faster and cheaper than if a new employee were assigned to this task permanent basis. Another example is the need for a one-time receipt of goods at a warehouse. Obviously, to accomplish such a task, it makes no sense to keep people full time - it is more profitable to “rent” their work for a while.


With all these and other solutions, companies that are involved in outsourcing do an excellent job. Their task is to provide competent personnel for the company and give good work to ordinary people. The collection of such agencies has a large number of people who are ready to do all kinds of work. The customers of such companies are mainly large retail chains.

STS is a player in the industry

And, as promised, we will consider the work in the staff leasing agency as an example of a specific company. We are talking about "STS Group", engaged in the transfer of personnel to perform work.

"STS Group" reviews

The company has been working in this area since 2004, and during this time it already has something to boast about. The database "STS Group" reviews from more than 700 customers. Moreover, now in the portfolio of the company there are profiles of almost 20 thousand people, among whom 4000 are employed almost constantly. The base of the group’s personnel is constantly growing, on average, about 300 people come here every day in order to leave their profile for a particular vacancy. In total, in 14 regions of our country, the group serves 800 different facilities. These include supermarkets, malls, restaurants and other establishments.

In all these places STS Group is represented. At the same time, Moscow is the central and main coordinating platform - the main office of the company is located here. However, as the recommendations of the employees show, often the group hires people from other cities, sometimes even from the provinces, to attract them to work in large regional centers.

One of the key persons in the management structure of STS Group is Nikolai Ryzhkov. According to official figures, this is the chairman of the collective governing body.

Another interesting fact about the company is that it has expanded the geography of its activities to Belarus.

Field of activity

"STS Group" Tolyatti

As you already understood, the company is engaged in providing employees for a certain category of work. In addition, the most important task of the agency can be called the device of people from economically less developed regions. This, of course, is a function of a more social direction, thanks to it, people from the provinces have the opportunity to earn good money in the capital. According to the comments of employees about the activities of STS Group, in addition to providing work, the company also paid for the accommodation and meals of the staff and arranged for employees to travel.


The list of positions and specialties that you can get in the company is presented on their official website. If you go into this section, it becomes clear that STS Group LLC provides work in two key areas - office positions and part-time work. The first category includes managers, office guards, computer specialists, even directors of individual branches. That is, it is the staff that is recruited to support the company. There are a lot of vacancies. For example, an office is required in the office of STS Group (Tolyatti), this vacancy will be published on the central site. And the person himself can come from any other city and stay there for permanent residence, if arranged.

STS Group Ryzhkov

Another category of free jobs is the so-called part-time job. Here, obviously, the largest number of staff is employed. This category includes kitchen workers, general laborers, movers, cashiers, drivers, cleaners, and so on. That is, as we see, these are specialties that do not require special knowledge, skills or education. Anyone can get a job, the main thing is to go through an interview and comply with elementary conditions.

Candidate Requirements

As staff reviews say about the STS Group company, they don’t put any special conditions for getting a job here. Obviously, the cleaners will not demand a diploma from MGIMO. On the other hand, people who come to the staff leasing agency greatly influence the reputation of the latter. Therefore, the company's tasks include controlling the people who will work in it.

STS Group Moscow

In particular, this relates to how well and conscientiously the work will be performed, whether theft or damage to property will be allowed , how a person will relate to his colleagues.

Working conditions

Also interesting about the "STS Group" reviews regarding what are the working conditions in general. We looked at several recommendations of those who have worked for the company - they all say that work here is really not easy.

STS Group St. Petersburg

Since you, as a hired (and rented) employee, come to a foreign company to perform a specific task, be prepared that they will require a lot from you. Workers who expect to come here, get their first salary and stay until they get fired, there is definitely nothing to do here. It is just that STS Group (employees' reviews confirm this) has its own methods for controlling each subordinate. Everything is designed in such a way that a person must first work for a month (if it comes to shift), after which he will receive payment for his work. If violations are noticed or he decides to leave on his own, they will not be paid money. That is, everyone should initially understand why he came to this company.


They give good housing. About STS Group, reviews go as a company that attracts nonresident people to work. Naturally, people need to be settled somewhere. The hostels help in solving the problem, in which, as the reviews describe, everything is quite clean and tidy. Each employee is provided with a bed and a nightstand for a month of watch. The conditions are quite simple, but generally acceptable. The same employees live in the room as you. Therefore, you can count on a company of like-minded people and people who will support in difficult times.


They pay well here. LLC "STS Group" appoints a really decent salary for the work, so everyone has a good opportunity to earn a living with their labor. Of course, working here is not easy - a large number of various tasks are set before a person, which must be performed qualitatively. For this he is rewarded.

As mentioned above, payment is due at the end of the shift. You should not be afraid that you will be deceived - the company has been working in this format for several years.

Employee Reviews

Of course, there is a lot of information about working in this company on the Internet. Reviews here are completely different, in addition, they vary by branch. Someone called STS Group (St. Petersburg) a great place to find a job, while someone in Moscow came across an unpleasant manager at the interview stage. Here, as they say, everything is individual. You may not be lucky with a team leader, for example, or colleagues. In general, you should not worry about this - such conflicts are resolved quite simply.

The company itself is a large employer, attracting a large number of people to work. This is a clear plus, since such a side job is sometimes needed by many - for the period before the main job, for example. And to work here on an ongoing basis or not, you decide. The work is not easy, but they pay well. And most importantly - they give wages on time and without delay.

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