How is the goal of the party formed?

Not every person takes an active part in the political life of his country. And those who are interested in this issue are faced with many ambiguities and nuances. For example, what is the purpose of the party? How to find her in long speeches and multi-page political education programs ? If you do not understand what the goals of political parties are, then there is no point in choosing among them a decent one. It's like with sweets: you are unlikely to know from the wrapper which one is tastier. The delicacy should be tried to form your own opinion about its qualities.

party purpose

Goals and objectives of the party

Let's get back to our difficult question. With lots, it's easier and harder at the same time. You need to carefully look at its leaders, study the documents. Each political force has its own program. It is in it that the purpose of the party is spelled out. It cannot be otherwise. After all, without me this fundamental document, the state will not register this force. Every country has laws. They are binding on all citizens. A political party is required to go through the registration process. During this event, she declares (sets out in writing) the main goals. Parties that violate this order simply do not exist for official bodies. Therefore, they cannot take part in the political life of the country. Why then organize it? To sit underground and fight with power? It is now ineffective, in the courtyard of democracy. That is, any community is given the right to fight for power, to promote their ideas, observing the law.

goals and objectives of the party

Do I have to read documents?

Let's get back to where to find the goal of the party. Of course, ideally, it is worth taking an interest in the program of the political education that aroused your interest. But this is optional. According to the law "On Political Parties" they are obliged to work with the population. The document stated what the goals of political parties are. There are only three of them:

  • participation in the formation of public opinion ;
  • political education of citizens;
  • informing authorities and the public about the prevailing opinions of people on a particular issue under discussion.

From the content of the law it is clear that the goal of the party is to interact with the population. Political power does not live on its own. It expresses the essence of social life, at the same time taking part in the formation of its meanings.

what are the goals of political parties

Party charter

We found out that we need to contact the representatives of the political force for clarification. Talking with citizens is their primary concern. But unfortunately, not every one of them will answer the question, what is the purpose of the party. In the heat of battle, politicians forget about global challenges. Therefore, it is recommended to ask the leaders what is written in their main document - the Charter. This document, adopted by the first congress of political force, contains the main goals of the party. They, of course, can then be supplemented. But initially, people gathered together for the political struggle formulate exactly what they need the party for, what they want to achieve. The main goals of the party are to gain power and realize the ideas that united them. Representation in elected bodies is, by and large, the coveted prize for any movement. The State Duma, Legislative assemblies, and local councils are the bodies in which each party does get a majority.

main goals of the party

What for?

We got to the main issue. Political parties set themselves the task of organizing social life. Socialists want to protect the poor, Democrats want to liberalize the economy, Communists destroy private property, and so on. When you read their programs, you understand a little. As soon as they begin to pass their laws, this immediately affects society. This is the meaning of the struggle. Each party dreams of single-handedly shaping the order of life in the state so that it becomes ideal according to their views. Hence the slogans that we hear. Democrats talk about the weakening role of the state in regulating economic processes, socialists - about the plight of the worker. In general, each sandpiper praises its swamp. They advertise the likely outcome of their business.

Do the goals of political parties differ?

Again, back to the above law. He says that every political force, in the first, second and further stages, is obliged to work with people. Their function is to influence the formation of public opinion, educate citizens, be interested in their thoughts and identify prevailing views. The process, of course, involves the recruitment of supporters. If the party is seriously engaged in the assigned business, then it is supported by people. The result is election support. And this is exactly what she needs in order to influence the life of the state and society. That is, initially the goals of all political forces are the same - work with people (which is written in the law). Programs are written in order to attract the population. Ideas and main tasks are stated there, which the party leaders consider meeting the aspirations of the people.

main goals of the party


Let's highlight the main thing for a simple citizen. Political power is not formed and functions so that leaders gain power, as it sometimes seems from their speeches. She is a spokesman for the views of the people. Everyone can and should influence the parties, tell them about their fears and hopes. This is the essence of political life and, oddly enough, the duty of an active citizen. Do not give up your own rights. There is no force that meets your aspirations, it is necessary either to influence existing ones, to initiate the creation of a new one. Otherwise, no changes in the state will happen. This is how democracy works: the citizen and his life are put at the forefront, and not the political aspirations of individuals. It is advisable for everyone to remember this when the parties come to us for votes!


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